Trouble with Frizzy Rough Dry Hair

The hair is rough and soft, and the method of care is very different!
Rough hair care
If you look at the roughness of the hair of different races around the world, horizontally, our Pakistani hair should be one of the toughest. So, in general, if you are a young girl who eats a lot of good body, and your hair is black and thick and bright, you can’t hold it with one hand, that one can’t hold it. Basically you are a hard hair.

In addition, if you have the following typical rough and hard hair troubles, it is a hard and hard hair.

Trouble with Hard Hair


1. The hair of other people’s homes is caressed by the wind, and the girl is rough and hard, and the hair is not moving against the typhoon! The hair of the people is swaying, our hair is picked up, and it hurts on the face! Hug!

2. The hair is not easy to wear, and it will be blown into the Golden Lion King without any attention.
3. To burn and dye hair, you must spend twice as much money as others. This will endure, sometimes it is hot and hot, and it won’t be dyed. It can’t be tolerated! !

4. Because of the natural uplifting characteristics of Chinese hair scales, the hard and hard hair is also easily damaged. After being damaged, it becomes dry and hard.

5. In general, hard and hard hair is often accompanied by oil heads. It is also bad to not wash one day.

Source:Hair Transplant In Pakistan