Advantages OF Hair Transplantation

Advantages OF Hair Transplantation


  1. FUE Hair Transplant is permanent hair growth. It is the self-owned hair that lives on the skin of the body and will not fall off. It is exactly the same as the hair and growth law of the original hair supply part.
  2. The hair that is implanted in the eyelashes and eyebrows should be trimmed regularly. We can use this procedure to trim and finish the new eyebrows and eyelashes according to their needs.
  3. The hair that has been planted first has a rest period, which takes about 3-6 months. The hair that has just been planted during the rest period may fall off, but the hair that has been planted after the rest period begins to recover. It will grow new hair and will not fall off easily afterwards.

4, the survival rate of autologous hair transplantation is high, generally more than 80%;

5, hair transplantation process is not painful, very safe;

6, hair transplantation does not produce scars.

Adapt to the crowd / hair transplant

First, adapt to the crowd

The hair of 10 to 60 years old lacks the crowd. In addition, the hair in the back of the hair transplanter needs hair to be taken!

Second, hair transplantation is adapted to the following conditions:

  1. Hair is scarce or hair loss;

2, eyebrows are rare or eyebrows are not good;

  1. Eyelashes are scarce or weak;

4, the pubic hair is scarce or lacking;

  1. Partial hair loss due to scarring;

6, vitiligo and other local hair whitening.