Why does hair loss after chemotherapy?

Why does hair loss after chemotherapy?


Many drugs can damage hair, suppressants, chemotherapy drugs, arsenic and other drugs can cause hair loss.

Chemotherapy drugs can prevent the proliferation, infiltration, and metastasis of cancer cells at different stages of cancer cell growth, but the current chemotherapy drugs are not ideal.

While chemotherapeutic drugs kill cancer cells, any cells that grow faster and faster than cancer cells are rapidly damaged by chemotherapy drugs. This is the case with scalp cells, and about 90% of hair will fall off. It will grow when chemotherapy stops.

After the hair follicle cells that dominate the hair growth are damaged, the scalp, face, limbs, underarms and genitals, etc., cause the hair of different parts to fall off to different extents.

According to the World Health Organization’s anti-cancer drug acute and subacute toxicity grading standards, chemotherapy-induced hair loss can be divided into five grades.

0 degrees (no abnormality)

Once (mild hair loss)

Second degree (severe, plaque alopecia)

Third degree (complete hair loss, renewable)

Four degrees (complete hair loss, non-renewable)

How long does chemotherapy take off hair?

In chemotherapy, the more serious the U-turn will not start from the beginning, the hair may become thinner and then fall off, or it may be a large piece of hair falling off, and the remaining hair is also dull and dry, usually at the beginning of chemotherapy. About 2 weeks, then the more you fall off within two months.

How long does it take for chemotherapy to lose hair?


Hair loss is a temporary phenomenon, don’t worry. This hair loss is reversible, just like a beard, it will grow out when it is scraped. After the end of chemotherapy, the hair follicles damaged after the drug was stopped gradually returned to normal, and gradually grew out in 1-2 months. After half a year or a year, the hair returned to its original state.

Prevention of chemotherapy hair loss


Psychological care health education

Emotion is one of the important causes of hair loss. For patients, the fear of illness, the anxiety of surgery, and the loss of future life. Causes depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, endocrine disorders. The contraction of the scalp hair follicle causes hair loss.

Knowledge of the disease, communication with doctors, and more knowledge about breast cancer. Breast cancer is currently a disease with a very high survival rate among all malignant tumors. More patients with tumors survive for 20 years, 30 years, and breast cancer will become a chronic disease in the future, like high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes.

Daily care of the head


Massage the scalp; often massage the scalp to improve the blood circulation of hair follicles and promote hair growth

Protect the scalp: After the scalp is exposed, it is easy to be stimulated and damaged. Try to protect the scalp with a hat and a scarf, and do not touch the cold and cold weather. Care for your hair, use a soft shampoo containing protein, and use a soft comb to avoid violent hair combing.

Wearing an ice cap


Wearing sick cats during chemotherapy, reducing chemotherapy on the scalp

Stimulation, however, there is a theory that chemotherapy with ice caps is not conducive to the effective distribution of chemotherapy drugs in the head, increasing the chance of brain metastasis.

Traditional Herbal medicine


Herbal medicine believes that “the hair is left in the blood”, with the medicated diet to supplement the nourishing blood, it has a certain effect.

American ginseng white fungus, yellow scorpion stewed duck, olive  soup, fig stew, yam lotus root soup.

Advances in medical research on chemotherapy hair loss

At present, there are already chemotherapy drugs that do not produce hair loss, but they are expensive and cannot be taken care of by ordinary patients.

Chemotherapy varies from person to person and each individualizes the program you can contact our Best Hair Transplant Surgeon In Pakistan, so all patients are suitable for the application.

Breast cancer must not be the cause of the disease, but the result of the disease. The real reason is that the gene mutation of the human body’s own cells, rather than the removal of cancerous tumor tissue, can solve the problem. After the operation, the chemotherapy drug can make up for the etiological problem that cannot be solved by the operation.

Causes of Hair Color Change

Causes of Hair Color Change


Under normal circumstances, white hair will grow after 40 years old. This is because with the increase of age, the essence of the kidney is gradually attenuated, the liver is not enough, and the hair can not be raised, and white hair will appear. This is a natural phenomenon and does not require treatment.

