Is Hair Transplant Successful?

A lot of negative news recently, is the hair transplant really reliable?

The repair hairline is now based on hair-planting technology, encrypting hair in the hair loss area and regaining facial contours. Is it reasonable to choose a hair transplant? Is the hair transplant satisfactory? Let’s take a look at the basic principles of hair care treatment:

1, To fully Recognize that human Hair Resources are limited

There are 5,000 to 7,000 permanent follicular units available for transplantation in a lifetime. Whether it is a graft on a scar or a hair loss in a male type, the surgery FUE Hair Transplant In Lahore transplants the hair from one site to another and does  increase the amount of hair. Choosing hair transplants is not reliable. So cherish the precious hair resources of patients and never waste them.

2, To recognize that male pattern hair loss is a progressive disease and development of disease

A hair transplant operation can only improve the current appearance. As the degree of hair loss increases and develops, the original hair loss phenomenon will continue to occur. Therefore, some permanent hair follicle units should be retained as much as possible for later transplantation. The follicular unit should be implanted at a high density into an important and visually effective area, transplanted to other areas at a lower density or step, with maximum number of follicular units to achieve maximum cosmetic results.

3, to do a good pre-operative communication and preparation

Understand the patient’s information:

(1) Age, occupation.

(2) Preoperative design and expected results.

(3) The degree of hair loss and the situation of the donor area.

(4) Family economic situation. For some hair loss caused by diseases, the cause should be treated first, such as neurological alopecia, postpartum alopecia, hair loss after chemotherapy and so on. Only when at least one year after the treatment of alopecia areata is ineffective, or when the lichen planus, sarcoidosis and follic inflammatory alopecia, and lupus erythematosus alopecia are converted into scar type alopecia, the hair can be considered.
Hair effect diagram

4, the transplant effect must be able to accept the test of time

Because all the growth period after transplanting hair is a long process, the growth time varies according to the physiological characteristics of each person and their own quality. Some patients can achieve good results about half a year after transplantation, and some need two years. However, the final effect of the transplant must stand the test of time, and the transplanted live hair cannot continue to fall off over time.

5 Male type hair loss patients should be combined with drugs after hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation simply redistributes hair and does not alter the spread and deterioration of male pattern hair loss. A reasonable and effective treatment is to improve the hairline and the front part of the head by hair transplantation, and then use anti-hair loss drugs to maintain and improve the posterior part of the head.

Reminder: Is it true that choosing a hair transplant is not reliable? Any mistakes are not absolute. For patients who are considering whether to transplant hair, if the qualification of the selected institution is not approved by the relevant departments, then our patients need to be cautious. Please look for qualified hair transplant agencies.

Do you want to know which hair care methods will make your hair Damage?

Today we are Let’s take a look at the hair care methods that hurt the hair, and go check it out!

1. Everyday shampooing will damage the hair.

Every day, shampooing will damage the hair. The concept is wrong. Cleaning is the foundation of health. Hair washing every day can ensure that the scalp is not blocked by grease, etc. At the same time, you can go to the professional body to do deep scalp cleansing regularly, because the shampoo we usually use can only be used for surface cleaning. Over time, the roots of the scalp will accumulate more dirt and hinder. Hair grows normally, and if it is not cleaned in time, it can easily lead to hair loss.

2, Use your nails to scratch your scalp.

There are many bacteria in your nails. Once the delicate scalp is scratched, it is easy to induce infection. When wiping the hair, gently push the scalp with your fingertips to decontaminate and activating blood.

3, The hair just wet,

wipe the hair, many people just wet the hair will pour the shampoo on the head, I do not know, this can not wash the hair. Before washing the hair, rinse the hair and scalp with warm water for more than 1 minute to remove 70% or 80% of the dirt. Then, pour the shampoo into the palm of your hand, add water to make a foam and then apply it to your hair. This will make the foam more abundant and wash your hair thoroughly.

4, Hair conditioner

Hair Conditioner is not rinsed Many people believe that some hair conditioner residue on the hair can make the hair more moist. In fact, the residual conditioner easily mixes dust and adheres to the scalp, clogging the hair follicles and causing inflammation. Therefore, it is necessary to rinse off the conditioner after applying it.

