What did you experience during a year of FUE implant surgery?

What did you experience during a year of FUE implant surgery?


In recent years, hair-planting technology has been continuously developed, and its effect of “immediately” has been widely welcomed by patients with hair loss. In particular, FUE non-marking hair growth has become the absolute mainstream of hair-planting technology. Many hair friends know that hair transplants usually take a year to get the final result. What have you experienced in this year? Many post-operative friends have recovered their previous hair, but this is also true for this. A misty water, because this process is too subtle, it is not easy to record and describe in detail. But this is precisely one of the most concerned issues for patients before surgery.

In general, after FUE has no hair growth, the transplanted hair follicle can only survive by the circulation of body fluids at the initial stage. At this stage, the hair is in a nutrient-deficient period. When the hair follicle adapts to the new environment, the new nutrient cycle is formed, and the hair germ cell begins. Proliferation and division, new hair re-grows along the original passage to form permanent hair after transplantation. Generally, the effect of hair transplantation is very impressive after 6 months. The 9-month is basically the final result, and the 12-month effect will be fully revealed. With regard to the postoperative growth and precautions, the author summarizes some important time nodes for your reference. .

1. FUE technology seamless hair transplantation is an outpatient minimally invasive surgery. The operation time varies according to the number of transplants and the proficiency of operation. It usually takes 4-8 hours. After the operation, the patient can go home after a short stay. No hospitalization required.

2. There is no need for dressing in the hair transplanting area after hair transplantation. The donor area will be covered with sterile gauze for 1 day, and the needles left in the hair-receiving area within 3-5 days after surgery can heal itself. During the period, due to the gradual recovery of the nerve, there may be some feeling of numbness and itching.

3. On the day after surgery, edema and oozing blood in the hair-raising area and the hair-growing area are normal phenomena, and the oozing blood gradually solidifies to form a small blood sputum. During the period, the patient can’t touch or lift the transplanted hair, and can’t use the hand to remove the small blood stasis. Otherwise, the transplanted hair follicle will be removed along with the blood stasis. Follow the doctor’s advice to take anti-inflammatory drugs for 3-5 days to prevent infection. If the individual’s pain tolerance is too low, oral painkillers may be taken if necessary to reduce the temporary discomfort after surgery.

4. It is forbidden to drink spirits and beverages with high alcohol content within 1 month after the hair transplant. Do not eat seafood and spicy spicy foods. Do not eat beef and mutton to avoid allergic reactions.

5, the patient usually goes to work the next day, but only for light physical work in the normal working environment. If the patient is engaged in special work, such as working at heights with helmets, working on dusty sites or factories, sports athletes, etc., they need to rest for one week before returning to normal work.

6. Within 5 days after surgery, if you choose a professional postoperative care kit, you can wash your hair according to the doctor’s advice and product instructions. Compared with the first few years, it is much more convenient to wait 4 days after shampooing to wash your hair. Five days after the operation, the edema in the hair-raising area and the hair-growing area gradually subsided. You can shower and gently rinse the scalp, but do not vigorously rub and scratch the hair-planting parts. After washing, the hair will dry naturally, and it can’t be wiped with a towel.

7, 7-10 days after surgery, the transplanted hair began to grow, blood stasis gradually fell off. Can comb the hair normally. Half a month after surgery, if the hair in the hair-planting area is long, it basically means that the transplanted hair has survived.

8, 2-4 weeks after surgery, the transplanted hair began to partially fall off, began the “madness” often said by friends, usually lasts for 3 months. But the hair follicles have been settled in “new homes.” At this time, some patients will have panic. During this period, they should be fully psychologically prepared and have enough patience to wait for new hair to grow. You can also choose to come to the hospital for hair care to promote hair growth.

9. Three months after the operation, the hair that had fallen off began to grow after sleeping, and gradually grew hair, generally increasing by about 1 cm per month. After that, the hair will become denser and thicker.

10. Six months after surgery, 60% of the hair grown was grown. At this point, you can sort out the starting type.

11. 9 months after surgery, 90% of the hair grown is grown, and the hair growth is basically normal. At this time, the hair can be combed freely.

12. 12 months after surgery, the hair growth in the hair growth area was completely normal, showing the final effect after hair transplantation. Newly grown hair can be blown, cut, dyed, and burned normally. If you are demanding surgery, the surgical plan is secondary, and you can perform a second encryption operation. If your physical fitness is not the same, recovery is faster, the time of secondary encryption can also be appropriate in advance, but the hospital test report shall prevail.

13. Patients should maintain close contact with medical staff after hair transplantation. It is generally recommended that patients have confidential photos of hair growth at 1, 3, 6, 9, and 12 months after surgery.

