FUE Hair Transplant Technology

FUE seamless hair transplant technology, let hair “born”
What is hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation” is the application of microsurgery technology to remove this part of healthy hair follicle tissue. After careful processing and culture, it is artistically transplanted into the bald and alopecia of the patient according to the natural hair growth direction. When the hair follicles survive, they will develop healthy new hair, and the new hair will retain all the characteristics of the original hair. The new hair that grows can be blown, permed, and dyed normally, completely recovering the appearance before hair loss.

Many people are worried about the safety of this operation. This is a fine advanced cosmetic surgery with low infection rate, low trauma and high success rate. The operation time is about 5-6 hours. The transplanted hair begins to fall off after 2 to 6 weeks. Generally, after 10 to 20 weeks, the new hair begins to grow. Not all hair starts to grow at the same time. Although the new hair growth begins about 3 months later, it takes 6-9 months to know exactly how effective it is; the final effect of hair transplantation can only be seen after 12 months.

Principle of hair transplantation
Because the hair follicle is transplanted, the hair after transplantation can grow normally, and the transplanted hair maintains the original growth characteristics and can be dyed and burned. The planted hair maintains the original growth direction and angle of the planting part without any clutter. The growth of hair follicles depends on the blood to supply nutrients, as long as the hair follicles with blood circulation can grow.

Hair transplantation has a wide range of treatments. Eyebrows, beards, chest hair, scars left by skin surgery, and congenital hair loss are not beautiful, and hairline height can be changed by hair transplant. Those who are not beautiful can also be “beautiful.” .

Hair transplant technology

FUT—–marked hair, extracted the brain-diamond flap, separated the hair follicle, and then transplanted to the non-infected area. Advantages: the lowest price of both, shortcomings: leaving a scar after the donor area. After cutting the brain, it may damage the posterior cranial nerves, leaving a lifelong migraine.

FUE—-Because of single extraction of hair follicles, a single planting of hair follicles, the wound area is small, so after the operation, after the blood stasis fades, the whole body does not see any scars. After 6-9 months, the hair can grow to the length of the original hair. After hair transplantation, there will be a small change in the number of hair follicles, and there will be a slight change in the number of hairs, for FUE treatment Best Fue Cost In Pakistan is very cost efficient center.

FUE Hair Transplant In Lahore have high-density fine hair follicle transplantation technology
1. The loss of transplanted embryo processing is low and the survival rate of hair follicles is higher.
2. Increase the density of new hair, a surgical transplant can restore close to normal hair density, and the new occurrence is uniform and natural.
3. There are certain requirements for hair density in the hair supply area.
4. Make up for the excessive damage to the skin caused by ordinary transplantation, intraoperative bleeding is rare, and postoperative recovery is fast.
5. After the hair transplant operation, the hair follicles have a short resting period and a new one.
6. The technical level of the doctor is strict, the technical difficulty is higher, the operation time is longer, and it usually takes 3-7 hours.
7. The cost of surgery is relatively high.

Surgical procedure
Autologous hair transplant surgery is an outpatient procedure and does not require hospitalization. The operation uses local anesthesia of the epidermis, no pain, and the patient feels relaxed and comfortable during the operation.

Hair care precautions
Preoperative preparation
Cut the hair shortly before surgery and keep a 1 mm long bun to see the direction of hair growth.
The autologous hair transplantation operation time is 5-6 hours, and the pre-operative appointment is made about 2 weeks earlier.
On time surgery according to the scheduled operation time.
If you need to change the operation time in special circumstances, please inform the hospital 48 hours before surgery.

Preoperative attention
Patients who use a hair restorer should stop using it one month before the operation.
Wash your hair with shampoo one night before and the morning of the hair transplant.
All vitamins and aspirin, including vitamin E, were discontinued within one week prior to implant surgery.
Do not take too much alcoholic beverages two days before the hair transplant.
A sedative must be taken on the day of the implant.
On the day of the hair transplant surgery, a small amount of food should be eaten.
Before the hair transplant operation, if the patient has other medical history or is taking drugs, please inform the doctor in detail.

Postoperative attention
1 Antibiotics are used for 5-7 days.
2 painkillers: 1 tablet can be taken orally if the wound has discomfort or pain.
Avoid irritating foods within two weeks after surgery, temporarily ban alcohol, stop using aspirin, and vitamin E will help to avoid oozing.
3 A small number of people will have mild edema in the third and fourth days after surgery, which is normal. In order to reduce swelling, the head can be raised when sleeping for the first three days after surgery. Please do not drive the vehicle or work at height after surgery.
4 Within a few hours after surgery, a small blood stasis will be formed in the surgical area, and do not forcefully grasp these small suede within two weeks after surgery. It will fall off on its own within 2 weeks after surgery. If you do not fall off, you can come to the hospital for treatment. For more than two weeks, the bloody requirements must be removed to prevent unnecessary infection.
5 The next day after the operation, you can come to the hospital for head washing and dressing change. On the 5th day after surgery, you can use the shampoo to gently rinse the hair in the non-planting area. Rinse off the water then.
Note: Do not pour the shampoo directly onto the transplant. Do not rub the scalp with a towel. Use a towel to gently blot the water.

15-40 days after surgery, the transplanted hair will fall off, and the new hair will start to grow in 2-3 months. (Generally, the speed of 1cm/month) will grow about 70% after 6 months. The initial effect can be seen. After 9-10 months, the rest will grow out to achieve the desired clinical results.