5, Cold Water

cold water makes the hair shine more. Washing with cold water does not make the hair more shiny. Worse, it may also give people a migraine headache. Shampoo, or use warm water, this will help improve the hair follicle circulation.

6, Hair loss people do not often wash their hair

the correct way is the opposite! If you have hair loss, you must wash every day, and it is best to wash once in the morning and evening, timely remove sweat, oil, keep hair follicles Refreshing, long-term persistence can delay hair loss.

7, Wet Hair,

when the hair is wet, the scales are open, at this time the hair is very delicate and not resistant to friction. Sleeping when the hair is half-wet and semi-dry will cause the stratum corneum to become thinner and the hair to become dry.

8. Frequent haircuts

 will make your hair grow faster. Regular trimming will keep your hair healthy and prevent damage, but it will not make your hair grow faster. Hair grows at the roots rather than at the ends of the hair, and the trim does not irritate it. You trim yours, it grows it

9, Wash two-in-one shampoo

simple and effective Many friends usually like to use the care of two-in-one products, that the care can be carried out at the same time not only can clean and care for the hair at the same time, but also saves time, very suitable for today’s fast pace Lifestyle. In fact, the two-in-one product can’t be washed and protected. If you don’t clean it, the effect will be counterproductive, and even the basic cleaning will not be completed. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose a single-wash product.

10, Olive oil

or beer can deepen the hair no matter whether it is olive oil, beer, or ginseng, aloe vera, for external nutrition, hair absorption is very limited, the most important role of shampoo is to clean, not a variety of a variety of nutrients. How can the hair be more moisturized and healthier? The internal factors are more important, the body is strong, the personality is cheerful, and the hair is naturally shining.

11, Oily hair

can not use hair conditioner oily hair is because the scalp produces too much oily. In life, many people have greasy scalp but dry hair. Therefore, people with oily hair need to choose a suitable shampoo. At the same time, use conditioner in the hair part and leave the scalp at least 10 cm, so that the hair will not be greasy.

12, Hair drying

more healthy Many people think that hair is to protect the scalp, sun drying anyway. This is quite wrong. When the hair is exposed to the sun, the water is easily lost. The scalp is stimulated by high temperature, which increases sweating and oil. The hair becomes very fragile and easily falls off. This is why people who often like to soak in the sauna and those who wash their hair with overheated water are more likely to lose hair.

13, Long-term confrontation

with the computer will increase the risk of hair loss. Many friends have reported that the number of recent hair loss has increased significantly, suspected to be due to indoor and outdoor temperature differences and work in the computer environment leading to hair loss. In fact, the temperature difference and the computer will not have much impact on hair health, and the office crowd can eliminate this concern.if your hair is not grow we recommend Hair Transplant In Peshawar  center for checkup The main reason for hair loss in winter is that when the season is changed, the scalp needs to adapt to the climate, and the hair loss will naturally increase. After a smooth transition to the season, the number of hair loss will turn normal. However, if the number of hair loss is still increasing, it may be a precursor to hair loss. It must be taken seriously and immediately went to a professional institution for testing.

14, White hair,

do not pull out the white hair will not cause more white hair growth, white hair may be related to heredity, nervousness, staying up late. Pulling the hair stimulates the scalp and is harmful to the hair follicles. Therefore, if a small amount of white hair appears, it can be cut off from the hair root with scissors. Hair Care Methods Daily: The use of disposable hair care products is very important, whether it is spray or leave-on conditioner or hair oil, it can add shine and protective film to the hair every day, and prevent hair from being exposed to UV. Infringement. Weekly: Let your hair enjoy a deep moisturizing hair mask at home to enhance hair quality. This is something you must do every 7 days. When using the hair mask, be sure to dry the moisture of the hair beforehand to achieve the desired result.

Most Common Hair Questions- Hair Skill

How does hair grow faster?