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The difference between the hair growth reality show 7 planting technology

The difference between the hair growth reality show 7 planting technology

Hair transplant technology is a popular hair loss solution for hair loss patients. It was first introduced by Japanese doctors and officially introduced to world in the 1990s. In general, the hair transplant is from the east wall to the west wall. However, after more than 20 years of development, many different hair transplant technologies have been developed in Asia. The following real hair show Hair Skill is simple to introduce to you. .
In general, FUT transplants the healthy hair follicles of the posterior occipital region into the hair-planting area. This utilizes the natural characteristics of the posterior occipital hair follicles to transplant healthy hair follicles that are not affected by DHT to the hair-planting area. , thus completely solving the hair problem. Because the hair transplant technology will leave a permanent scar to the patient and will damage the nerves of the scalp, with the technological innovation, the FUT has gradually been eliminated, so I will not elaborate here. FUE FUT  is an innovative hair transplant technology based on FUT. It is a non-knife hair transplant technology, also known as “scar-free hair transplant technology”. It does not need to extract flaps from the posterior occiput or use suture technique. FUE non-marking hair is the use of special precision instruments to remove a single hair follicle from the posterior occipital part, and then naturally planted in the hair loss area according to the growth direction and density of the hair. Since the FUE takes no need to open the knife, there is no need to suture, thus avoiding scarring in the donor area. FUE-APL2.0FUE-APL2.0 non-marking hair-planting technology, using a new patented technology to circulate the hair. The ring bit has an annular cutting edge with rounded corners or beveled edges. When the hair follicle is extracted, the blunt cutting edge can pierce the scalp and cut the fur tissue around the hair follicle, but cannot cut the hair follicle. The quality of the extracted hair follicle is improved, and the success rate of hair follicle extraction is improved. FUE-APL2.0 non-marking hair transplantation inherits the technical advantages of FUE non-marking hair transplantation, and ensures the surgical instruments in the case of sufficient hair follicle resources, high hair follicle survival rate, fast hair removal speed and good postoperative effect. Updated and upgraded to be more refined

. Compared with FUE non-marking hair-planting technology and other domestic non-marking hair-planting technology, its instrument has more precise caliber, and there is no white spot in the occiput after operation. It is the most advanced and precise hair-planting technology in Pakistan. Moreover, FUE-APL2.0 non-marking hair-planting technology can solve the problem of hair follicle resources, and the same hair-recovering area can extract 20% to 25% of hair follicle units, large-area hair loss and female hair loss patients with small head. Can achieve better results. Because the FUE-APL2.0 non-marking hair-planting technology is more sophisticated, the damage to the subcutaneous capillaries is smaller, and more hair follicle resources can be extracted in the same hair loss area. Moreover, no side effects will be left behind after surgery, no hospitalization is required, and the normal life and work of the patient will not be affected. It is convenient, fast and safe to solve the distress of hair loss for people. Therefore, everyone does not have to consider the FUE-APL2.0 hair transplant technology and the FUE-APL2.0 hair transplant effect is good. The PTTPTT hair transplantation technology uses the “B3” series hair follicle transplantation needle, which has a diameter of only 0.2 to 0.4 mm, and the rotation angle is different, so that the needle insertion type can be achieved. PTT encryption hair transplantation technology has been applied to domestic hair transplant hospitals for many years. It is mainly used for hair thinning encryption, eyebrows, eyelashes, beards, body hair and other fine surgery for transplantation. At the same time, this technology can also be used with traditional FUE without hair loss, second. The combination of FUE and non-marking hair transplantation combines the advantages of the two technologies to obtain a larger amount of hair transplanting and better effect, and achieve a true hairless effect of non-marking encryption.

The principle of  hair transplantation technology is to use microscopic external technology to remove the healthy hair follicles of the posterior occipital region and then to separate and culture the healthy hair follicles. Finally, the cultured hair is artistically transplanted to the patient’s hair loss site in accordance with the natural hair growth direction. So, how is SHT hair transplant technology and SHT hair transplant effect? ​​Some people say that S.H.T hairless hair transplant is a revolutionary hair transplant technology that only top hair transplanting institutions can use. SHT hair transplant technology eliminates the traditional hair transplant technology and inevitable postoperative suture scar in the donor hair removal area. It is the minimally invasive surgery for hair follicles. MHTMHT is a precision-free, non-marking hair-planting technology for new, non-marking hair-planting technology for customers who demand high-density, high-naturalness.but PRP Treatment Center In Lahore  is good for all type of surgeryIts services include cryptographic surgery, hairline and horn shaping, eyebrows and eyelash surgery. Usually, the hair transplant is a complete device to completely cut the tissue around the hair follicle, and it is separated from the scalp in situ, and then transplanted to a position where the hair is required and ready to receive the hair condition. It adopts intelligent multi functional hair-care treatment platform, which breaks through the limitations of traditional desktop and shank surgical instruments. Its three-way steering, six-turn and corner-humanized design ensure that the hair follicles reach zero in the process of extraction. The realm of damage. It also uses the patented hair removal handle with the highest eccentricity in the world. The multi-handle and multi-caliber extraction method greatly shortens the excision time of the hair follicle, ensures the extraction quality of the hair follicle, and greatly improves the survival rate of the hair follicle. It is a very advanced and effective new hair transplant technology, so the answer to the question of whether MHT hair transplant technology is good or not is certain. Lattice technology sparse hair, sparse head, irregular hairline, female postpartum hair loss, postoperative density is not ideal, and is different from general hair loss, because sparse means there are some healthy hair follicles, which requires encryption. LATTICE dot matrix encryption technology is a patented technology independently developed based on Asian skin and hair characteristics. Dot matrix encryption uses the optimal alignment principle to determine the hair follicle gap and perform non-destructive planting under high power microscopy. Seeing the stitches, it can achieve the “0” damage to the original hair, and can ensure the success rate of hair transplant is 100%, and the survival rate of hair follicles is above 98%. The postoperative effect is naturally perfect. The transplanted healthy long-lived hair follicles can continue to grow in the planting area, and the planted hair maintains the same characteristics as the surrounding hair and has a permanent effect. Since the introduction of traditional FUE technology into Pakistan, relevant hair transplant experts have made some improvements on the characteristics of Asian hair on the basis of the original, and achieved good results in the clinic. However, with the increasing number of hair loss people, the hair transplant hospital is also increasing. If you want to have a place in the hair transplant industry, you must constantly change the hair transplant technology. Beijing Gaoxin hair transplant in the long-term practice from the surgical instruments, techniques, processes and other details. On the continuous exploration, the innovative FUE based on the second-generation FUE belongs to the enhanced version of the second-generation FUE Hair Transplant In Lahore. Breakthroughs have been made in success rates, naturalness and wounds.


