Is the continuous growth of hair related to hair follicles

Is the continuous growth of hair related to hair follicles?

Everyone will lose hair. But the point is that after someone loses their hair, the hair doesn’t grow out. If the hair doesn’t fall too long, then it will definitely lose hair after a long time. “Down” is not a big problem, and “not long” is the key to the problem.

1 Hair can not continue to grow, the key to see the hair follicle

In previous articles, Leysin focused on the importance of hair follicles. There is a tiny organ in the human skin called the hair follicle. The main function of the hair follicle is to synthesize the hair of the human body. The hair follicle can synthesize the keratin protein into the trunk of the hair. At the bottom of the hair follicle, the epidermal cells continuously divide and differentiate to form different parts of the hair (such as cortex, epidermis and medulla).

2 What causes the hair follicle function to degenerate?


There are also two cases of hair follicle function degradation, one is permanent degradation and the other is temporary deterioration. As the name implies, permanent degeneration of hair follicles, hair is almost impossible to regenerate; temporary deterioration is that hair follicles are stimulated in a specific environment and will soon recover.
Permanent hair follicle degradation

Permanent hair loss, as the name suggests, is permanent hair loss, and hair will never grow. Human hair is made up of hair follicles, and each hair follicle is a separate hair production workshop. Even if your hair is lost or broken, it will not affect the hair follicles to continue to synthesize hair. As long as the hair follicles are healthy, the new hair will begin to grow immediately after the hair is lost.
In general, the self-protection ability of hair follicles is still very strong. It is deeply embedded in the dermis layer, and the general injury will not threaten its safety for the time being. Even if it is pulled or lost, it will not cause serious hair follicle damage. If the hair follicles die, there are generally some reasons below:


DHT is an important cause of male hair loss. The male hormone (testosterone) in the human body produces DHT (dihydrotestosterone) in its own metabolism. DHT inhibits the activity of the hair follicle and makes the hair thin and soft. DHT does not kill the hair follicle directly, but it attacks the hair follicle every moment, gradually shrinking the hair follicle until it finally loses its ability to germinate. Male male hair loss is also from thinning, reducing to the last large area of ​​hair loss, forming baldness.


Folliculitis is caused by a bacterial infection. More serious folliculitis, bacteria have been massively into the hair follicle, which may lead to permanent death of the hair follicle. The jaundice, black sputum and purulent sputum caused by the fungus are quite serious if they occur on the scalp and must be treated as soon as possible.

Temporary hair Follicle Degeneration


The second case is the temporary degeneration of hair follicles. This condition is usually caused by temporary stimulation of the hair follicles. As a result, the hair loss is very serious for a period of time, but the overall hair volume is normal, because the recovery is also very fast.

The causes of temporary hair follicle degeneration are diverse, and several of the most common ones are listed –

In an shampooing and hair raising process, an overly alkaline environment can cause hair follicles to be stimulated.

Staying up late, fatigue can lead to endocrine disorders, stimulating hair follicles

Mental stress can cause hair in the growing season to suddenly enter a rest period

Negative emotions such as fear, sadness, depression, etc. can also cause stress response in hair follicles
Sparse and soft

Hair is thin and soft, but the hair is still growing


The hair is soft, indicating that the hair follicle is actually built, and it is still useful at this time. Minoxidil activates hair follicle function, and Mideastern inhibits DHT concentration, which is currently the most effective treatment for hair loss. In addition to drugs, massage, combing, multi-grain porridge and other methods can also regulate the internal balance and promote hair growth. In short, you should treat it as soon as possible, and the effect is good.

Large Area Hair Loss

Large area hair loss, baldness, smooth scalp closure

At this time, the effect of the medication is not great, because the hair follicles have basically died. The only effective way is to use artificial hair transplantation technology to make artificial pores with surgical instruments, transplant high-quality hair follicles to the hair loss area, and achieve hair regeneration in the hair loss area. As for the effect of hair transplant, many people may have known that will give you a look at the effects of several recent cases in our hospital.

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Reason of Dry Hair and Care Advice

Reason of Dry Hair

Because you are still young! Our hair will inevitably age as we grow older, and the sign of hair aging is gradually becoming thinner and softer (defiled!). Therefore, the girls with thick hair can be very happy to show off that they are young. In addition, it should be noted that the hair suddenly becomes soft and soft, which may indicate some minor problems in health or nutrition, so be alert.

Ok, then let’s take a look at the young and hard hairs now, a little care advice?

Dry Care Advice


1. Rough hair is essentially very, very healthy. (Of course, we must also distinguish between rough and hard hair and sand hair. For sand hair, let’s talk about it separately).

