What makes your hair grow faster?

Every girl wants to have a long flowing hair, but the hair grows too slowly. Is there any coup to promote the growth of hair? Let’s give you a trick today, how can hair grow faster? What is the secret to promoting hair growth?

How does hair grow faster? Uncover the law of hair growth

1. Trim the hair tail every 6-8 weeks

Although cutting off the hair ends will affect the overall length of the hair, but the hair tips are usually the focus of the dry split fork, trimming about 0.5-1 cm hair tail every 6-8 weeks, you can make the new hair grow more health.

2, Hair combing

After getting up in the morning or combing hair 1-2 times before going to bed at night, properly combing the hair can promote blood circulation of the scalp and stimulate the hair follicle to make the hair grow faster, but be careful not to comb the hair when the hair is still moist, which will bring different hair. Degree of damage. At the same time, the comb for combing hair should be a wide-toothed comb.

3, Reduce the number of use of hair dryers

If you have the habit of using a hair dryer every day, gradually reduce the number of uses and frequency, you will find that the hair grows faster than before, and the hair split ends and hair crepe problems will be improved.

4, using potato juice to wash your hair

Lack of vitamins can make your hair dry and fragile. For example, vitamin BAC plays an important role in hair growth. You can take some vitamin supplements or eat more vitamin-rich foods, or wash your hair with potato juice. Hold 1-2 times a week and your hair will grow faster and thicker.

5, egg white can make hair grow faster

The repairing ingredients in the egg white can restore the hair soft and shiny. The egg white is used to make the hair mask. The repair effect will be presented immediately after washing. It will be used once every 1-2 weeks. The more the hair will be used. The stronger you are, the faster you will grow.

6. Massage the scalp with warm essential oil

You can choose the finished essential oils that you can buy on the market, or you can choose to make them by yourself. Put them on ten fingers. After rubbing evenly, gently massage the scalp. You will find that the hair becomes thicker and softer and more shiny every day. Jojoba Oil, coconut oil and olive oil are all good helpers for growing strong hair.

7, away from silicon-containing head care products

Silicon-containing care products can temporarily produce a smoother and more shiny effect, but long-term use is not conducive to healthy hair growth, because silicon will wrap the hair roots, lock the moisture and block the hair follicles, and the hair will become more and more Fragile, growth rate will become slower and slower. If you want your hair to grow faster, try to minimize the use of silicon-containing head care products.

Promote hair growth

Ginger promotes hair growth: Cut ginger into slices, repeatedly wipe in the area of ​​alopecia areata, adhere to 2-3 times a day, stimulate hair growth.

Honey egg oil softens the thin hair. If your hair becomes scarce, you can use 1 teaspoon honey, 1 raw egg yolk, 1 teaspoon main black or castor oil, and mix with 2 teaspoons shampoo and proper onion juice. Evenly, apply it on the scalp, put on a plastic film hat, and heat the top of the hat with a warm towel. After an hour or two, wash your hair with shampoo. For a while, the condition of thinning hair will improve.

Comb 100 times a day, not only can stimulate the hair follicles, but also make the hair gap well ventilated, because the hair is most likely to sweat and is covered by hot air, so often comb hair can prevent hair loss and dandruff.

When the hair grows fast, it is necessary to keep the scalp healthy. The lack of vitamin B will cause dandruff, and the brewer’s yeast contains a lot of vitamin B,so the remaining beer can be used to wash the hair. Soak the hair with water first, then pour the beer, wrap it in a towel, and wash the head in a normal way. I used to feel good with O’Neill Shampoo, but I can’t find it now.

Massage the scalp can promote blood circulation, help the keratin metabolism of the scalp and the shedding of dead skin cells, and also accelerate the growth of hair.

Black sesame is rich in biotin, which is the best for the degeneration of the body due to weakness and premature aging. It also has a certain effect on drug-induced hair loss and hair loss caused by certain diseases, so that the hair will shine again. It has the functions of nourishing blood, moistening dryness, replenishing liver and kidney, and making black hair. Stir-fry the dried black sesame seeds, grind them into powder, and mix the same amount of white sugar. Eat two tablespoons each morning and evening, simmer with warm boiled water, or with milk, soy milk, porridge, steamed bread, and taste sweet. tasty.