5 Side Effects of Hair Dye

How Effects Hair Dye on your Health

1, Change the hair quality

Hair dyeing can cause loss of hair moisture, denaturation and reduction of protein, making the hair brittle, breaking the fiber, and slowly losing luster and flexibility. The more the number of hair dyes, the more serious the damage will be.

2, Leading to hair loss

Hair dyes can irritate the hair follicles and often dye hair. Over time, the hair follicles will shrink, and the hair will become thinner or even fall off. Add some protection to the scalp when dyeing hair, which can reduce the damage of hair dye to hair if your hair continuously loss visit our PRP Treatment Center In Lahore  before losing your complete hair.

3, Skin Allergies

Hair dye can cause contact dermatitis, skin allergies, mild scalp itching, redness, exudate, severe papules, blisters, and even serious consequences such as loosening of the epidermis and necrosis. Before dyeing hair, you need to do a skin test on the hair dye, drop the hair dye product on the inside of the wrist, wait for air drying, if it is red, itchy, it can not be used.

4, Carcinogenic

Hair dyes are chemically synthesized and contain harmful chemicals such as aniline and phenol that can cause cancer. After entering the human body, it will bind to the cells and damage the DNA of the deoxyribonucleic acid, causing cell mutation and inducing skin cancer, bladder cancer, breast cancer, lymphoma, leukemia and the like.

5, Can cause Heavy Metal Poisoning

Hair dyes contain certain metal components, such as lead acetate and silver nitrate, which will accumulate slowly after entering the body. When a certain amount is reached, it will cause poisoning, causing dizziness, headache, fatigue, limb numbness, etc. Enter the liver and kidneys and the brain to destroy the function of these organs.

What makes your hair grow faster?

Every girl wants to have a long flowing hair, but the hair grows too slowly. Is there any coup to promote the growth of hair? Let’s give you a trick today, how can hair grow faster? What is the secret to promoting hair growth?

How does hair grow faster? Uncover the law of hair growth

1. Trim the hair tail every 6-8 weeks

Although cutting off the hair ends will affect the overall length of the hair, but the hair tips are usually the focus of the dry split fork, trimming about 0.5-1 cm hair tail every 6-8 weeks, you can make the new hair grow more health.

2, Hair combing

After getting up in the morning or combing hair 1-2 times before going to bed at night, properly combing the hair can promote blood circulation of the scalp and stimulate the hair follicle to make the hair grow faster, but be careful not to comb the hair when the hair is still moist, which will bring different hair. Degree of damage. At the same time, the comb for combing hair should be a wide-toothed comb.

3, Reduce the number of use of hair dryers

If you have the habit of using a hair dryer every day, gradually reduce the number of uses and frequency, you will find that the hair grows faster than before, and the hair split ends and hair crepe problems will be improved.

4, using potato juice to wash your hair

Lack of vitamins can make your hair dry and fragile. For example, vitamin BAC plays an important role in hair growth. You can take some vitamin supplements or eat more vitamin-rich foods, or wash your hair with potato juice. Hold 1-2 times a week and your hair will grow faster and thicker.

5, egg white can make hair grow faster

The repairing ingredients in the egg white can restore the hair soft and shiny. The egg white is used to make the hair mask. The repair effect will be presented immediately after washing. It will be used once every 1-2 weeks. The more the hair will be used. The stronger you are, the faster you will grow.

6. Massage the scalp with warm essential oil

You can choose the finished essential oils that you can buy on the market, or you can choose to make them by yourself. Put them on ten fingers. After rubbing evenly, gently massage the scalp. You will find that the hair becomes thicker and softer and more shiny every day. Jojoba Oil, coconut oil and olive oil are all good helpers for growing strong hair.

