Hair Transplant for Women

Baldness of Hair Fall:

We think of baldness, If we immediately have the image of a man in front of us. But women also suffer from hair loss and no woman is happy with bald spots on her scalp. If the goal is to achieve an aesthetic appearance with naturally thick hair, the hair transplant / capillary implant in our clinic is the best decision.

Fine hair and bald spots on the head? In addition, for women, hair transplants help create a new quality of life because in the case of a woman, thick hair is a sign of beauty, youth and charm. Thanks to modernity and updated material. Hair transplants for women in our clinic, only an hour from all Pakistan, with perfect results.

Women’s Hair Loss

Hair loss can be explained by genetic reasons, or by thyroid disease, or by hormonal change. Not only hair loss, but constantly thinning hair could be a consequence. In many cases, treatment with drugs may suffice.

The signs of hair loss can cause spiritual and physical charges. The following factors can create hair loss:

Hormonal changes

Diseases of the skin


Thyroid diseases


Extreme stress

Beautiful Thick Hair Thanks to Hair Transplants in Pakistan

Hair transplants in our clinic are painless and follow the modern FUE method by hair specialists. During the FUE method the hair will be laid with a special willow needle and implanted in the bald areas. Thick hair is an aesthetic result and the hair transplant / hair implant will help you achieve a better quality of life.

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