Answer:  Want to make your hair look faster, you have to cut your hair every month? Is it true that the child-washing habits and hairdressing secrets are true? Before you are ready to change your favorite bottle of shampoo or decide to comb 100 times before going to bed, let us take a look at the truth about hair health!

If you use the same shampoo for a long time, will your hair be immune?

Answer: Shampoos only take on their job, which is to clean the hair. The chemicals contained in shampoos can improve the hair quality, but long-term use will inevitably leave a residue, then you will find that the hair becomes dry and dull. But this is not the relationship between hair and immune to this shampoo. At this time, you can use a deep cleansing clarifying shampoo or a scalp deep cleanser at a frequency of 1-2 times a month to remove the residual substances accumulated in daily shampoo and restore the natural oil secretion of the hair. .

Rinse with cold water to make your hair soft and shiny?

Answer: After completing the wash program, rinse your hair with cold water for about 10 seconds to make your hair softer. This is because cold water can help close the stratum corneum of the hair, allowing it to reflect light. However, this effect is short-lived. If you want to maintain a smooth and radiant long-lasting effect, you can use hair care oil after shampooing and blowing to lock the nutrients and moisture in the scales.

Should you apply shampoo from the top of your head?


Answer: Most people are used to putting shampoo on top of the most oily head and then adding water to remove the foam. In fact, this practice is very dangerous, and it is also the culprit leading to reduced hair volume and baldness. The first contact with this area of ​​shampoo is most difficult to rinse thoroughly, and it is easy to have shampoo residue. The correct way to do this is to first apply the shampoo to the palm of your hand and apply a rich lather to the hair. Long hair can be placed in the middle of the hair, and then gradually licked to the top of the head scalp, reducing the damage caused by shampoo residue on the scalp.

It doesn’t matter if the conditioner is used?


Answer: For those who are slender and want to make their hair richer and more fluffy, the most indispensable daily care step is to use conditioner. The reason is that conditioner can help you create a richer, more fluffy hair texture in the subsequent blows, while fighting the damage of hot air to the hair. In addition, changing the order of washing is also a trick to make hair more abundant. Star hair stylist George Papanikolas recommends using conditioner before shampooing and then using shampoo. This will make the hair more hydrated, reduce hair loss and dryness, and the hair will be more plump and fluffy after washing. However, when applying conditioner, apply it from the ear position to avoid applying hair root and scalp with conditioner.

 Does hot water fade the dyed hair and make the hair dry?


Answer: Yes, shampooing with hot water can easily cause the hair to fade after dyeing, and the overheated water will take away the moisture in the hair and dry the hair. Therefore, please be careful not to wash your hair with too hot water. Heat can also cause damage to your hair. When entering the sauna or shower, bring a shower cap and take off until you start washing your hair.

Dyeing hair will change the hair texture?


Answer: The chemical composition of the hair dye removes the protective layer of the hair itself, allowing the pigment particles to remain on the hair. The pigment particles will cause the hair to expand and become thicker. For people with fine hair and low hair volume, the hair fullness effect caused by hair dyeing is especially noticeable. It is worth noting that the natural protective layer of the hair will be destroyed and the hair will be damaged. but if your hair is totally damage Hair Transplant In Islamabad is resolve your damage hair issue It is recommended to use a nourishing hair mask for deep repair in the final step of shampooing after dyeing. Even if you don’t use shampoo to wash your hair, you can wrap your hair with a hair mask containing  butter,  fruit and olive oil moisturizing ingredients. Leave for 5-10 minutes and rinse.

Often combing hair can make hair healthier?

Answer: Even if you comb your hair 100 times a day before going to bed, it won’t make your hair better, and it may also be counterproductive. In fact, excessive combing can damage the stratum corneum of the hair, leaving the hair dull and dull, and it is easy to break the hair. Therefore, you only need to comb the hair when it is unkempt, and the soft natural bristle comb has the least damage to the hair. Negative ion hair combs also provide excellent and rapid smoothing of the roughing effect when the hair is rough.

 Long-term ponytail in the same position will lead to partial hair loss?