7, away from silicon-containing head care products

Silicon-containing care products can temporarily produce a smoother and more shiny effect, but long-term use is not conducive to healthy hair growth, because silicon will wrap the hair roots, lock the moisture and block the hair follicles, and the hair will become more and more Fragile, growth rate will become slower and slower. If you want your hair to grow faster, try to minimize the use of silicon-containing head care products.

Promote hair growth

Ginger promotes hair growth: Cut ginger into slices, repeatedly wipe in the area of ​​alopecia areata, adhere to 2-3 times a day, stimulate hair growth.

Honey egg oil softens the thin hair. If your hair becomes scarce, you can use 1 teaspoon honey, 1 raw egg yolk, 1 teaspoon main black or castor oil, and mix with 2 teaspoons shampoo and proper onion juice. Evenly, apply it on the scalp, put on a plastic film hat, and heat the top of the hat with a warm towel. After an hour or two, wash your hair with shampoo. For a while, the condition of thinning hair will improve.

Comb 100 times a day, not only can stimulate the hair follicles, but also make the hair gap well ventilated, because the hair is most likely to sweat and is covered by hot air, so often comb hair can prevent hair loss and dandruff.

When the hair grows fast, it is necessary to keep the scalp healthy. The lack of vitamin B will cause dandruff, and the brewer’s yeast contains a lot of vitamin B,so the remaining beer can be used to wash the hair. Soak the hair with water first, then pour the beer, wrap it in a towel, and wash the head in a normal way. I used to feel good with O’Neill Shampoo, but I can’t find it now.

Massage the scalp can promote blood circulation, help the keratin metabolism of the scalp and the shedding of dead skin cells, and also accelerate the growth of hair.

Black sesame is rich in biotin, which is the best for the degeneration of the body due to weakness and premature aging. It also has a certain effect on drug-induced hair loss and hair loss caused by certain diseases, so that the hair will shine again. It has the functions of nourishing blood, moistening dryness, replenishing liver and kidney, and making black hair. Stir-fry the dried black sesame seeds, grind them into powder, and mix the same amount of white sugar. Eat two tablespoons each morning and evening, simmer with warm boiled water, or with milk, soy milk, porridge, steamed bread, and taste sweet. tasty.

Oil is very effective for hair growth. Use powder, put it in the food you usually eat, and eat it every day. Be sure to take it for a long time. Will have an effect.

Eat more foods containing iodine: kelp, as long as the protein nutrients in the hair roots are adequately supplied, the hair tends to grow faster, so eat more foods with higher protein content, such as eggs and clam meat.

But few people know that hair growth is also related to mood, sleep and exercise. People who are in a good mood and sleep will grow faster than the average person.

The practice in many people’s lives proves that tea can promote hair growth. We can spend the night or drink the rest of the tea water. When washing the hair, pour it into the hair, massage for a while, then wrap it in the headgear, wash it after 20 minutes. Net, it is also good for hair growth if your hair growth stop using all methods then we recommend Hair Transplant In Karachi we have many clients wo have many hair growing problems.

How does hair grow faster?

Always keep your hair clean, pay attention to maintaining a balanced diet, maintain adequate sleep, and optimistic emotions, which will form a virtuous circle and contribute to hair growth.

If you want your hair to grow fast, you need to maintain a good mood every day. Every day, you will be happy, no troubles, your hair will grow faster.

Hair growth has a certain period, which can be divided into three stages: growth period, regression period and rest period. During the growth phase, the hair follicles function actively, and the cells at the bottom of the hair bulbs are vigorously divided. The cells that are separated are continuously displaced upwards and supplied to the body of the hair and the inner root sheath to ensure hair growth. When the hair grows near the end, the cells of the hair bulb stop accumulating. The hair follicles begin to shrink and the hair stops growing. This is the period of retreat. During the rest period, all parts of the hair age, degenerate, shrink, and hair release will fall off. if you lose hair continuously we suggest you PRP Treatment. PRP Treatment Center In Lahore is economical and without side effects.  At the same time, in the vicinity of the already aging hair follicle, a hairball of a growing season was formed, and a new hair was born.

If you want to make your hair grow faster, you can eat more in your usual diet: black sesame, black soybeans, kelp, walnuts, etc., to supplement the nutrients needed for hair growth.

Tea water care

After washing the hair, rinse with tea to make the hair black and soft and shiny.

Beer hair care

Wash the hair first, dry it, then apply the beer evenly to the hair, and massage it to penetrate the roots. After 10 minutes, wash with water, which not only makes the head shine, but also prevents the hair from drying off and promoting hair growth.

Vinegar egg care

First add a little protein to the shampoo, mix thoroughly, shampoo, and gently massage the scalp. Then wash, add a small amount of vinegar with fresh egg yolk, mix it thoroughly, apply it slowly along the hair, wrap it in a wet towel for 1 hour, then wash it with water. This method is most suitable for dry and hard hair.

Scallion hair care

First, pour the onion into a mud, wrap it in gauze, use it to gently pat the scalp, and apply the onion juice evenly on the scalp and hair. After a few hours, wash your hair again to eliminate the annoying dandruff.