However, if the hair becomes white for a sudden period of time, it is mostly caused by the disorder of the air in the body. At this time, the treatment for the cause, often the white hair can be blackened again.

1. Young and Middle-aged People


Young and old, even young white hair, said that he was less white-headed. There are many reasons for acquired whiteheads: malnutrition, such as lack of protein, vitamins, etc., as well as anxiety and nervousness will make the hair white, and thyroid dysfunction can also cause gray hair.


2, Yellow Brown or Light Yellow


Hypothyroidism, high malnutrition, severe iron deficiency anemia and major illness, resulting in a decrease in melanin in the body, the lack of basic substances in black hair, black hair gradually turned yellow brown or light yellow.


3, Caused by a Disease


In the case of systemic scleroderma, the hair will not only turn yellow when it is systemic lupus erythematosus,if you have any disease and you lose and change your color continuously your hair Hair Transplant In Peshawar  is best for you.


4, Hair Thinning and more Sallow


Children’s hair is sparse and sallow, because of the congenital deficiency of development, but also accompanied by sitting, standing, walking, talking, teeth and so on.

5, Hair Yellow


Adolescent girls with yellow hair may be due to calcium deficiency. Calcium deficiency during puberty is mainly characterized by night sweats, that is, sweating while sleeping; less hair, dull, yellowed; cramps in the calf (gastrocnemius) at night.

6, Alopecia Areata and Hair Sparse Problems


The main reaction is the problem of kidney deficiency and kidney deficiency.The kidney of Herbal medicine refers to the urinary system and the reproductive system. It is the kidney of the kidney. It is the external manifestation of the kidney. It has a black and shiny hair, indicating that the kidney is very full, and the kidney is a congenital one. It can warm other organs and meridians. So the child’s hair is very good and there is no problem with dandruff.


Male Hair Loss

Male hair Loss:


Among the patients suffering from hair loss, males account for the majority. Herbal medicine believes that the blood is homologous, and men’s hair loss is related to kidney essence. If baldness occurs prematurely, it is mostly caused by excessive mental stress. Therefore, you should always maintain a good mood and pay attention to reduce stress.

Old-age hair loss: Most of the elderly hair loss is a normal physiological development law, but if it is too serious, it may be caused by qi and blood deficiency, usually tend to make liver and kidney.

For the hair loss group, the kidney weak, the white hair yellow hair crowd, the valley raw will be black beans, glutinous rice, black rice, black sesame, yam, millet, walnut, seven kinds of grains and grains, through the scientific proportion match Walnut sesame black bean powder, edible is more conducive to the body’s absorption, does not contain any sugar and additives, retains the original flavor of the grain, easy to eat.

The British “Daily Mail” published the latest article by British hair science expert Philip Kingsley, advising the public that perm, hair dye and hairdressing will cause hair to become brittle and dry, and even cause irreversible damage.

In addition, hair changes directly reflect the internal health of the human body. Hair loss, dryness, fragility, split ends, and thinning of hair are all signs of health problems.



The body needs iron to help build red blood cells

The body needs iron to help generate red blood cells to deliver oxygen to the body. Iron deficiency can lead to anemia, red blood cells are reduced, blood oxygen levels in the scalp are also reduced, and the hair follicles are in a state of hunger and hunger, eventually causing the hair to slowly fall off and the scalp to appear more and more.

Experts say that iron supplementation can help to improve the symptoms of anemia. Lack of vitamin C, intake of caffeine or alcoholic beverages are not conducive to iron absorption. It is recommended to drink juice and eat iron-rich foods to restore hair growth.


2, Eating Disorders


Reducing food intake can lead to a decrease in blood flow to the scalp, which in turn affects the normal growth of the hair. In severe cases, it can cause the hair to lose its luster or even fall off. Experts say that hair loss is rarely permanent, but maintaining a balanced diet and eating more protein is critical to preventing hair loss.

Hair is made up of protein. When the hair follicle protein is at its lowest value, it is especially important to take more protein (especially breakfast). In addition, the diet should be rich in vitamins (especially B vitamins), zinc and important fatty acids.

