The Truth, is anti-hair loss Medicine really Effective

The Truth, is Anti-hair loss Medicine really Effective?

In the hair loss group of thousands of people, the treatment of hair loss is also endless, but currently recognized by the majority of hair loss people, it is nothing more than two drugs, minoxidil and Mideastern tablets.

Even though these two drugs have been recognized by the population, in the alopecia population, 40% of the population still have two drugs that are ineffective.

Is this anti-hair loss drug really effective?

Bio-American AB research confirmed that minoxidil is effective for hair growth because it forms minoxidil sulfate under the action of sulfra trasferas in the scalp. Experiments have shown that Minoxidil sulfate is a key component of hair growth, and its activity directly determines the effectiveness of minoxidil for hair loss treatment. However, only 30%-40% of people have this enzyme in the scalp and hair follicles. If the scalp does not have this substance, the use of drugs can only cause more damage to the scalp.
Anti-hair loss drugs have no fixed time, but if you want to see more obvious effects, it takes 3-6 months, and the drugs generally can only maintain the current hair loss of the hair loss population, and can not completely treat hair loss.

What kind of hair loss is the drug effective for?

Hair loss is light and heavy, and the drug only works for hair that has not been necrotic in the hair follicle. In the case where the hair follicle is not necrotic, the drug can stimulate the hair follicle and the hair grows, but if the hair follicle has been necrotic, then any medicine has no effect.

How about hair loss? – Hair transplant surgery

If the hair loss is very serious and the hair follicle is necrotic, then only the hair transplant operation can be performed. The hair transplant is to plant the healthy hair follicle of the posterior occipital region to the hair loss area. The planted hair grows thicker after half a year to one year. Natural hair.