Honey egg oil hair care

Use a spoonful of honey, a raw egg yolk, a spoonful of vegetable oil, two spoonfuls of shampoo and a proper amount of onion juice. Stir well and spread on the scalp. Put on a plastic film hat and apply it with a wet towel outside the hat. After one or two hours, wash your hair. If you insist on once a day, after a while, you can alleviate the symptoms of hair thinning.

Grapefruit nuclear hair care

Use grapefruit core 25 grams, soak in boiling water, dry, apply the juice to the hair roots, or with ginger, two or three times a day, can treat baldness, yellow hair, and accelerate hair growth. Take vinegar and hair care to take 150 ml of vinegar, add 1 kg of warm water, and mix well. Use this solution to wash your hair once a day, to remove itch and prevent hair loss, and to effectively reduce hair splitting.


What Is A Hair Transplant ? and How can Hair Transplant Methods work

Hair transplantation is a process of restoring lost hair as a result of genetic or hormonal conditions, the use of medications or an accident. In this process, the basic principle is restoring hair while maintaining a natural and aesthetic appearance of hair.

Hair transplantation is an aesthetic and risk-free aesthetic treatment compared to other treatments. This is because no cuttings are made in this process, so there are no signs. In hair transplantation or, in other words, in transplants, hair is collected from other parts of your body, preferably from the neck or chest.

Hair Transplant Methods:

There are two main hair transplant methods: fut and fue. In fut (transplantation of the follicular unit), a haircut is removed from the back of the neck and transferred to the transplant area. However, this method may leave a mark and may not be satisfied with the appearance. As a result, the fut method is no longer used and instead the fue method is widely accepted as the main method of hair transplantation.

The Fue Method:

Fue (follicular unit extraction) is the most modern method of hair transplantation. I do not leave any signs or feel any pain. In this method, the transplantation area is first determined. For the transplanting process hairs are drawn on the back of the neck and behind the ears, as the hairs in these areas are much more resistant to hair loss FUE Hair Transplant In Lahore is best for transplanting process without side effects.

In the extraction process, hair follicles called transplants were extracted with the help of 0.7-0.9 micron motor. These are categorized and numbered after extraction. They will be stored in a special solution until the transplantation process occurs.

Then, the transplant area will be channeled. The most important thing in this process is to track rotation of transplantation channels, which are very important for natural hair protection. Then it launches the transplant process.


How Is The Anesthesia Process?

In the fue method, local anesthesia was used. Be aware and can discuss a problem with your doctor about the concerns you have about the treatment process.


Is There Any Pain Or Discomfort?

During the operation, you will not feel anything. The only minor pain you will feel is injecting anesthesia. After the hair transplant after the process of hair removal can be removed after 24 hours. The hair cannot be washed for three days. After the transplant, red marks and crust will appear in the transplant area, but this is completely normal. The crowns will fall in a week.


Will There Be Any Scratching After The Hair Transplant?

No. Since the transplantation channels are small, there will be no wounds after hair transplantation. Also, there will be no signs or slurries in the extraction areas, which are behind the neck and ears.


What Should Pay Attention To After The Hair Transplant?

After the procedure, sensitive hair and skins should be carefully guarded. You should avoid direct exposure to the sun and should use a hat if necessary .

Also, it is important to avoid sea and swimming pools. You can return to work after 1 or 2 days. Depending on the person, you will get results in approximately 3 months and the process will end within 6 to 12 months. After hair transplantation, you may have permanent hair that can be created.


Learn About Hair Transplant From Current Patients

The ability and technique of the surgeon’s hair restoration vary widely, as does their results.

The hair transplant operation can restore your natural hair that grows throughout life.

When this is done right, the result is so natural that even a stylist cannot reveal it.

Today, hair transplant surgery is a one-day procedure the patient only requires local anesthesia. Most patients are astonished at how little or no discomfort they may have during or after surgery.

This site will help you learn how to become a hair transplant, the procedure is more advanced and more natural and which doctors all over the world perform through prominent surgery for hair restoration.

Who is the candidate:

Most people who are with a can benefit from medical hair transplant. Women can benefit from the hair restoration operation if they are with a in concentrated areas similar to the classic model of men’s squamous cells.

However, some people are good candidates for medical hair transplant or than others and will achieve the most dramatic results of hair restoration. In two male patients, the hair transplant shown below illustrates how some patients depending on their hair characteristics can achieve a dramatic improvement with fewer grafts.

Note that the man on the left has only adopted 1,860 grays to reach the fullest view that the man on the right made 2995 grafts.

Different patients achieve different results in the end:

This section will help you learn what you can really achieve with hair transplant surgery. It is important to have realistic expectations and find a trained hair restorer who can meet or exceed your expectations.

Surgery for hair transplant is primarily a matter of demand and supply:


The results that can be achieved by surgery for medical hair transplant are determined by hair skill. But the critical variable is really a matter of demand and supply.

The hair supply will be as much as the donor-resistant donkey area you have on the back and side of the head (ie how many follicles can be obtained from this area without revealing it). The application is decided by how many bald areas (cells) you want to cover and at what degree of filling. To estimate the number of grafts you may need to use graft calculator.