3. Polycystic ovary syndrome


Men with  ovary syndrome are caused by high androgen, and the symptoms of hair thinning occur on the forehead and the top of the head. Most of this happens in patients with a family history of hair loss.

The health expert said that the patient had a hair loss on his head, but his face and body hair would grow wild. Drugs that reduce androgen and scalp massage that promote blood flow help the patient’s hair grow again.

4, Thyroid Disease


The first symptom of thyroid dysfunction is hair loss. Excessive or too little thyroid hormone can affect metabolism and normal hair growth. Since all hair follicles are affected, hair loss is not a local phenomenon.

Experts say that drugs and other treatments can help alleviate the disease. In order to restore the hair as it is, it is best to take more protein and make a head massage every morning.

5, Pressure Syndrome


Stress will cause Huafa to live early. When the pressure is high, the body releases a variety of hormones, which will affect the absorption of B vitamins and affect hair pigmentation. Stress syndrome can lead to alopecia – the body’s immune system mistakenly attacks the scalp cells, causing large pieces of hair to fall off. Psychological relaxation and taking multivitamin B can improve the problem of early gray hair.

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How do short hair grow? What hair to eat grows fast Core Tip 2019

How do short hair grow fast? What hair to eat grows fast


Core Tip: Some people cut their hair shortly, cut it and then regret it, and don’t want to connect it. What should I do? In fact, the food supplement can also make the hair grow faster. Because it increases the nutrition of the hair, it naturally makes the hair look better. What can you eat to make your hair grow faster?

Some people cut their hair shortly, cut it and then regret it, and didn’t want to connect it. What should I do? In fact, the food supplement can also make the hair grow faster. Because it increases the nutrition of the hair, it naturally makes the hair look better. What can you eat to make your hair grow faster?

1, Dark green Vegetables


Spinach is the first choice. If you don’t like spinach, then broccoli and chard (one of beets) are also a good choice. The best source of vitamin A and vitamin C in spinach, these two vitamins are essential ingredients for collective synthetic fat, while the oil secreted by hair follicles is a natural conditioner.


2, Beans


Beans, such as cowpeas and lentils, are an important part of a healthy hair diet. Not only do they provide a rich protein that promotes hair growth, but they are also rich in iron, zinc and biotin, which are deficient in hair.


3, Walnut


Walnuts contain alpha fatty acids and are a type of W-3 fatty acid that helps to care for the hair. At the same time, walnuts are also rich in zinc. Cashews, hickory, and almonds are also rich in zinc. Zinc deficiency makes the hair easy to fork and fall off, so the healthy hair recipe must include nuts.


4, Poultry


Chicken, including the rich protein of turkey, can help you get the health benefits you want. Lack of enough protein, or low-quality protein, can split the hair; severe protein deficiency can cause hair color changes. Poultry also provides iron, and the protein of poultry is a high-quality protein that can be effectively absorbed by the body.


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Grow Hair Fast Methods in one Week 2019

Fast hair in a week, something you can easily ignore
For whatever reason, if you want your hair to grow fast. Try to nourish your hair with a care product, such as using a warm oil to massage the scalp and adjust the usual hair care method to avoid stress on your hair. These can make hair grow in a short period of time.
Many people will feel ugly after cutting their hair. At this time, they hope that the hair will grow up quickly and cover the ugly hairstyle. Of course, some friends have thin hair or are in the period of slowly losing hair, they want to keep their hair. Then when we see other people’s black hair, we don’t have to envy, the hairstyle is ugly and don’t worry, the following methods will definitely help you. Usually we can also eat more food that is helpful for hair growth.

1. Do more massage


When we usually wash our hair, we can do some massage at the same time. First hit a basin of hot water, the temperature is about the temperature that the scalp can withstand, to prevent burns on the hair, then first wet the hair with warm water, let the scalp adapt to the temperature of the water, then lower the head and bury the head in warm water In the basin, let the scalp thoroughly feel the temperature of the water. At this time, you can massage the scalp by hand in the water. When paying attention, the time should not be too long. It can be ten minutes.

