Look at the Truth about Shampoos and Stop being pitted!

Look at the truth about these shampoos and stop being pitted!


In winter, having a beautiful hair with your own coat is no longer great. Presumably, all the little fairies are also protective of their own hair. Various shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, essential oils.Hair conditioner, hair mask, essential oils are all products that do not need to touch the scalp.Only shampoo is the product that really needs to touch the scalp.So it’s important to choose the shampoo that suits you.Today we will talk about how we should choose shampoo

Choose shampoo according to your situation


Fine soft hair:

It is more suitable for ample shampoo. After washing the hair, it will be blown back and the hair will not stick tightly on the scalp. Nowadays, silicone-free shampoos on the market are less fluffy after washing, but it is better to use hair conditioner or hair mask for hair ends. Otherwise, the hair is too dry after washing and it is easy to knot. hair.

Do not blow from the top of the head when blowing the soft hair, or pull the hair to the front, then blow it from the bottom to the top. After the hair is blown dry, there will be a natural fluffy feeling.

Rough hair:

So a shampoo with a supple effect is more suitable for you. Although silicone oil will increase the suppleness, it does not cure the problem. Do not be superstitious about the instant suppleness after washing. Shampoos containing essential oils are of course good, but if the price exceeds the budget, try peeling off the vitamin E capsules or applying the olive oil to the hair ends and absorbing the hair for five minutes.
Spring and summer VS autumn and winter:

The hot weather in spring and summer, coupled with faster oil secretion, the use of silicone-free shampoo containing mint or citrus ingredients, or shampoo containing natural sea salt ingredients, not only can thoroughly clean the scalp, but also increase the joy of shampoo. In the autumn and winter seasons, shampoos containing moisturizing ingredients such as moisturizing ingredients or cashmere fat can effectively reduce the damage caused by static electricity, and effectively prevent knotting and other problems.
Some truth about shampoo

The anti-dandruff shampoo can only be washed off and cannot be prevented!

In fact, excessive dandruff is mainly related to the abnormal reproduction of fungi. Most of this fungus is distributed in the sebaceous gland. When the body’s resistance is reduced, it will lose the resistance to this kind of fungus. If the number of fungi is excessive, it will lead to dandruff. produce.

The basic role of most shampoos on the market is simply to cleanse and decontaminate and not completely kill the microbes on the surface of the skin.

There are many reasons for dandruff. The dandruff is the obvious manifestation of metabolism in adolescents, and some are disease manifestations, such as scalp , psoriasis,  dermatitis. Those shampoos that claim to have anti-dandruff function add more or less anti fungal drugs or chemicals that reduce dandruff.
Anti-hair loss shampoo can really produce hair and prevent hair loss?

Experts say that it is not effective to prevent hair loss by shampooing and hair care alone. There are many causes of hair loss. Kidney deficiency, dampness, blood deficiency, and liver depression can cause hair loss. In addition, it is related to season, endocrine, stress, and heredity. Even infections such as fungi and parasites can cause hair loss. Each type of hair loss treatment is different. Shampoo, conditioner, etc. can only enhance the nutrition and toughness of the hair, prevent the hair from falling off, and can not change the abnormal hair loss.
Washing and shampooing is not a multi-effect

“Washing the two-in-one product, acid and alkali have been neutralized, in fact, can only play a role, generally the role of cleaning the hair. If you want to make the hair supple, only after using the two-in-one product, Use conditioner alone. Otherwise, if you are dry hair, you will find that after washing your hair in two in one, the hair will be very fluffy and not smooth.

source : PRP Treatment Center In Lahore