Oil is very effective for hair growth. Use powder, put it in the food you usually eat, and eat it every day. Be sure to take it for a long time. Will have an effect.

Eat more foods containing iodine: kelp, as long as the protein nutrients in the hair roots are adequately supplied, the hair tends to grow faster, so eat more foods with higher protein content, such as eggs and clam meat.

But few people know that hair growth is also related to mood, sleep and exercise. People who are in a good mood and sleep will grow faster than the average person.

The practice in many people’s lives proves that tea can promote hair growth. We can spend the night or drink the rest of the tea water. When washing the hair, pour it into the hair, massage for a while, then wrap it in the headgear, wash it after 20 minutes. Net, it is also good for hair growth if your hair growth stop using all methods then we recommend Hair Transplant In Karachi we have many clients wo have many hair growing problems.

How does hair grow faster?

Always keep your hair clean, pay attention to maintaining a balanced diet, maintain adequate sleep, and optimistic emotions, which will form a virtuous circle and contribute to hair growth.

If you want your hair to grow fast, you need to maintain a good mood every day. Every day, you will be happy, no troubles, your hair will grow faster.

Hair growth has a certain period, which can be divided into three stages: growth period, regression period and rest period. During the growth phase, the hair follicles function actively, and the cells at the bottom of the hair bulbs are vigorously divided. The cells that are separated are continuously displaced upwards and supplied to the body of the hair and the inner root sheath to ensure hair growth. When the hair grows near the end, the cells of the hair bulb stop accumulating. The hair follicles begin to shrink and the hair stops growing. This is the period of retreat. During the rest period, all parts of the hair age, degenerate, shrink, and hair release will fall off. if you lose hair continuously we suggest you PRP Treatment. PRP Treatment Center In Lahore is economical and without side effects.  At the same time, in the vicinity of the already aging hair follicle, a hairball of a growing season was formed, and a new hair was born.

If you want to make your hair grow faster, you can eat more in your usual diet: black sesame, black soybeans, kelp, walnuts, etc., to supplement the nutrients needed for hair growth.

Tea water care

After washing the hair, rinse with tea to make the hair black and soft and shiny.

Beer hair care

Wash the hair first, dry it, then apply the beer evenly to the hair, and massage it to penetrate the roots. After 10 minutes, wash with water, which not only makes the head shine, but also prevents the hair from drying off and promoting hair growth.

Vinegar egg care

First add a little protein to the shampoo, mix thoroughly, shampoo, and gently massage the scalp. Then wash, add a small amount of vinegar with fresh egg yolk, mix it thoroughly, apply it slowly along the hair, wrap it in a wet towel for 1 hour, then wash it with water. This method is most suitable for dry and hard hair.

Scallion hair care

First, pour the onion into a mud, wrap it in gauze, use it to gently pat the scalp, and apply the onion juice evenly on the scalp and hair. After a few hours, wash your hair again to eliminate the annoying dandruff.

Honey egg oil hair care

Use a spoonful of honey, a raw egg yolk, a spoonful of vegetable oil, two spoonfuls of shampoo and a proper amount of onion juice. Stir well and spread on the scalp. Put on a plastic film hat and apply it with a wet towel outside the hat. After one or two hours, wash your hair. If you insist on once a day, after a while, you can alleviate the symptoms of hair thinning.

Grapefruit nuclear hair care

Use grapefruit core 25 grams, soak in boiling water, dry, apply the juice to the hair roots, or with ginger, two or three times a day, can treat baldness, yellow hair, and accelerate hair growth. Take vinegar and hair care to take 150 ml of vinegar, add 1 kg of warm water, and mix well. Use this solution to wash your hair once a day, to remove itch and prevent hair loss, and to effectively reduce hair splitting.