Therefore, I personally recommend the hard-selling sisters, first of all, don’t want to be zuo, nothing to think about whether you have to change from rough to soft hair, and do something special that can make the rough and soft hair become soft and soft, basically not reliable. . Why? First, your genes are not allowed. Second, if you suddenly turn from a hard hair to a soft hair, you should pay attention to your body.

2. On the care, you can use the high-care products happily, without tangling the scorpion without silicone oil. On the contrary, the favorite of the thick and hard hair is silicone oil, the best care ingredient for the rough hair to fly. One is silicone oil. This is why in 1988, PG put its first silicone oil shampoo Rejoice, which opened in the Chinese market, called Rejoice! Hahahaha

3. Due to the cumulative effect of silicone oil, the high-silicone oil care products, if used continuously, the scalp and hair will look greasy. Coupled with the hard-haired girl, most of them are young girls, and the amount of oil on the scalp is also high. If it is not washed every day, it will become more oily.

So I personally recommend a “recycling method.” After cleaning with two or three days of silicone oil, use a silicone-free shampoo for one day to help clean up the silicone oil accumulated on the hair. Just like pressing the reset button, perfect! Hahahaha

4. In the choice of hair style, for the girl with a hard hair, my personal suggestion is that one avoids and two recommendations.

“One avoidance”
Rough and hard hair should try to avoid long hair, because it will be too thick, and the whole person’s shape will be top-heavy. In addition, after the rough hair and shoulders, the shoulders will make all the hard hairs blow up. The hair that was hard to build before is easy to get rid of.

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World History of Hair Transplantation

History / Hair Transplantation

The hair transplant was founded by Japanese doctor OKUDA. He performed a skin graft including hair follicles in the posterior brain for a burn patient, and unexpectedly developed new hair at the transplant site. Later, Hajime Tamuna successfully performed micro-transplantation in 1-2 hair follicles for female patients with pubic hairlessness and made detailed records. At that time, due to the fact that he was in the Second World War, his research results were not taken seriously by the world medical community.

In 1959, American beauty surgeon Orentreich described the perforation transplantation. The principle and surgical method of modern hair transplantation was first published in the West, and pointed out that the donor zone advantage of transplantation is: when the transplanted embryo (the posterior occidental hair follicle) is transferred to At other sites, it retains its continuous growth characteristics. Created a hair transplant for the treatment of male baldness. This “permanent” hair redistribution, as well as scalp reduction and flap transfer, is the basis of all hair replacement surgery. In this way, modern records of hair transplants have been at least 60 years old. After more than 30 years of continuous development, improvement and improvement, the transplanted hair does continue to grow, and no longer shrinks, degenerates, or necrosis like the original hair. Autologous hair transplantation and regenerative surgery have become a safe and reliable cosmetic surgery method that can fundamentally solve the problems of baldness and hair loss.

After entering the 1990s, the transplantation of several small follicular units has not only greatly improved the survival rate of transplanted hair, but also the growth pattern of the transplanted hair is relatively natural. This new type of transplantation, which combines microsurgery and microgravation (Minigragt), has been widely promoted, and hair transplantation has entered a new phase.

In 2002, the international hair development community proposed the application of follicular unit extraction. Since then, “Best Fue Cost In Pakistan” has made the hair treatment, a fundamental treatment for hair loss, a relatively perfect stage. At present, only a handful of top hair transplant institutions in the world can mature this revolutionary service project.

Do you want to know which hair care methods will make your hair Damage?

Today we are Let’s take a look at the hair care methods that hurt the hair, and go check it out!

1. Everyday shampooing will damage the hair.

Every day, shampooing will damage the hair. The concept is wrong. Cleaning is the foundation of health. Hair washing every day can ensure that the scalp is not blocked by grease, etc. At the same time, you can go to the professional body to do deep scalp cleansing regularly, because the shampoo we usually use can only be used for surface cleaning. Over time, the roots of the scalp will accumulate more dirt and hinder. Hair grows normally, and if it is not cleaned in time, it can easily lead to hair loss.

2, Use your nails to scratch your scalp.

There are many bacteria in your nails. Once the delicate scalp is scratched, it is easy to induce infection. When wiping the hair, gently push the scalp with your fingertips to decontaminate and activating blood.

3, The hair just wet,

wipe the hair, many people just wet the hair will pour the shampoo on the head, I do not know, this can not wash the hair. Before washing the hair, rinse the hair and scalp with warm water for more than 1 minute to remove 70% or 80% of the dirt. Then, pour the shampoo into the palm of your hand, add water to make a foam and then apply it to your hair. This will make the foam more abundant and wash your hair thoroughly.

4, Hair conditioner

Hair Conditioner is not rinsed Many people believe that some hair conditioner residue on the hair can make the hair more moist. In fact, the residual conditioner easily mixes dust and adheres to the scalp, clogging the hair follicles and causing inflammation. Therefore, it is necessary to rinse off the conditioner after applying it.

