Reason of Dry Hair and Care Advice

Reason of Dry Hair

Because you are still young! Our hair will inevitably age as we grow older, and the sign of hair aging is gradually becoming thinner and softer (defiled!). Therefore, the girls with thick hair can be very happy to show off that they are young. In addition, it should be noted that the hair suddenly becomes soft and soft, which may indicate some minor problems in health or nutrition, so be alert.

Ok, then let’s take a look at the young and hard hairs now, a little care advice?

Dry Care Advice


1. Rough hair is essentially very, very healthy. (Of course, we must also distinguish between rough and hard hair and sand hair. For sand hair, let’s talk about it separately).

Therefore, I personally recommend the hard-selling sisters, first of all, don’t want to be zuo, nothing to think about whether you have to change from rough to soft hair, and do something special that can make the rough and soft hair become soft and soft, basically not reliable. . Why? First, your genes are not allowed. Second, if you suddenly turn from a hard hair to a soft hair, you should pay attention to your body.

2. On the care, you can use the high-care products happily, without tangling the scorpion without silicone oil. On the contrary, the favorite of the thick and hard hair is silicone oil, the best care ingredient for the rough hair to fly. One is silicone oil. This is why in 1988, PG put its first silicone oil shampoo Rejoice, which opened in the Chinese market, called Rejoice! Hahahaha

3. Due to the cumulative effect of silicone oil, the high-silicone oil care products, if used continuously, the scalp and hair will look greasy. Coupled with the hard-haired girl, most of them are young girls, and the amount of oil on the scalp is also high. If it is not washed every day, it will become more oily.

So I personally recommend a “recycling method.” After cleaning with two or three days of silicone oil, use a silicone-free shampoo for one day to help clean up the silicone oil accumulated on the hair. Just like pressing the reset button, perfect! Hahahaha

4. In the choice of hair style, for the girl with a hard hair, my personal suggestion is that one avoids and two recommendations.

“One avoidance”
Rough and hard hair should try to avoid long hair, because it will be too thick, and the whole person’s shape will be top-heavy. In addition, after the rough hair and shoulders, the shoulders will make all the hard hairs blow up. The hair that was hard to build before is easy to get rid of.

Source: Hair Transplant In Karachi