World History of Hair Transplantation

History / Hair Transplantation

The hair transplant was founded by Japanese doctor OKUDA. He performed a skin graft including hair follicles in the posterior brain for a burn patient, and unexpectedly developed new hair at the transplant site. Later, Hajime Tamuna successfully performed micro-transplantation in 1-2 hair follicles for female patients with pubic hairlessness and made detailed records. At that time, due to the fact that he was in the Second World War, his research results were not taken seriously by the world medical community.

In 1959, American beauty surgeon Orentreich described the perforation transplantation. The principle and surgical method of modern hair transplantation was first published in the West, and pointed out that the donor zone advantage of transplantation is: when the transplanted embryo (the posterior occidental hair follicle) is transferred to At other sites, it retains its continuous growth characteristics. Created a hair transplant for the treatment of male baldness. This “permanent” hair redistribution, as well as scalp reduction and flap transfer, is the basis of all hair replacement surgery. In this way, modern records of hair transplants have been at least 60 years old. After more than 30 years of continuous development, improvement and improvement, the transplanted hair does continue to grow, and no longer shrinks, degenerates, or necrosis like the original hair. Autologous hair transplantation and regenerative surgery have become a safe and reliable cosmetic surgery method that can fundamentally solve the problems of baldness and hair loss.

After entering the 1990s, the transplantation of several small follicular units has not only greatly improved the survival rate of transplanted hair, but also the growth pattern of the transplanted hair is relatively natural. This new type of transplantation, which combines microsurgery and microgravation (Minigragt), has been widely promoted, and hair transplantation has entered a new phase.

In 2002, the international hair development community proposed the application of follicular unit extraction. Since then, “Best Fue Cost In Pakistan” has made the hair treatment, a fundamental treatment for hair loss, a relatively perfect stage. At present, only a handful of top hair transplant institutions in the world can mature this revolutionary service project.