Answer: This phenomenon is called pull-down hair loss. Long-term binding of the hair to the hair in a certain position will damage the hair follicles in this area and stop the growth of new hair. It’s a good idea to change the position of the pony tail often, or change the hairstyle a lot. Not only the ponytail, the constant headband shape and the hairpin will cause hair follicles in the same area to be damaged, posing a risk of baldness.

 Is the shampoo that is a combination of care and protection an artifact?

Answer: The role of shampoo is to clean, while conditioner can shrink hair scales to nourish and lubricate. When using a shampoo that is washed and protected, the scales have shrunk without being rinsed out, and thorough cleaning cannot be achieved. So, no matter what, please say goodbye to any product that is a combination of care and protection.

Often trimming can speed up the hair’s long speed?

Answer: Hair grows from the roots, not the ends. Regular trimming can trim the tip of the hair or the damaged part of the shape, making the hair of the hair healthier, but this has nothing to do with the growth of the hair root. In general, hair grows at about 1.25cm a month, and even if you trim it every week, it won’t grow faster.

Here, I would like to explain to you the use and effect of moisturizing, hair care and conditioner. Although the functions of moisturizing and hair care are similar, the conditioner is completely different!

1, Hair Conditioner

The purpose is to give hair moisturizing and nutrition. Adding beneficial hair components such as protein has the effect of repairing damaged heads from within.

2, Hair Care Milk

The purpose is to coat the surface layer of the buttercup. The coated surface protects the scales and smoothes the hair. In addition, there is also a role in protecting nutrients from loss of nutrients.

3, Moisturizing

Like the hair care lotion, it has the function of covering the hair layer. Because it is more moisturizing than the moisturizing conditioner, the effect of repairing the surface is better. Recently, many people use hair care lotion.

As described above, the use and effects of conditioners and hair conditioners are much different. And the usage is different. “Hair conditioner” is to let the nutrients penetrate into the hair and repair the damage from the inside, so it takes a little time for the ingredients to be absorbed after being applied. However, “hair care” and “moisturizing” only make the hair layer smooth, so it is meaningless to spend time waiting. After smearing the hair on average, rinse directly.

Hair conditioner and hair care lotion are both correct

Some people may wonder which one to use, but the answer is “both use.” But if you can use shampoo, conditioner and hair care (runner) together, it will be the best!

For example, when maintaining skin, first wash your face, then moisturize with a lotion, and finally, in order to prevent water loss, cover the skin surface with lotion. The same reason as this, wash your hair with shampoo, moisturize with conditioner, and then use hair conditioner to smooth the hair to release the layer. These three steps are essential to keep healthy hair.

Shaved Head Benefits ?

The more the hair is cut, the faster it grows? The shaved head has these benefits for the hair!

The more the hair is cut, the faster it grows? The shaved head has these benefits for the hair! Guide: Many people believe that shaving hair often promotes hair growth. The more the hair is shaved, the harder the beard is. The child is born with very thin hair, more shaving, and shaving more hair will be fine. Does this make sense?

This is a long-argued topic. Intuitively telling us that the method of shaving the hair to deal with hair loss is not scientific, but many people in experience do feel that the hair is getting more and more shaved, so what is the truth?

Is the shaved head reliable?

After shaving the hair grows faster and better, it is just a wishful thinking.

Because human hair grows from hair follicles, whether hair grows fast, the diameter and color of hair depends largely on the function of hair follicles. The hair follicles are actually deep in the skin. The shaving is only the shear on the surface. It will affect the hair follicles, so it will not affect the hair condition.
Why do many netizens think that the hair is getting shaved and thicker?
Although the truth is correct, many people actually feel that after shaving, the hair grows faster. The most typical example is the beard. The person who often shaves feels that the beard grows faster and faster. The beard that has just been scraped in the morning, the beard has grown a lot in a few days, and the newly grown beard is particularly hard. Why is this?
The biggest reason is the visual error. The roots of the hair (beard) are larger than the hair skill, so after shaving the hair, the hair will feel harder and more. In addition, the same growth of 1cm hair, 0cm to 1cm change is obvious, but 5cm to 6cm is not so obvious, this illusion makes people think that just shaved hair grows faster. Finally, some hair loss patients have no longer grow their hair for a certain length, but when these hairs are shaved, they can intuitively feel that they are growing, so they give the illusion that hair grows faster.