2. Protect the hair mask


The human body is very fragile, and every place needs protection, and the hair is the same. The method of protecting hair follicles is to use a protective film for external use. The hair mask can be made by itself or purchased at a pharmacy to stimulate the growth of hair follicles. After washing our hair, we apply a protective film to protect the hair, and apply a film on the surface of the hair. This method is the same as massage and does not need to be used frequently.

3. Wash With Apple Cider Vinegar


Many people know that apple cider vinegar has a good weight loss effect, it can effectively remove excess fat from the body. In fact, it has a lot of effects, one of which is to completely remove the dust of the hair and most of the scalp oil, while also cleaning the shampoo residue. If you want to have a quick effect, you can wash your hair directly with apple cider vinegar instead of other shampoo products. After each wash, the head will leave a heavy vinegar smell, you can use more water several times.

4. Develop Good Habits


The most needed for the human body is the balance of nutrition. Which kind of nutrients are too much or too little, it is easy for the body to have various problems, and you can’t choose which one you prefer when you eat. To get your hair grow quickly, you need to eat something high in protein. At the same time, sleep is also a good way to protect your hair. Many people with insomnia usually lose their hair, but people with adequate sleep do not.

5. Multi-comb hair


From the hair on our shoulders, we can see that our hair is also hair loss under normal conditions, so we can see that our hair is also metabolized very quickly, not only because of illness or other reasons. When we comb in our life, we can effectively remove some of the hair that has fallen off automatically, preventing these useless hair from hindering the growth of new hair. After combing it, it can make the hair more clean and help the hair to grow.

Everyone knows that prevention is a better treatment, but few people can really do it, so we usually need more protection for the hair, and try to do less things that hurt the hair. If you want to make your hair grow quickly, you must pay attention to your normal sleep and diet. Most of our body functions are based on eating and sleeping. People who want to grow their hair should pay attention.

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One Week of Care and Attention to Living Habits can Improve your Hair Growth

One Week of Care and Attention to Living Habits can Improve your Hair Growth

1 amazing way not to sleep

Is it a very innovative method?? But if you shorten your sleep time, your hair will grow.This is heard from the beautician. People’s hair seems to grow more easily when they are awake.Therefore, shortening the sleep time, if you are awake for a long time, your hair will grow!

Is there a person who shortens sleep time in order to make hair grow easily?

That is precisely because of this principle.

Only everyone has a difference. Depending on the situation of each person, some people sleep at the regular prime time of 22:00?2:00 to make hair grow more easily.

Refer to your normal sleep time, if you try it, you may have a good effect.

2 Scalp Massage

Let the blood run well

If the blood of the scalp works well, not only will the hair grow, but also prevent hair from being sparse or hair loss, or even prevent the face from sagging?

Therefore, it is recommended that everyone develop a habit of doing scalp massage every day.

The scalp massage is to press the circle with the fingertips in a circle.

I think a lot of people have been massaged by a beautician’s scalp~

It is better to fix your thumb in the temple and massage your four fingers in the way of climbing from bottom to top.

3 Eat Foods with High Zinc Content.

The main component of hair is “keratin”, which is made of zinc.

Therefore, if you eat more food with high zinc content, it will make your hair grow faster.

Foods high in zinc are like oysters, scallops or liver.

Nut foods are like cashews and almonds.

Nut foods are good for weight control, so it is highly recommended to use nut food as a snack.

In addition, zinc can also be supplemented by nutritional supplements.

If you don’t like these ingredients, people who have difficulty eating these foods in large quantities can try to rely on nutritional supplements.

4 Blow Dry Hair With Cold Air

In order to make your hair grow faster, you should pay special attention to the method of drying your hair.

The hot air of the hair dryer will make the hair dry, and the sweat and sebum will also be generated from the hair roots, causing damage to the hair.

Therefore, cold air and hot air are used interchangeably, or try to dry the hair with only cold air

In addition, it is not blown to the semi-dry but is actually blown dry. Be careful not to damage the hair. It is also very important.

