How Much Does It Cost To Transplant A Hair?

How Much Does It Cost To Transplant A Hair?


The world medical community agrees that hair transplant surgery is the only effective way to solve hair scarcity; medicines and wigs do nothing to treat hair loss. Since hair transplants are unheard of for many people, they may ask: what kind of surgery is hair transplant? How much does it cost to transplant a hair? We will explain the relevant issues.

Hair transplant surgery is an tautologous hair transplant and is currently the best medical treatment for hair loss in the world. Hair transplant surgery is roughly like this: take healthy hair from the back of the occiput or both sides, FUE Hair Transplant In Lahore  is very economical and without any sides effects. transplant it to the hair loss area to grow thick and natural new hair; because the back pillow and the hair on both sides have natural non-drop characteristics therefore, the transplanted hair is also permanently not dropped. Coupled with the superb hair transplant technology, the new hair is naturally perfect after hair transplant surgery. Never fall and be perfect, it constitutes the advantage of hair transplant surgery, which is unmatched by any other method.

So how much does it cost to transplant a hair? Fue hair transplantation is 10 to 15 rupees per hair follicle; ptt encryption technology hair transplantation is more than 10 rupees per hair follicle ; fut technology hair transplantation is 6 rupees per hair follicle . At present, there are three types of hair transplants in the mainstream. If some hospitals offer related promotions FUE Transplant Cost In Pakistan  price can be slightly lower. In this calculation: a 2500 hair follicle transplant surgery, fut is 15,000 rupees, fue is 25,000 rupees; ptt is nearly 30,000 rupees.

Is hair transplant expensive? We make a simple comparison with anti-off drugs. Many people with scarce hair buy a box of anti-detoxification drugs at a time , which is more than 100 yuan. On the surface, this cost is too cheap. The problem is that people who use drugs have to use it for many years, and some people use various kinds for four or five years. Anti-off and hair-producing drugs, a total of three or four thousand yuan. And these three or four thousand yuan cannot grow new hair, it is thrown money in vain. Hair transplant costs are also one or two thousand, which is not expensive compared to various anti-drugs.

Hair skill is the best hair transplant hospital in Pakistan , with second-generation fue and ptt encryption technology, which can make your hair transplant effect more perfect. At present, hair skill has a chain of institutions in lahore, islamabad, karachi, peshawre,. Relatively speaking, the cost of hair transplantation is not expensive, and friends can go to the above institutions to carry out hair transplantation.