Of course, there is another reason why it is not necessary to mention that during the process of shaving the hair (the beard), the hair follicles do receive some stimulation. These stimuli may cause some hair to accelerate, which is especially noticeable on the beard. The shaving is repeated scraping and can produce some massage-like effects.

Shaving your hair may be a really good way

If you have serious hair loss, dandruff, and folliculitis, then it may be a good choice to shave your hair. Most people in world are more resistant to bald heads. In fact, if you think about it carefully, the benefits of shaving your head are very good!

1, Reduce psychological stress

People who have serious hair loss, especially men, may not be able to take care of your hair loss u go anywhere and worry about people laughing at your hair loss problem, then it is better to shave a bald head to relieve psychological stress. On the one hand, the shaved head makes the image of the hair loss less obvious. On the one hand, it is convenient for you to wash your hair, massage, and medication. It is conducive to treatment. Why not? Quoting a netizen’s sentence: “Alopecia is a disease, but a bald head is a hairstyle.” What is this open-minded attitude and hair loss?

2, Easy to clean the scalp

Without hair interference, cleaning the scalp becomes much easier, especially for those who love oil. The scalp may never really be cleaned, the scalp is cleaned, and it is good for newly grown hair.

3, Convenient medication and massage

For example, with drugs such as minoxidil, there is no interference from the hair, FUE Hair Transplant In Lahore application and absorption of the drug are more efficient, and the scalp massage can maximize the therapeutic effect.

4, reduce the friction between the hair
The friction between the hair, static electricity, and traction are also the causes of hair loss. The effects of these external forces are basically lost after shaving, and the number of hair loss will definitely decrease relative to before.

5, Placebo effect

After shaving the bald head, people will have some psychological hints, such as “the old does not go new,” “hair to grow again” and so on, which is actually a good thing. There is a placebo effect in medicine. It can also have a positive impact on the recovery of many diseases by psychological comfort. Who would dare to say that these ideas will not have a good impact on hair growth?
In short, although the more shaved the hair is, the better the argument is, the shaved head does have some benefit to the hair, depending on whether you have this courage. Lahore and Islamabad people are more bald and have more hair loss. Most people choose to shave their heads. It looks so handsome and cool, and full of masculinity! If the problem of hair loss has already made you feel hard, then shaving is a positive change.

What Is A Hair Transplant ? and How can Hair Transplant Methods work

Hair transplantation is a process of restoring lost hair as a result of genetic or hormonal conditions, the use of medications or an accident. In this process, the basic principle is restoring hair while maintaining a natural and aesthetic appearance of hair.

Hair transplantation is an aesthetic and risk-free aesthetic treatment compared to other treatments. This is because no cuttings are made in this process, so there are no signs. In hair transplantation or, in other words, in transplants, hair is collected from other parts of your body, preferably from the neck or chest.

Hair Transplant Methods:

There are two main hair transplant methods: fut and fue. In fut (transplantation of the follicular unit), a haircut is removed from the back of the neck and transferred to the transplant area. However, this method may leave a mark and may not be satisfied with the appearance. As a result, the fut method is no longer used and instead the fue method is widely accepted as the main method of hair transplantation.

The Fue Method:

Fue (follicular unit extraction) is the most modern method of hair transplantation. I do not leave any signs or feel any pain. In this method, the transplantation area is first determined. For the transplanting process hairs are drawn on the back of the neck and behind the ears, as the hairs in these areas are much more resistant to hair loss FUE Hair Transplant In Lahore is best for transplanting process without side effects.

In the extraction process, hair follicles called transplants were extracted with the help of 0.7-0.9 micron motor. These are categorized and numbered after extraction. They will be stored in a special solution until the transplantation process occurs.

Then, the transplant area will be channeled. The most important thing in this process is to track rotation of transplantation channels, which are very important for natural hair protection. Then it launches the transplant process.


How Is The Anesthesia Process?

In the fue method, local anesthesia was used. Be aware and can discuss a problem with your doctor about the concerns you have about the treatment process.


