Top Ten Hair Transplant Centers

Hair loss in men or women can be in some cases very traumatic psychologically as soon as one begins to see his scalp.

The causes are many, but the most frequent in humans are hereditary alopecia of genetic (familial) origin and in the woman that occurs after the pregnancy, in the few weeks that follow the delivery.

The solutions can be:

Or medical: Medical treatment by general or local route.

Or surgical procedures: Capillary transplantation by the follicular unit transplantation (FUT) method, which consists of implantation of hair previously taken in the form of a strip, or by a relatively new technique, the follicular unit extraction (FUE) method whose capillary implants are Taken one by one.

In both cases, each capillary implant represents a follicular unit containing one to three (sometimes four) hair: the follicular micro graft. The pictures before after show results quite identical in both techniques.

Even if hair transplant is the ideal technique, each solution should be considered on a case-by-case basis. We are fortunate in all Pakistan and certainly in Islamabad to have a few aesthetic clinics that are very specialized in this field, and whose results have nothing to envy the most famous clinics in Lahore or the Karachi, at significantly higher rates.

The prices are generally different between FUT and FUE because the duration of the FUE intervention is longer and the work more difficult, but at the Clinic of the Observatory we decided to keep tariffs about the same between the two techniques. FUE will generally be recommended for patients with short hair, eyebrow, beard, or body hair implantation, and for implantation in scars.

Detailed information on hair loss in men or women, their treatment, solution in each case, as well as hair transplant.  Although there are pictures of results on many websites, their presence is nevertheless condemned by the Order of Doctors in Pakistan, which is why we do not show here. However, during the consultation, many photos will be shown to you, allowing you to judge the quality of our work.

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