Which method is good for hair transplant surgery?

Which method is good for Hair Transplant Surgery?


Whether you admit it or not, and whether you accept it or not, many things in the world are changing and changing. No, Japan’s largest hair transplant medical group has declared bankruptcy. I was shocked by this news, and I couldn’t help but feel my emotions. I remember that when I was in Nagoya last year, I often saw the group’s video advertisements on taxis. I was also very impressed that they had such a big deal in advertising. The picture at the beginning of this article is a glorious momentary advertisement picture of the institution. The propaganda slogan on the picture used to be such a slogan. The original intention is as follows:


1. Implementing the only hair transplant in Japan that can extract hair follicles (using FUE technology) without using a knife;

2. One of the most reliable companies in the domestic hair transplant market with a 61.3% shareholding;

3. Have practical experience of more than 10,000 people in cumulative cases;


However, in mid-November of this year, after a lapse of less than a year, a group of companies that were still in the industry yesterday had faded out of sight and disappeared without a trace. It really should be the old Chinese saying: “Hedong in 30 years, Hexi in 30 years.”


What is the reason for the sinking of the “aircraft carrier” in the Japanese hair transplant agency? As a person in the industry, unraveling this question became an episode that I was invited to Japan for academic exchanges. The one-week trip to Japan, from Fukuoka → Hiroshima → Osaka → Nagoya → Tokyo, all the way, frequent visits and meetings with industry colleagues, not only carried out professional and in-depth exchanges, but also explored the real cause of the “aircraft carrier” sinking .


According to some experts in the Japanese industry, the group has promoted the FUE technology of hair transplantation in recent years. This technology mainly uses a corresponding instrument to separately extract hair follicles by operation and then transplant the cells to the hair loss site of the patient. The biggest advantage of using this surgical method for hair transplantation is to avoid the surgical incision of the posterior head, which just meets people’s fear of scalpel marks, and forms psychologically for patients, especially those in Asia. Non-invasive surgery.” And the group is also using this point for publicity, with the “minimally invasive, no need to open the knife” gimmick attracted a large number of customers eager to choose Best Fue Cost In Pakistan for hair transplantation. For a time, the agency was in a good position and the business was hot. However, the so-called minimally invasive, but the traces of post-operative fine lines have become widely distributed point marks, and this state will cause great difficulty in re-picking. In fact, in addition to this, compared with FUT hair transplantation, there are still many inevitable drawbacks in applying FUE technology. I will summarize the following as follows, you can see at a glance –