5, Cold Water

cold water makes the hair shine more. Washing with cold water does not make the hair more shiny. Worse, it may also give people a migraine headache. Shampoo, or use warm water, this will help improve the hair follicle circulation.

6, Hair loss people do not often wash their hair

the correct way is the opposite! If you have hair loss, you must wash every day, and it is best to wash once in the morning and evening, timely remove sweat, oil, keep hair follicles Refreshing, long-term persistence can delay hair loss.

7, Wet Hair,

when the hair is wet, the scales are open, at this time the hair is very delicate and not resistant to friction. Sleeping when the hair is half-wet and semi-dry will cause the stratum corneum to become thinner and the hair to become dry.

8. Frequent haircuts

 will make your hair grow faster. Regular trimming will keep your hair healthy and prevent damage, but it will not make your hair grow faster. Hair grows at the roots rather than at the ends of the hair, and the trim does not irritate it. You trim yours, it grows it

9, Wash two-in-one shampoo

simple and effective Many friends usually like to use the care of two-in-one products, that the care can be carried out at the same time not only can clean and care for the hair at the same time, but also saves time, very suitable for today’s fast pace Lifestyle. In fact, the two-in-one product can’t be washed and protected. If you don’t clean it, the effect will be counterproductive, and even the basic cleaning will not be completed. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose a single-wash product.

10, Olive oil

or beer can deepen the hair no matter whether it is olive oil, beer, or ginseng, aloe vera, for external nutrition, hair absorption is very limited, the most important role of shampoo is to clean, not a variety of a variety of nutrients. How can the hair be more moisturized and healthier? The internal factors are more important, the body is strong, the personality is cheerful, and the hair is naturally shining.

11, Oily hair

can not use hair conditioner oily hair is because the scalp produces too much oily. In life, many people have greasy scalp but dry hair. Therefore, people with oily hair need to choose a suitable shampoo. At the same time, use conditioner in the hair part and leave the scalp at least 10 cm, so that the hair will not be greasy.

12, Hair drying

more healthy Many people think that hair is to protect the scalp, sun drying anyway. This is quite wrong. When the hair is exposed to the sun, the water is easily lost. The scalp is stimulated by high temperature, which increases sweating and oil. The hair becomes very fragile and easily falls off. This is why people who often like to soak in the sauna and those who wash their hair with overheated water are more likely to lose hair.

13, Long-term confrontation

with the computer will increase the risk of hair loss. Many friends have reported that the number of recent hair loss has increased significantly, suspected to be due to indoor and outdoor temperature differences and work in the computer environment leading to hair loss. In fact, the temperature difference and the computer will not have much impact on hair health, and the office crowd can eliminate this concern.if your hair is not grow we recommend Hair Transplant In Peshawar  center for checkup The main reason for hair loss in winter is that when the season is changed, the scalp needs to adapt to the climate, and the hair loss will naturally increase. After a smooth transition to the season, the number of hair loss will turn normal. However, if the number of hair loss is still increasing, it may be a precursor to hair loss. It must be taken seriously and immediately went to a professional institution for testing.

14, White hair,

do not pull out the white hair will not cause more white hair growth, white hair may be related to heredity, nervousness, staying up late. Pulling the hair stimulates the scalp and is harmful to the hair follicles. Therefore, if a small amount of white hair appears, it can be cut off from the hair root with scissors. Hair Care Methods Daily: The use of disposable hair care products is very important, whether it is spray or leave-on conditioner or hair oil, it can add shine and protective film to the hair every day, and prevent hair from being exposed to UV. Infringement. Weekly: Let your hair enjoy a deep moisturizing hair mask at home to enhance hair quality. This is something you must do every 7 days. When using the hair mask, be sure to dry the moisture of the hair beforehand to achieve the desired result.

5 Must Follow Hair Care Tips for men

Are you doing the right thing? Men must know the five correct shampoo and scalp maintenance strategies

Because men have a lot of short hair styles, it is a mistake to think that boys’ hair is well organized and washed, no matter how lacking the concept of conservation. In fact, if girls are most concerned about “no makeup” So, the most likely time for boys to feel uncomfortable is probably “not finishing hair styles”. This shows that the frequency of male use of styling products, hair wax, hair oil and hot and dyed is not too much, so it must be The correct concept of shampooing and maintaining the scalp, don’t wait for the hair to become dry and dry like straw, and the scalp has been damaged before regretting.
Before you start, read the following questions. Imagine that the answer to your parentheses will be O or X. Test your understanding of proper shampooing and hair and scalp care!