Is There Any Pain Or Discomfort?

During the operation, you will not feel anything. The only minor pain you will feel is injecting anesthesia. After the hair transplant after the process of hair removal can be removed after 24 hours. The hair cannot be washed for three days. After the transplant, red marks and crust will appear in the transplant area, but this is completely normal. The crowns will fall in a week.


Will There Be Any Scratching After The Hair Transplant?

No. Since the transplantation channels are small, there will be no wounds after hair transplantation. Also, there will be no signs or slurries in the extraction areas, which are behind the neck and ears.


What Should Pay Attention To After The Hair Transplant?

After the procedure, sensitive hair and skins should be carefully guarded. You should avoid direct exposure to the sun and should use a hat if necessary .

Also, it is important to avoid sea and swimming pools. You can return to work after 1 or 2 days. Depending on the person, you will get results in approximately 3 months and the process will end within 6 to 12 months. After hair transplantation, you may have permanent hair that can be created.


Fue Hair Transplantation

Fue hair transplantation is the best way to safely and effectively treat hair loss in the world. By cultivating hair follicles, healthy hair follicles in the occipital or other parts of the body can be transplanted into the hair loss area. After the transplanted hair follicles survive, you can grow new healthy hair. The new hair grows and trims like the original hair. It looks very natural, so the effect is very good.

How Does Treat Hair Loss?

People with hair loss, baldness, or less hair can now usually use hair transplant surgery to complete hair implants. What are the prerequisites for hair transplant surgery?

The average area of ​​the human scalp is 500 square centimeters. In the case of white people, there are about 200 hairs per square centimeter, so each person has an average of about 100,000 hairs.

One-fourth of these hairs are permanently non-shedding hair, mainly distributed on the back occiput and on both sides of the head. The hair from these parts is transplanted to other parts, and the hair regenerated after transplantation will retain its original characteristics and will not fall off easily. In the short-term after the operation of the donor site, there will be obvious linear scars at the suture.

However, under the cover of the surrounding hair, it will not affect the overall beauty. After 2-3 months, the scar will naturally fade.

The front and the top of the head are relatively common. Therefore, the posterior occipital region and the hair follicles that are permanently detached from both sides can be transplanted to the anterior and top of the detachment.

The density of the hair after transplantation cannot be exactly the same as the density of the hair at the natural growth site. However, the area of ​​the posterior occiput and the scalp on both sides is generally four times the area of ​​the anterior and top scalp. By selecting the appropriate part for transplantation, the overall aesthetic effect can be achieved.

Method For Loss Treatment:

Fue hair transplantation is the best way to safely and effectively treat hair loss in the world. By hair skill, healthy hair follicles in the occipital or other parts of the body can be transplanted into the hair loss area. After the transplanted hair follicles survive, you can grow new healthy hair. The new hair grows and trims like the original hair. It looks very natural, so the effect is very good.

Fue Without Pre-Embedding Precautions:

1.Patients who use a hair restorer should stop using it one month before surger.

  1. Fue wash hair before shampooing the night before and in the morning.
  2. All vitamins and aspirin including vitamin e should be discontinued within one week before fue.
  3. Fue two days before the hair loss, do not take alcoholic beverages too much.
  4. Fue must be taken on the same day without hair loss. Please do not drive the vehicle or work at height after surgery.
  5. Fue has no need to eat a small amount of food on the same day.
  6. 7.fue before the hair is transplanted, if the patient has other medical history or is taking drugs, please inform the doctor in detail.

Hair Loss Treatment After Recovery:

The fue hair transplant part does not require special treatment and care, and the minimally invasive surgical method is used to extract the hair follicle, which is faster and more painless than the traditional scalp strip. No need to be hospitalized, no need to remove the line .

After three weeks of surgery, about 70% of the hair in the transplanted part begins to fall off, but the implanted hair follicle does not fall off. After 3-6 months, new hair will grow in the transplanted hair follicle. (in 3 to 4 months, 60% will grow. In 4 to 6 months, the remaining 40% will grow and grow at 1 cm/month.) After about 9 months, the desired effect will be achieved. .
when the hair begins to grow, it may be soft or curved. Over time, the hair will gradually thicken until it is the same as the donor.

