Hair Transplant Surgery Physician Pharmacists and Nutritionists Recommendation

Hair Transplant Surgery Physician Pharmacists and Nutritionists Recommendation


The key to hair transplant surgery is the three steps of sending distributing and spreading. First, the physician must carefully obtain the hair follicles to be planted from the donor area (usually the posterior occidental portion that is not susceptible to male baldness), then carefully separate the removed hair and remove the damaged hair follicles that are not suitable for planting, and finally hair follicles are planted in the planned hair transplant area.

The way of sending and receiving can be divided into fut and fue. In the fut, a scalp with a healthy hair follicle is cut by the physician in the posterior occipital region, and fue uses a device to drill a sufficient amount of hair follicles in the posterior occipital region. The hair transplanting robot mentioned on the internet is actually a kind of fue, but the robot replaces the doctor to perform the action of drilling and sending. For a comparison of the two methods of hair loss, you can see the article comparing fut and fue for hair transplant surgery. The following figure shows the process of using the fut to send a pre-mark.

Each method of sending and receiving has advantages and disadvantages, and no one is best. Some clinics in the market will claim that the fut is not good for cutting the scalp. Fue is better for drilling hair follicles. In fact, it is just a kind of speech. Most of the clinics that say this are no fut or no way to get the fut. Otherwise, if the fut operation is done well, the scar will be very inconspicuous, and the surgery will not shave the hair at all. Cover it down, it will be fine if you go to work the next day. In fact, it is a very suitable method for many office workers who are not convenient to take time off. best Hair Transplant Cost In Lahore   best and economical surgery in pakistan In addition, some clinics will say that the fue hand drill will be better than the arras implant robot, which is also a kind of speech. In fact, many of these clinics are because they the amount of surgery is too small to buy the words of arras.

Only propaganda can do, and all other surgical procedures are actually unskilled in technology and equipment. Some clinics also use a very small number of roots to charge very low fees, but in doing so, the improvement in appearance is limited, and it will only cause problems for patients requiring secondary hair transplant. This kind of clinic that does not pay attention to technology and only pays attention to speech, we will recommend to avoid it. A truly excellent hair transplant clinic will definitely provide you with a variety of options such as fut, fue, and hair transplant robots, and even combine them at the same time to achieve the best results.

Distribution is a seemingly repetitive but very critical step. Whether it is through the fut or fue hair follicles, the damaged hair follicles must be removed by distributing the expert’s hair skill, and the hair follicles to be implanted are carefully repaired to remove excess tissue to ensure the physician’s final hair transplant process. Have the highest survival rate. In addition, if the time of leaving the human body is too long, the chance of survival of the hair follicle will decrease, so the distribution is not only in the finer, but also in the speed. Professional hair transplant teams even use high-powered microscopes for distribution. The distribution experts are not doctors, but their experience and skills are also the key to success! The picture below is the process of distributing the distribution technician. Fut hair transplant distribution process, remove excess tissue photo credit: follicular unit hair transplantation:

The hair is the moment of the physician’s beauty and the complete presentation of the technology. In addition to the high and low survival rate of the sputum, the hair transplant is a cosmetic surgery, the focus is not only to grow the hair, but whether it can achieve the expected beauty standard after surgery is the key to surgery. To achieve the same visual effect in different areas, the required planting density will vary. In addition, the shape of the hairline, as well as the direction and angle of hair growth, can affect the patient’s postoperative satisfaction. The picture below is actually the process of seeding.