When you just take a shower, it is also the key to dry your hair with a towel.


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6 Kinds of Vitamins Promote Hair Growth

6 Kinds of Vitamins Promote Hair Growth

Generally speaking, it is very normal for a person’s hair to fall off naturally every day in his life. However, if it is a long-term abnormal hair loss, it may affect self-esteem and have a significant impact on self-perception.

You may find some over-the-counter medications to relieve hair loss, but this is not an essential response because these drugs do not address the underlying cause of hair loss.
So in order to prevent hair loss, it is recommended that you improve from the inside out by adding some vitamins and minerals to your food.
Specifically, which vitamins and minerals are effective in preventing hair loss:

Vitamin C


Vitamin C helps to improve the immune system, prevent colds and flu, and also helps keep hair strong and soft. Vitamin C is a high antioxidant. Vitamin C can eliminate free radicals, reduce the vulnerability of free radicals to hair, and damage to hair follicles. Also, vitamin C increases the body’s collagen, which improves hair health. You can get more vitamin C by eating strawberries, oranges, kiwis, broccoli, kale and sweet peppers, so VC is the first nutrient in your hair loss prevention program.

Vitamin B5


Vitamin B5, also known as pantothenic acid, combines with other nutrients to rebuild individual hair shafts, hair dryers or heated dryers, frequent shampoos or sun exposure. Vitamin B5 protects your adrenal glands and helps increase hair growth. Eggs in the diet, avocado, potatoes, beef, chicken, nuts and beans, you can supplement the vitamin B5 you need, so vitamin B5 is the second nutrient in your hair loss prevention program.
Vitamin A

Vitamin A is the third nutrient in your hair loss prevention program. It can help your hair follicles achieve optimal levels by regulating retinoic acid, keeping your scalp moisturized and preventing dandruff from falling off. When vitamin A levels are low, you may notice that your scalp feels itchy and looks more fragile than usual. To help keep your hair healthy, according to some foreign fitness magazines, you can try to add cereals, spinach, carrots, mangoes, kidney beans and eggs to your diet to get the vitamin A you need.

Vitamin H


This is a vitamin that people don’t know. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, vitamin H, also known as biotin, helps your body use the protein and fat you eat. Vitamin H is used in combination with other nutrients such as vitamin B to improve hair quality in hair follicles and to strengthen individual hair. Vitamin H can be obtained by eating more eggs, sardines, nuts, beans, bananas, broccoli, and mushrooms.

Vitamin D


Many people may know that the sun can supplement vitamin D. In fact, sunburn can also help to improve the condition of hair loss. According to the foreign health blog Bembu, only 15 minutes of sunshine a day can help your body synthesize vitamin D, which helps Support your hair follicles and promote hair growth. If you want to avoid sun exposure, you can try adding eggs, mushrooms, salmon and milk to your diet, which helps to reduce the sun’s damage to the Eucharist.



Studies conducted by the Tehran Institute of Medical Sciences have shown a strong link between iron deficiency and hair loss. In the study, eight out of nine women with iron deficiency anemia also had certain types of hair loss. Although not everyone has iron deficiency anemia, you can ensure that you get enough iron in your diet by eating more spinach, egg yolk, beef and black beans.

Finally, if you have a fast pace of life and often forget about food supplements, then it is recommended to use some high-end health supplements, recommend:

Rich in vitamins, zinc, iron, hydrogen, etc., with precious argan oil, it stimulates hair growth and improves hair quality, making hair healthy, strong and shiny. Vitamin B, C, folic acid and calcium are important elements in the prevention of psychoneurosis. They help to improve the lateral or longitudinal ridges of the nail surface, repair rough, dull and damaged nails, and make the nails healthy and shiny. Hydrolyzed collagen to make skin tender and Q-like, not long wrinkles; natural vitamins, no white spots, promote collagen synthesis; multiple nutrition makes skin glow natural radiance

Causes of hair loss and Common Hair Growth Methods

Causes of hair loss and Common Hair Growth Methods

The population of hair loss is now a lot more than before, especially the age is gradually younger. Many people are questioning what is the cause of hair loss. Why do you suddenly lose hair? Why do people stay up all night without problems? Hair is gone! In the face of a lot of friends, in order to solve everyone’s doubts, and in order to let everyone clearly understand the reasons for their hair loss, I made a summary of the causes of hair loss and common hair loss treatment methods, I hope to help everyone, Of course, it is a family statement. There must be personal color and one-side. I hope everyone can discuss it with me!