Fue Without Post- Precautions:

  1. FUE Transplant Cost In Pakistan is very economical and without side Effects Hair loss treatment may have a feeling of drowsiness after surgery.
  2. After discharge, pay attention to rest; after the hair loss treatment, do not drive the vehicle or engage in aerial work. When sleeping, the pillow can be raised higher.
  3. Do not lift heavy objects or exercise vigorously within 5 days after hair loss treatment.
  4. After hair loss treatment, please follow the doctor’s advice and take medicine on time, which can reduce postoperative discomfort.
  5. Hair loss treatment after the operation, cold for 3-4 days with ice on the forehead to facilitate swelling.
  6. Patients who use wigs can continue to use after at least one week.
  7. The second day after the operation of hair loss treatment, please go to the center for postoperative examination.
  8. Hair loss treatment cannot be washed within four days after surgery. Shampoo can be used after four days, but the transplant site should not be overweight.
  9. The small sputum that grows at the transplant site will naturally fall off after 7-10 days of hair loss treatment, and must not be removed by hand.
  10. Within 4 days after hair loss treatment, it is best not to exercise. After four days, you can do a slight exercise; after ten days, you can increase the amount of exercise slightly; but for at least three weeks, you cannot perform a vigorous body collision.

Learn About Hair Transplant From Current Patients

The ability and technique of the surgeon’s hair restoration vary widely, as does their results.

The hair transplant operation can restore your natural hair that grows throughout life.

When this is done right, the result is so natural that even a stylist cannot reveal it.

Today, hair transplant surgery is a one-day procedure the patient only requires local anesthesia. Most patients are astonished at how little or no discomfort they may have during or after surgery.

This site will help you learn how to become a hair transplant, the procedure is more advanced and more natural and which doctors all over the world perform through prominent surgery for hair restoration.

Who is the candidate:

Most people who are with a can benefit from medical hair transplant. Women can benefit from the hair restoration operation if they are with a in concentrated areas similar to the classic model of men’s squamous cells.

However, some people are good candidates for medical hair transplant or than others and will achieve the most dramatic results of hair restoration. In two male patients, the hair transplant shown below illustrates how some patients depending on their hair characteristics can achieve a dramatic improvement with fewer grafts.

Note that the man on the left has only adopted 1,860 grays to reach the fullest view that the man on the right made 2995 grafts.

Different patients achieve different results in the end:

This section will help you learn what you can really achieve with hair transplant surgery. It is important to have realistic expectations and find a trained hair restorer who can meet or exceed your expectations.

Surgery for hair transplant is primarily a matter of demand and supply:


The results that can be achieved by surgery for medical hair transplant are determined by hair skill. But the critical variable is really a matter of demand and supply.

The hair supply will be as much as the donor-resistant donkey area you have on the back and side of the head (ie how many follicles can be obtained from this area without revealing it). The application is decided by how many bald areas (cells) you want to cover and at what degree of filling. To estimate the number of grafts you may need to use graft calculator.

Consult your doctor for hair skill:


To plan a medical consultation to evaluate your options, contact a qualified hair transplant in lahore. An experienced doctor on medical hair transplant will offer a professional assessment and a plan for medical hair transplant (not surgical and / or surgical), as well as a total cost estimate.

Your cell rate (bald), now and in the future, determines the possibilities of restoring your hair’s medical attention.

Hair transplants have evolved dramatically over the past decade. Today, when done right, it is a very refined ambulatory procedure that produces full and natural results.

Choosing the right procedure for hair transplant and doctor is absolutely critical:


When done correctly, even your hair stylist will not reveal that you have had hair transplants. But it is absolutely critical the procedure and the clinical hair transplant you choose, where most surgeons who do hair transplant today are still using old procedures.

This site is directed and committed to providing you with the information and tools you need to avoid traps and achieve great results.