5 Must Follow Hair Care Tips for men

Are you doing the right thing? Men must know the five correct shampoo and scalp maintenance strategies

Because men have a lot of short hair styles, it is a mistake to think that boys’ hair is well organized and washed, no matter how lacking the concept of conservation. In fact, if girls are most concerned about “no makeup” So, the most likely time for boys to feel uncomfortable is probably “not finishing hair styles”. This shows that the frequency of male use of styling products, hair wax, hair oil and hot and dyed is not too much, so it must be The correct concept of shampooing and maintaining the scalp, don’t wait for the hair to become dry and dry like straw, and the scalp has been damaged before regretting.
Before you start, read the following questions. Imagine that the answer to your parentheses will be O or X. Test your understanding of proper shampooing and hair and scalp care!

1. Apply oily styling such as wax. If the hair is knotted, it can be opened by flushing.
2. It is most appropriate to maintain a water temperature of 50 °C during shampooing.
3. As long as you choose the right shampoo and use the correct shampoo method, you can make hair.
4. The moisturizing and hair care products should not be applied to the scalp.
5. The purpose of using a hair dryer after shampooing is not to dry the hair, but to dry the scalp.

Next, I’m going to uncover the shampoo and scalp care methods that should really be learned:
Q1.  Apply oily styling products such as wax. If the hair is knotted, just brush it and you can open it.
Before shampooing, the hair that has been entangled and entangled by a whole day of activities or using styling products should be combed neatly, but how to comb it depends on the nature of the styling products used. For those who use oily styling products such as wax and hair oil, if the hair is knotted, it should start from the end of the hair, slowly untie the tangled hair with the end of the comb, and then slowly comb it, if it is flushed, it will be more Hard to comb, become a hard and sticky piece! However, but if you are bald and looking for best treat for PRP visit our PRP Treatment Center In Lahoreif you use water-based styling products (such as mousse, hair gel), if you don’t obey the hair, you don’t have to barely comb it, but rinse it with water, wash the styling and comb it.

Q2. It is most appropriate to maintain the water temperature at 50 °C during shampooing.

The most appropriate water temperature for shampooing is “38 °C” which is similar to the body temperature. It should not be too hot, otherwise it will easily irritate the scalp and even wash away the necessary sebum to protect the scalp, which will make the hair dry. Even worse, it can cause scalp aging and hair loss!

In addition, shampoo should first understand the nature of their scalp, such as dry scalp lack of moisture, you can choose a more moisturizing shampoo products, and neutral scalp is not a big problem, but excessive cleaning or moisturizing should be avoided, oily The scalp has more sebum secretion, so be sure to clean it; also pay attention to the ingredients of shampoo products, use shampoo without sputum, oil wax. Pay attention when washing your hair. Never shampoo directly on your head. It is very scalp. It should be washed in the palm of your hand and then washed. Also use your fingertips instead of nails to clean and massage the head to avoid nails. Scratching the fragile scalp.

Q3.  As long as you choose shampoo and use the correct shampoo method, you can make hair.

If you think that you can use hair shampoo and shampoo with the correct shampoo method, you can make a hair. It is a big mistake. Proper shampoo products and shampooing methods do create an environment that is good for hair growth, avoiding or improving hair loss problems and maintaining the basic health of the hair and scalp; but “shampoos don’t make hair more”, and hair is getting thinner and thinner For men who are more and more obvious in hairline haircuts or hairpins, it is impossible to achieve hair growth, only by shampoo products and the correct steps! To save the hair follicles from shrinking, we must grasp the golden period of treatment, use healthy hair products, hair growth fluids, prevent hair follicles from shrinking and dying, and restore the vitality of hair follicles and reproduce the scenery on the top.

If you are fortunate enough to have no hair loss at all, regular intensive care of the hair and scalp, as well as the use of hair mask or moisturizing products is still necessary to maintain the delicate and radiant hair.

Q4. Run silk and hair care products can not be applied to the scalp.

The role of the moisturizing hair is to help the hair scales after shampooing to close. If the hair is felt to be dry after shampooing, it should be used to make the hair supple. The hair care products such as hair care are for the nutrition of the hair. The hair scales of the hair absorb the protein lost from the core. Both should be applied to the scalp when using them. Instead, the hair ends should be applied, otherwise the scalp pores may be blocked.

Q5.The purpose of using a hair dryer after shampooing is not to dry the hair, but to dry the scalp.

Everyone often thinks that the hair dryer after shampooing is mainly to dry the hair. In fact, the focus is on drying the scalp, and the hair can be blown as long as it is dry. When the hair dryer is turned on, the temperature should not be too high, and the wind and cold wind should be used. Blowing from the root to the end of the hair will not cause the hair scales to open excessively and become more edgy and damaged. After blowing, use the fingertips to extend into the scalp to check if it is dry. In addition, if you always like to use a towel to wash your hair back and forth after shampooing, please change this habit quickly, so that it is very hurtful, just use a towel to wrap the water under the hair that is easy to concentrate and drip, slightly Just press and drain the water.
For the maintenance of hair, gentlemen should really pay attention to it. After all, to maintain a handsome and elegant image, the role of hair style must have a place. Just follow the simple and practical scalp and hair conservation rules above, you can avoid hair frizz, no If you have realized that the hair or hair follicles are damaged, you can immediately start the rescue. In addition, you can also eat high-sugar, fried foods and other irritating foods, and supplement the vitamin-rich A (such as carrots), vitamin B (such as soybeans, tomatoes) and protein (such as meat, dairy products), from a healthy eating habits and pay attention to the correct maintenance of the law, a two-pronged approach to help the hair grow strong!