First of all, let’s talk about the growth cycle of hair. Under normal circumstances, a hair grows out from the beginning to the natural, and it has to go through three stages: growth period, degeneration period and rest period! The time of each of these three stages of hair is also different, some may have more than ten years, some are only a few months, so the average life of hair is about 3 years! Therefore, normal people will lose their hair every day. A normal person may have a hair volume of about 10. Therefore, it is normal to find hair loss within 100 roots every day. There will be new hair growth, so everyone is prone to hair loss. In the season, I found that my hair has gone too far, and don’t panic!

Of course, the above is just a theoretical data, not suitable for all people, some people may have a natural amount of sparseness. Some people don’t lose a lot of hair every day, but in the long run, they don’t have new hair, but hair is also Gradually sparse, and the hair is gradually soft, hair follicles become shrinking, this is also a phenomenon of hair loss, so everyone judges whether they are hair loss, from three aspects to judge!

1: Do your own pull test, watch yourself if the hair follicle is fragile, easy to send hair

2: Daily hair loss, if it is within 50 roots per day, it is normal hair loss. If it is in seven or eighty, it means that the hair loss is slightly more. If it is above 100, it is more serious, and it is hair loss for a long time.

3: Pay attention to your own new situation. If the new one is slow, or if you don’t send a new hair after the hair loss, you must be alert! Also pay attention to whether your hair gradually becomes yellow and soft, and the hair is fragile. These are caused by hair follicle atrophy. If these symptoms are present, it may be hair loss.

Therefore, it is not necessarily hair loss to lose hair, but it is very vigilant to lose hair, and it is king before it is prevented!
Then start the topic and summarize the reasons for frequent hair loss (baby, elderly hair loss is not in the scope of discussion)

Common Types of Hair Loss and Causes of Hair Loss


(1) Seborrheic alopecia:


In fact, strictly speaking, there is no hair loss hair loss, which is named after hair loss. Only 80% of people have hair loss accompanied by excessive oil in the scalp. Therefore, people often call this hair loss with hair loss symptoms caused by excessive oil spillage. It is seborrheic alopecia!

In fact, common hair loss such as hereditary alopecia (androgen-derived hair loss), endocrine disorders and hair loss, etc. may be seborrheic alopecia! This type of hair loss starts from the top of the head or the forehead and gradually spreads around until it is completely bald! Some people in this process will lose hair quickly. In just a few years or even months, there will be no hair! Some people will be slower, not much hair loss every day, but the new hair rarely grows, the original black and thick hair, gradually become yellow and soft (the cause of hair follicle atrophy), the hair is slowly sparse, until more than ten years later bald!

In addition, many people think that hair loss is caused by excessive scalp oil clogging pores. In fact, there is no specific scientific evidence for this statement, because many people also have a lot of oil, but they don’t lose hair! Of course, excessive head oil will indirectly aggravate hair loss! For example, the summer scalp is easy to produce oil, and this season is also easy to lose hair.
Others feel that hereditary hair loss, that is, male hormones that cause males to cause excessive secretion of scalp oil, there is no definite evidence!


Exuberant sebum secretion is just a concomitant symptom of hereditary hair loss!

Male hormones are related to the genes of the human body, most of which are caused by heredity. Of course, if you stay up late or have too many bad behaviors, it will lead to male sex. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not stay up late and do not have too many bad things. behavior! Now medical treatment proves that androgenetic alopecia is related to the imbalance of hormone balance in the body. The male hormone in the human body destroys the hair follicles of DHT, causing the hair follicle to be damaged and alopecia. However, there are still many questions that have not been clarified during this period, such as the mechanism of Minor’s promotion of hair growth! There is also the use of control scalp oil, Herbal medicine smear can also promote hair growth, in short, for the seborrheic alopecia, the current medical methods are still exploring the research to quit, but also many problems are not understood!