Consult your doctor for hair skill:


To plan a medical consultation to evaluate your options, contact a qualified hair transplant in lahore. An experienced doctor on medical hair transplant will offer a professional assessment and a plan for medical hair transplant (not surgical and / or surgical), as well as a total cost estimate.

Your cell rate (bald), now and in the future, determines the possibilities of restoring your hair’s medical attention.

Hair transplants have evolved dramatically over the past decade. Today, when done right, it is a very refined ambulatory procedure that produces full and natural results.

Choosing the right procedure for hair transplant and doctor is absolutely critical:


When done correctly, even your hair stylist will not reveal that you have had hair transplants. But it is absolutely critical the procedure and the clinical hair transplant you choose, where most surgeons who do hair transplant today are still using old procedures.

This site is directed and committed to providing you with the information and tools you need to avoid traps and achieve great results.


The best hair transplantation procedure – easy for the patient, but difficult for the staff:


The reason why only a minority of hair transplant surgeons really do the hair condition in art is really because the most advanced procedures and techniques require the staff very high levels of skills, experience and long time work.

To achieve this high level of quality of a clinic usually needs a large and well-trained staff that is devoted exclusively to making the hair transplant. However, clinical hair transplant should be able to provide the patient with naturalness and potential fullness in just one surgical session, quick recovery, and optimal use of their hair limited by donor areas. However, many clinics are not willing to devote time and resources to developing this optimal ability.

The procedure that is best for the patient:


Nowadays, follicular unit optimization allows the patient to achieve very natural results because it recreates and mimics the natural hair growth of the person, hair follicle.

Follicular Hair Transplant In Karachi is the first ever standard hair transplant procedure performed by many of today’s surgeons.

To understand why the results of this hair transplant procedure seem so natural, you must first understand how hair actually grows ,

As hair grows naturally in the scalp:


If you look closely at natural growing hair using the magnifying glass you will see that the hair actually grows in the clusters of one, two, three and four hairs.

These natural hair groups grow in irregular patterns on the scalp similar to the way the grass grows on a lawn. These clusters are technically referred to as hair skill.

The results of hair transplantation come from the nature of copying, hair for hair (hairs for hair):


Carefully shifting follicular units prepared in flood-resistant and back-to-back areas, doctors transplant these follicular by creating a natural hair pattern in empty areas (cells) for and better result visit Best Fue Cost In Pakistan.

To do this properly is a process that takes a lot of time. It requires a medical team of highly qualified and meticulous technicians working closely with the leading hair transplant doctor.

Advantages of hair transplantation with follicular on standard procedures:


Carefully prepare the follicular graft that contains the minimum of excess tissue of the scalp and are very small, compact structures. As a result, the graft adapts to very small crops that produce very little head trauma.

The use of smaller grafts, with less invasive cut, allows a large number of grafts to be transplanted into one session. In addition, small grafts can be placed together close to each other.

Careful reduction of donor tissue by the use of microscopes can produce more graphs


With the careful reduction of donor tissue in the naturally occurring follicles under enlargement (using microscopes), the maximum number of grafts intact and unharmed by certain quantities of donor tissue have been produced. And since the donor tissue in the patient is limited, this allows the patient to ultimately achieve the full coverage of the tulle space (cell).


Follicular Hair Transplant – Step by Step:


Below step by step is demonstrated today’s procedures on the art of hair transplant with commonly performed follicular hair follicles.

Today hair transplant surgery is a one-day procedure-the patient is only given local anesthesia. Most patients are astonished at how little or no discomfort, if any, appear during and after surgery. Many patients can watch TV or take a nap during the hair transplant procedure.


How Much Does It Cost To Transplant A Hair?

How Much Does It Cost To Transplant A Hair?


The world medical community agrees that hair transplant surgery is the only effective way to solve hair scarcity; medicines and wigs do nothing to treat hair loss. Since hair transplants are unheard of for many people, they may ask: what kind of surgery is hair transplant? How much does it cost to transplant a hair? We will explain the relevant issues.

Hair transplant surgery is an tautologous hair transplant and is currently the best medical treatment for hair loss in the world. Hair transplant surgery is roughly like this: take healthy hair from the back of the occiput or both sides, FUE Hair Transplant In Lahore  is very economical and without any sides effects. transplant it to the hair loss area to grow thick and natural new hair; because the back pillow and the hair on both sides have natural non-drop characteristics therefore, the transplanted hair is also permanently not dropped. Coupled with the superb hair transplant technology, the new hair is naturally perfect after hair transplant surgery. Never fall and be perfect, it constitutes the advantage of hair transplant surgery, which is unmatched by any other method.

So how much does it cost to transplant a hair? Fue hair transplantation is 10 to 15 rupees per hair follicle; ptt encryption technology hair transplantation is more than 10 rupees per hair follicle ; fut technology hair transplantation is 6 rupees per hair follicle . At present, there are three types of hair transplants in the mainstream. If some hospitals offer related promotions FUE Transplant Cost In Pakistan  price can be slightly lower. In this calculation: a 2500 hair follicle transplant surgery, fut is 15,000 rupees, fue is 25,000 rupees; ptt is nearly 30,000 rupees.

