What nutrition is needed for hair growth?

What nutrition is needed for hair growth?

The growth of hair, in fact, is often the need for certain kinds of special nutrients, such as vitamins and some trace elements. The Hair Transplant In Karachi community in the Pakistan has summarized a number of 7 major supplements that are best for preventing hair loss. They are specifically designed for the specific nutrients listed in hair growth. If you want to eat a good black hair, look good!


Key ingredient: omega-3 fatty acids
Omega-3 fatty acids are only found in a few types of foods such as fish, walnuts, and flax. They are the key components that promote brain development. This ingredient is unique because it cannot be synthesized by the body itself. Studies have shown that omega-3 fatty acids have an important role in promoting hair growth. Eating a few walnuts a day and eating fish once a week can enhance the intake of these fatty acids.


Key ingredient: Vitamin A
Vitamin A is an important vitamin that promotes cell proliferation and growth. It can maintain the health of skin, hair, teeth and gums. In addition, vitamin A also regulates the metabolism of the epidermis and the stratum corneum. Therefore, this vitamin has a close relationship with the skin and can promote scalp health. . Some seborrheic alopecia, oil secretion is strong, vitamin A can also alleviate these symptoms. In food, carrots have the highest vitamin A and spinach, and the other major source is the animal liver, which is extremely rich in content.
There is a recipe for treating hair loss called cod liver oil. In fact, the main ingredient is vitamin A. If we supplement it in our diet, it is equivalent to the effect of these “prescription treatments for hair loss”.

Key ingredient: Vitamin B

Vitamin B is a large family in which B2, B6 and B12 are most relevant to hair health. Vitamin B is characterized by the metabolism of sugar, protein and fat in the body, and also promotes the oxygen production of skin, nails and hair tissue, so that the hair grows adequately. In addition, because vitamin B is a water-soluble vitamin, in fact, the human body is still relatively lacking. It is necessary to eat some meat and green vegetables every day. It is also a good method to buy some vitamin B supplements separately.
Cod liver oil
Key ingredient: Vitamin D
Vitamin D is very important for regulating the balance of human hormones. It is well known that androgenetic alopecia is one of the main causes of hair loss. Vitamin D in the diet can be beneficial for controlling androgen alopecia. Vitamin D is a very special vitamin. If you have enough sunlight, you can synthesize it yourself. If you are sitting in the office for a long time, you should pay attention to the intake of vitamin D.

Key ingredient: folic acid

Folic acid is actually a vitamin, but it is often emphasized separately because it has a special effect. Pregnant mothers should know that folic acid is the most important nutrient for pregnant women, which is of great significance to the baby’s smart health. Folic acid also plays an important role in promoting the synthesis of hemoglobin and adrenaline, and plays an important role in protein metabolism. Protein, adrenaline and hemoglobin (blood oxygen supply capacity) are the three most important factors influencing healthy hair growth.
The distribution of folic acid in food is still relatively wide, with the highest content of fruits and vegetables. Kiwifruit, broccoli and oats are especially recommended, and the content is more than 50% higher than ordinary food.

Key ingredient: lysine


Lysine is an essential amino acid in the human body. It is an important nutrient involved in the synthesis of human proteins. Any function related to protein synthesis is closely related to lysine (the main component of hair is also protein). Lysine is mainly found in fish, meat, eggs, and milk. The content of fruits and vegetables is very low, and the human body cannot synthesize itself.

Key ingredient: Zinc

Zinc is a trace element closely related to hair growth. It is an essential component of metabolism, immune system and cell function. Zinc is an essential component of DNA polymerase and is involved in the process of protein synthesis. Zinc deficiency may cause hair growth. Slowly, medically, there are clear examples of zinc deficiency leading to hair loss. For zinc supplements, the first is seafood. The oysters are the highest zinc in all foods. A oyster can basically meet the needs of a person. In addition to seafood, eggs, milk, beef, and animal livers are also high in zinc, and it is best to eat them regularly.

These seven types of foods are all because of the rich content of certain special nutrients, which is called the tonic of hair. The diet structure of Chinese people is more important than the staple food. In fact, the nutrients of the staple food itself are very monotonous. They only provide 3% of protein. There are almost no essential amino acids such as lysine. Therefore, it is necessary to rely on reasonable dietary mix to meet various body tissues. Growth.

People with bad hair can improve their hair quality from the diet, and supplement the nutrients needed for hair growth. The hair has a healthy growth space!