Main Causes of female hair loss day by day

Causes of female hair loss


Hereditary alopecia can also occur in hereditary women. Since the growth period of hair follicles is short due to heredity, early detection occurs.

Excessive weight loss dieting In recent years, young women have become more and more serious, and after expert research and analysis, this is related to women’s excessive weight loss. The main component of hair is keratin, which is composed of proteins, iron and other substances. Many women eat vegetables, fruits and other vegetarian foods for three meals a day because of weight loss. It is difficult to have enough protein, iron and other nutrients to supply hair follicles and cause hair loss.

Hormone secretion disorders, women who stop taking birth pills or menopause will have hormonal imbalance and cause hair loss.

After the pregnancy, the woman will enter the rest period at the end of pregnancy, and new hair will grow after the birth. Therefore, the new hair will squeeze out the original hair to produce a hair loss.

Female menstruation leads to loss of nutrients, leaving the hair layer and hair follicle cells without adequate nutrients.

Professional women work under pressure. Professional women are overworked and stressed, causing mental stress. When a person is in a state of tension, it will form a phenomenon of straight hair, which hinders the smooth circulation of blood, leading to hair loss and white hair.

Frequently dyeing or pulling hair, often dyeing hair and using chemicals that are destructive to hair, such as styling foam and hair dye, or habitually tying hair or pulling hair in a random way will cause hair to fall off, and the ponytail will make The hair on the forehead is getting sparse.

Key differences in women hair loss and  men hair loss


There are two main problems with hair loss, namely, progressive and occasional hair loss. Among the main factors causing the former are blood vessels, hormones and cellular tissues. Occasional hair loss is mainly caused by nutritional and vascular factors.

Tips: Stress stimulating hormone secretion, postpartum hormone imbalance and dirty air, radiation and other pollution are the main culprit for hair loss. How to tell which hair loss is? There is a very simple way to distinguish between progressive hair loss and sporadic hair loss. The former is usually local and concentrated at the top of the head. Occasional hair loss may be manifested throughout the head.

Tips: Distinguish hair loss and hair loss Because the hair is dry and the hair is open, the hair may break easily from the middle, and the hair loss is from the hair root. If you are having a hair loss due to poor hair quality, you can use hair care essence, weekly oil and hair mask to replenish hair to relieve hair loss.

Distinguish hair loss and hair loss Because the hair is dry and the hair is open, the hair may easily break from the middle, and the hair loss is from the hair root.

The latest research from the International Nano Nursing Research Center found that as the age increases, the scalp micro circulation and cell exchange will slow down, and the nutrient delivery will slow down, making the “soil” of the scalp become more and more poor. Give the hair roots full nutrients (such as amino acids and fats, etc.). Hair that lacks nutrient irrigation begins to become young and rare, losing youthful vitality.

Three important factors of seborrhea Propecia

(1) Androgen

Modern medicine has confirmed that seborrheic alopecia has more male hormones, which is mainly caused by the testosterone-derived androgen into the blood circulation, reaching the scalp through transformation to form toxic substances to stimulate hair follicles, hair follicle energy metabolism and protein metabolism disorders. Causes hair to fall off.

(2) Genetic factors

The genetics of seborrheic alopecia are dominantly inherited in men, and the causative factors can be directly inherited from the previous generation to the next generation, so male alopecia are more common.

Men with a hair loss gene will cause hair loss, while women with alopecia gene are recessive, so there will be no appearance of hair loss and hair loss unless there are two hair loss genes at the same time. Even if there are two hair loss genes, Hair Transplant In Islamabad it will only become thinner for women, and it will not become a big hair loss or leave only marginal hair and a baldness in the middle.

(3) Age

With the increase of men’s age, the incidence of fat loss is gradually increasing. The baldness is often found in young men aged 17-20 years. The peak incidence is around 30 years old. Later, with the increase of age, although the incidence is reduced, the symptoms are aggravated. And finally became bald.