Is hair transplant expensive? We make a simple comparison with anti-off drugs. Many people with scarce hair buy a box of anti-detoxification drugs at a time , which is more than 100 yuan. On the surface, this cost is too cheap. The problem is that people who use drugs have to use it for many years, and some people use various kinds for four or five years. Anti-off and hair-producing drugs, a total of three or four thousand yuan. And these three or four thousand yuan cannot grow new hair, it is thrown money in vain. Hair transplant costs are also one or two thousand, which is not expensive compared to various anti-drugs.

Hair skill is the best hair transplant hospital in Pakistan , with second-generation fue and ptt encryption technology, which can make your hair transplant effect more perfect. At present, hair skill has a chain of institutions in lahore, islamabad, karachi, peshawre,. Relatively speaking, the cost of hair transplantation is not expensive, and friends can go to the above institutions to carry out hair transplantation.

Hair Planting Benefits and Risks

Hair Planting Benefits and Risks



Hair planting can be the most effective way and the only permanent solution to a satisfactory result. By hair we understand, planting your hair in the falling part of the scalp from the back of the scalp. The hair cut candidate should have greater hair density at the back of the scalp, his hair should be thick and wavy, and he must be in a good physical condition. Women usually do not have any good distribution of hair loss, so they are not good candidates in planting them. Hair planting cannot be done by those who have unforeseeable shapes of hair loss, such as alopecia and areata.

The main danger, the patient’s dissatisfaction:

The biggest risk in hair planting is that the patient may not be satisfied with the final result. Some other risks that can be caused during planting and after planting hair are: excess bleeding, transmission and death of many transplanted glands, shock after transplantation for hair loss etc. A study in 425 hair of patients, only 5 percent had complications during and after the planting procedure. Hair Transplant Cost In Lahore can cost 60,000 rupees, depending on the technique used, the location and reputation of surgery, and the hair loss area and the number of planted hair. To decide on hair planting, consider the pain, time and, above all, the result that may be unsatisfactory.

How to care for hair?

A healthy person has 100,000 to 130,000 hair types. Human hair lengthens to about 2 millimeters per week. Bad food and diseases break the hair growth process. It is essential to maintain hair hygiene. This should mean the choice of a suitable shampoo for the hair type. It is not advisable to change frequently the type of shampoo. If you brush hair, the paint should first be applied to a small hair bundle to avoid side effects. Seventy percent of men in the world, according to studies, suffer from hair loss. According to specialists, apart from inheritance, the testosterone hormone, which is the number one enemy of hair loss, is also blamed for this.

Tips to Prevent Hair Loss

1-Check stress

2-Keep a proper diet

3-Drink at least two kilos of water a day

4-Consume fruit, vegetables and protein, through which we get the vitamins, minerals and structural materials essential to capillary reconstruction.

5-Avoid the consumption of animal fats as much as possible, replacing them with natural oils, especially with olive oil.

6-Avoid fry fried.

7-Use different salads.

8-The sun of the pool and the sea is harmful to the hair.

9-Do not change the shampoo frequently.

Science, on the day of people, fell 150 hairs:

Hair grows for two to three years before it falls. The fall of old hair is quite natural. From the dust from which the old hair falls, usually after a while a hairy new hair grows. In one day people may have 150 hairy hairs. There are various causes that cause hair loss, such as an infectious disease, the use of a certain medicine, and so on. When hair loss is not genetically or related to the disease, preventing this phenomenon is possible by following some tips. The phenomenon begins in the age of 20 to 30 years. The hair becomes weaker, falls massively and does not emerge younger. Over 70% of men suffer from hair loss. The sexiest male hormone testosterone is mainly due to this.

Doctors: Hair loss, hereditary:

Hair loss can also be caused by genetic inheritance. Sexual testosterone hormone binds to a certain enzyme and converts to a dihydrotestosterone, or as otherwise named hair skill. This is inserted through the blood that recurs to the roots of the hair and rushes there. Hair Skill not only inhibits hair growth but also prevents the emergence of new hair. Over time, the pores are shut down altogether. About 20 percent of women in the world suffer from hair loss, usually a woman may lose hair only if she passes stress, uses bad ink, does not nourish hair, or if she uses different drugs. While 30 is the average age when the hair loss begins. Specialists show that the phenomenon is actually starting at age 20.

Propecia, a hair loss tool:

Propecia is a type of drug recently discovered. It makes it possible to block the testosterone-associated enzyme, thus preventing this link. The hair skill number on the scalp is thus reduced by two-thirds. This prevents hair loss in most men and in many cases reaches the hair roots to regenerate and produce strong hair as before. Not a few, but 150 hairs, is the amount that falls on everyone’s head almost every day, and in the spring and fall this number is even higher. If this figure is added then all people have to worry. While 2 millimeters a week prolongs human Best FUE Cost In Pakistan, if it is damaged by inappropriate cosmetic products, then it snags as many millimeters per week.