1. Apply oily styling such as wax. If the hair is knotted, it can be opened by flushing.
2. It is most appropriate to maintain a water temperature of 50 °C during shampooing.
3. As long as you choose the right shampoo and use the correct shampoo method, you can make hair.
4. The moisturizing and hair care products should not be applied to the scalp.
5. The purpose of using a hair dryer after shampooing is not to dry the hair, but to dry the scalp.

Next, I’m going to uncover the shampoo and scalp care methods that should really be learned:
Q1.  Apply oily styling products such as wax. If the hair is knotted, just brush it and you can open it.
Before shampooing, the hair that has been entangled and entangled by a whole day of activities or using styling products should be combed neatly, but how to comb it depends on the nature of the styling products used. For those who use oily styling products such as wax and hair oil, if the hair is knotted, it should start from the end of the hair, slowly untie the tangled hair with the end of the comb, and then slowly comb it, if it is flushed, it will be more Hard to comb, become a hard and sticky piece! However, but if you are bald and looking for best treat for PRP visit our PRP Treatment Center In Lahoreif you use water-based styling products (such as mousse, hair gel), if you don’t obey the hair, you don’t have to barely comb it, but rinse it with water, wash the styling and comb it.

Q2. It is most appropriate to maintain the water temperature at 50 °C during shampooing.

The most appropriate water temperature for shampooing is “38 °C” which is similar to the body temperature. It should not be too hot, otherwise it will easily irritate the scalp and even wash away the necessary sebum to protect the scalp, which will make the hair dry. Even worse, it can cause scalp aging and hair loss!

In addition, shampoo should first understand the nature of their scalp, such as dry scalp lack of moisture, you can choose a more moisturizing shampoo products, and neutral scalp is not a big problem, but excessive cleaning or moisturizing should be avoided, oily The scalp has more sebum secretion, so be sure to clean it; also pay attention to the ingredients of shampoo products, use shampoo without sputum, oil wax. Pay attention when washing your hair. Never shampoo directly on your head. It is very scalp. It should be washed in the palm of your hand and then washed. Also use your fingertips instead of nails to clean and massage the head to avoid nails. Scratching the fragile scalp.

Q3.  As long as you choose shampoo and use the correct shampoo method, you can make hair.

If you think that you can use hair shampoo and shampoo with the correct shampoo method, you can make a hair. It is a big mistake. Proper shampoo products and shampooing methods do create an environment that is good for hair growth, avoiding or improving hair loss problems and maintaining the basic health of the hair and scalp; but “shampoos don’t make hair more”, and hair is getting thinner and thinner For men who are more and more obvious in hairline haircuts or hairpins, it is impossible to achieve hair growth, only by shampoo products and the correct steps! To save the hair follicles from shrinking, we must grasp the golden period of treatment, use healthy hair products, hair growth fluids, prevent hair follicles from shrinking and dying, and restore the vitality of hair follicles and reproduce the scenery on the top.

If you are fortunate enough to have no hair loss at all, regular intensive care of the hair and scalp, as well as the use of hair mask or moisturizing products is still necessary to maintain the delicate and radiant hair.

Q4. Run silk and hair care products can not be applied to the scalp.

The role of the moisturizing hair is to help the hair scales after shampooing to close. If the hair is felt to be dry after shampooing, it should be used to make the hair supple. The hair care products such as hair care are for the nutrition of the hair. The hair scales of the hair absorb the protein lost from the core. Both should be applied to the scalp when using them. Instead, the hair ends should be applied, otherwise the scalp pores may be blocked.

Q5.The purpose of using a hair dryer after shampooing is not to dry the hair, but to dry the scalp.

Everyone often thinks that the hair dryer after shampooing is mainly to dry the hair. In fact, the focus is on drying the scalp, and the hair can be blown as long as it is dry. When the hair dryer is turned on, the temperature should not be too high, and the wind and cold wind should be used. Blowing from the root to the end of the hair will not cause the hair scales to open excessively and become more edgy and damaged. After blowing, use the fingertips to extend into the scalp to check if it is dry. In addition, if you always like to use a towel to wash your hair back and forth after shampooing, please change this habit quickly, so that it is very hurtful, just use a towel to wrap the water under the hair that is easy to concentrate and drip, slightly Just press and drain the water.
For the maintenance of hair, gentlemen should really pay attention to it. After all, to maintain a handsome and elegant image, the role of hair style must have a place. Just follow the simple and practical scalp and hair conservation rules above, you can avoid hair frizz, no If you have realized that the hair or hair follicles are damaged, you can immediately start the rescue. In addition, you can also eat high-sugar, fried foods and other irritating foods, and supplement the vitamin-rich A (such as carrots), vitamin B (such as soybeans, tomatoes) and protein (such as meat, dairy products), from a healthy eating habits and pay attention to the correct maintenance of the law, a two-pronged approach to help the hair grow strong!