The best hair transplantation procedure – easy for the patient, but difficult for the staff:


The reason why only a minority of hair transplant surgeons really do the hair condition in art is really because the most advanced procedures and techniques require the staff very high levels of skills, experience and long time work.

To achieve this high level of quality of a clinic usually needs a large and well-trained staff that is devoted exclusively to making the hair transplant. However, clinical hair transplant should be able to provide the patient with naturalness and potential fullness in just one surgical session, quick recovery, and optimal use of their hair limited by donor areas. However, many clinics are not willing to devote time and resources to developing this optimal ability.

The procedure that is best for the patient:


Nowadays, follicular unit optimization allows the patient to achieve very natural results because it recreates and mimics the natural hair growth of the person, hair follicle.

Follicular Hair Transplant In Karachi is the first ever standard hair transplant procedure performed by many of today’s surgeons.

To understand why the results of this hair transplant procedure seem so natural, you must first understand how hair actually grows ,

As hair grows naturally in the scalp:


If you look closely at natural growing hair using the magnifying glass you will see that the hair actually grows in the clusters of one, two, three and four hairs.

These natural hair groups grow in irregular patterns on the scalp similar to the way the grass grows on a lawn. These clusters are technically referred to as hair skill.

The results of hair transplantation come from the nature of copying, hair for hair (hairs for hair):


Carefully shifting follicular units prepared in flood-resistant and back-to-back areas, doctors transplant these follicular by creating a natural hair pattern in empty areas (cells) for and better result visit Best Fue Cost In Pakistan.

To do this properly is a process that takes a lot of time. It requires a medical team of highly qualified and meticulous technicians working closely with the leading hair transplant doctor.

Advantages of hair transplantation with follicular on standard procedures:


Carefully prepare the follicular graft that contains the minimum of excess tissue of the scalp and are very small, compact structures. As a result, the graft adapts to very small crops that produce very little head trauma.

The use of smaller grafts, with less invasive cut, allows a large number of grafts to be transplanted into one session. In addition, small grafts can be placed together close to each other.

Careful reduction of donor tissue by the use of microscopes can produce more graphs


With the careful reduction of donor tissue in the naturally occurring follicles under enlargement (using microscopes), the maximum number of grafts intact and unharmed by certain quantities of donor tissue have been produced. And since the donor tissue in the patient is limited, this allows the patient to ultimately achieve the full coverage of the tulle space (cell).


Follicular Hair Transplant – Step by Step:


Below step by step is demonstrated today’s procedures on the art of hair transplant with commonly performed follicular hair follicles.

Today hair transplant surgery is a one-day procedure-the patient is only given local anesthesia. Most patients are astonished at how little or no discomfort, if any, appear during and after surgery. Many patients can watch TV or take a nap during the hair transplant procedure.


FUE Transplant Cost in Pakistan

The technique of follicular extractions or FUE hair transplant is a recent technique of hair sampling used to correct some androgenetic alopecia. The Specialized doctors in FUE hair transplant cost in Pakistan have used numerous methods in proving the desired results.

What is the origin of the hair transplant technique by FUE?

The hair transplantation used for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia was born in the Year 2000.
The first hair transplant procedures described by Norman Orentreich made it possible to add cylindrical grafts taken directly from the occipital hair region to the bare areas using a 4 mm diameter punch.

In the 90s, a new technique of hair transplantation appeared thanks to the FUT (follicular unit transplantation). This consisted of taking a band of scalp from the occipital region and then cutting it under a microscope with capillary grafts.

This process has made it possible to individualize each hair transplant in follicular unit thus giving a much more natural result.

In the year 2000 a new sampling method was described, “FOX PROCEDURE” or more commonly known as FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant. This process quickly seduces by its minimally invasive nature and by the absence of postoperative pain.

What is the principle of the technique of follicular extractions?

The FUE technique consists of sampling, with the aid of a punch (0.8 to 0.9 mm), in the occipital and temporal donor area, follicular units in order to transplant them directly into the bald region to be treated. . Although the quality of follicular sampling is directly dependent operator, the improvements in instrumentation have made it possible to increase the rate of removal of hair transplants and significantly reduce the loss of follicular units.

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