Causes of hair less hair loss are:

1) Androgenic alopecia (the most common cause of hair loss). This problem is more pronounced in males. It is thought that a factor such as inheritance plays a role in this process. Some medicines with hormones are used in the cure.

2) Alopecia areata characterized by hair loss places. It is thought that it is caused by an infection source in those people who have fallen into the body’s immune system. It can cure itself or by using cortisone or light cure medicines.

3) Telogen effuvium: A picture where the hair passes from a short period of time from active to filling. Here is a massive hair loss. For about 3-4 months the hair becomes thinner and thinner. This state of postpartum and newborns may also appear physiologically (normal).

4) Severe Infection Diseases,

5) Some medicines used for epilepsy,

6) Serious surgical interventions,

7) Chemotherapy (cancer),

80 Hipotiroidi,

9) Some hormones and heavy metals,

In curing the following cases the basis of the cure is to remove the cause. For example, if it is a cure for his cessation (provided that cessation does not cause more harm to the body than hair loss). If it is a fight infection with it. After the infection the hair comes out again.

10) Fungal Diseases (Mycoses),

11) Dislodge,

12) Radiation ,

13) Lack of proteins, iron, zinc, etc.

14) Also, the tight-knit hairline can cause hair loss especially in women.


Hair Transplantation At Hair Skill:

Several decades ago, international hair research revealed that hair follicles are genetically programmed to grow throughout life. This is the basis for a durable solution for hair loss – hair planting at hair skill, no. 1 in Pakistan for hair transplants.

Hair Transplantation Base:

About three-quarters of men and one-third of women are affected by a major hair loss. Many of the affected people experience hair loss and development of the head-to-head places as aesthetic restraint and require a solution. Through one day treatment, the hair skill hair transplant offers lasting, safe, and effective aesthetic aid. Through one day treatment, the hair skill hair transplant offers lasting, safe, and effective aesthetic aid.

Hair roots naturally grow in groups of 1, 2, 3 or 4 hair. These groups are called follicular units (FUE Transplant Cost In Lahore Pakistan). The follicular units found on the back of the head (skull) are programmed to grow throughout life. They are taken from this donor area, prepared carefully and eventually planted in any hair less area or with rare hair, affected by hair loss. After a break-away phase, the hair root produces new hair (hair) that creates a dense, beautiful hair structure according to the patients’ wishes.

Moser Medical With A Look:

Leader in pakistan.

Experience over 30,000 treatments,

State licensed clinic,

Medical team with 18 members,

Warranty for increase and full refund guarantee,

Intensive care before and after treatment,

Mineral nutrient solution developed by the clinic itself,

Hair skill bioregeneration,

Continuous training of doctors and team,

Many international awards,

Internal research laboratory,

Higher hygiene standards,

Hair transplant procedure:

At hair skill, we apply proven treatment procedures to the most modern methods. You can choose between the method of follicular unit transplantation (fue technique) or follicular unit extraction (fue technique). At the beginning of the treatment, hair root units are taken from the donor area depending on the type of treatment chosen at once (fut) or individually for each hair root (fue). Thereafter, a team of well-trained medical assistants prepares roots for planting hair using high-resolution microscopes. In addition, they are enriched in a mineral nutrient solution, which is explored and developed by hair skill, to support later growth.

Meanwhile, the area where the hair will be planted (hair less or hairy part of the head) is prepared with very small holes, nearly as large as the pores. In the next step, hair experts transplant follicular units in the transplant area, in which the instruments fit in with the hair structure during treatment. To help rapid growth and recovery, the biorigenerative solution developed in the Hair Transplant In Islamabad laboratory is dispersed over the transplantation area. Only hair skill patients benefit from the advantage of the mineral storage solution and the biorigenerative solution.

Criteria For Hair Transplantation With The Highest Quality:

Important features for hair transplantation are the hair density to be transplanted and a natural aesthetic hair structure. The selection of the most appropriate treatment method (fut or fue) is determined by the following factors:

Hair structure,

Donor hair density,

Size of surface to be planted,

The direction of hair growth,

Calculation of hair loss in the future,

The aesthetic result desired for a hair structure as natural and dense,

In the framework of a personal medical consultancy, our specialists, in accordance with your desires, explain to you which treatment technique and which parts are ideally suited to you to meet your desire for a complete hair structure. These consultations are free of charge at hair skill.

Quality Features:

We only perform treatments whose criteria are carefully evaluated to achieve a successful hair transplant with the highest quality and safety for the future. In this regard, our experience of decades, based on the results of tens of thousands of successful hair transplants, becomes effective. With this golden standard, all hair transplants are measured all over the world.
Hair Transplant In Karachi is a member of the largest and most internationally active international hair care organization.

Founded in 1992, this non-profit organization promotes and supports continuous quality improvement as well as training professionals for hair surgery. Hair skill is not only a registered member, but actively participates in the most important congresses of the world, as the techniques and equipment applied are developing at a rapid pace. Our doctors and medical assistants regularly report on these international professional events and use them for advanced training.