How to Reduce the Risk of Hair Perm

How to Reduce the Risk of Hair Perm


Perm sometimes requires a syrup, but dyeing hair should not only use syrup to soften the hair, but also use hair dye. Many of the substances in the hair dye are carcinogenic, and the hair is faded before dyeing. The damage to the hair is much greater than that of the perm. Especially the light hair color, such as silver, or the hair color is very different. Colors such as deep red, blue, and purple.

Hair dyeing and perming will cause certain damage to the hair. It is best not to exceed twice in a year, otherwise it will affect the normal growth of the hair and even cause folliculitis. However, hair dyes are more harmful to the hair. Generally, perm is a method of using blanching, which mainly changes the hair structure, and does not cause excessive damage to the scalp, but it is easy to make the hair dry and have a fork. When dyeing hair, the syrup directly acts on the skin of the head, which will increase dandruff and cause hair loss in severe cases.

Why does hair dyed perm hurt hair?

There are many methods for dyeing hair on the market. Generally, hair dyes, hair dyes, and spray dyes are used. Among them, hair dyes must be discolored before dyeing. To fade your hair, use an oxidizing agent that oxidizes melanin.

The oxidant will not only remove melanin, but also oxidize the protein of the hair together. Because it will take away the protein that protects the hair, the hair will easily become elastic and difficult to comb, so it will cause hair loss. “Quality”, “to make hair damaged”.

If you do not give the injured hair a recovery period, re-dye your hair. The damage to the hair will be more serious, and the hair will become hollow because of the dye. It causes the dye to fall off easily and fades after a while.

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