Alopecia Areata:

In addition to the above-mentioned seborrheic alopecia, alopecia areata is also a very common alopecia disease. Alopecia areata is a neurological alopecia. The pathology of the current disease is still under study. It is not completely understood, but the alopecia areata nerve has a great relationship! Spotted bald vulgar is called ‘ghost shaved head’, and the hair in the head area is suddenly falling off. The hair area of ​​the hair loss area is smooth and no hair! Alopecia areata is very affective to the image, but alopecia areata can restore hair loss. Even if it is not treated, new hair will grow slowly in a few months, and become thicker and harder over time!a

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Advanced Hair transplant Technology

Advanced Hair Transplant Technology

In addition to the factors of the friends themselves, in fact, the hair is mainly to look at the professionalism of the hair transplanting institution and the perfection of technology. As early as ten or twenty years ago, if you do a hair transplant, you will use the FUT technique. This kind of technology will not only leave scars after hair transplantation, but also damage the hair follicles. Come to serious sequel. So now this technology has been eliminated, most of the use of FUE technology, without the need for surgery, dispersion extraction of hair follicles, implant surgery into minimally invasive surgery. And now the hair transplant technology can not only improve the image problem caused by hair loss, but also encrypt the hair, let our hair return to the original.

Professional hair Transplant Doctor


Best Hair Transplant Surgeon In Pakistan With advanced technology, you must also have a professional doctor. A good professional doctor can achieve a good surgery. Because during the hair transplant process, whether it is the extraction of hair follicles or the direction of the late hair follicles, it has a great impact on our surgical results. This requires an experienced professional doctor to ensure the success of our surgery.

Perfect Post-operative Care


Postoperative care requires our friends and our hair transplant agencies to decide. We will find that the frequency of a word in the service industry is quite high now, that is, returning to visit. In fact, this word is also very important in the service of the hair transplant industry. Because during your weekly return visit or monthly return visit, you can track the recovery status of your friends and remind them of postoperative care during this time, such as not drinking alcohol or eating seafood after surgery. What time of the week can wash your hair, how to wash, how to go to bloody, etc. These things seem to be small but affect the recovery of postpartum. So this thing also needs to be friends to cooperate.
Whether hair transplant surgery can be successful depends mainly on the perfect cooperation between our friends and hair transplanting organizations and hair transplant doctors, but more importantly, it depends on whether the hair transplanting institution is regular and whether the doctor is professional. So hair transplant is not a simple matter.
Now everyone knows where the mystery of hair transplant success is? If you are entangled in which hair transplant institution you are choosing, or if you are worried about hair loss, you can always go to my homepage and give me a private message!

Is the continuous growth of hair related to hair follicles

Is the continuous growth of hair related to hair follicles?

Everyone will lose hair. But the point is that after someone loses their hair, the hair doesn’t grow out. If the hair doesn’t fall too long, then it will definitely lose hair after a long time. “Down” is not a big problem, and “not long” is the key to the problem.

1 Hair can not continue to grow, the key to see the hair follicle

In previous articles, Leysin focused on the importance of hair follicles. There is a tiny organ in the human skin called the hair follicle. The main function of the hair follicle is to synthesize the hair of the human body. The hair follicle can synthesize the keratin protein into the trunk of the hair. At the bottom of the hair follicle, the epidermal cells continuously divide and differentiate to form different parts of the hair (such as cortex, epidermis and medulla).

2 What causes the hair follicle function to degenerate?


There are also two cases of hair follicle function degradation, one is permanent degradation and the other is temporary deterioration. As the name implies, permanent degeneration of hair follicles, hair is almost impossible to regenerate; temporary deterioration is that hair follicles are stimulated in a specific environment and will soon recover.
Permanent hair follicle degradation

Permanent hair loss, as the name suggests, is permanent hair loss, and hair will never grow. Human hair is made up of hair follicles, and each hair follicle is a separate hair production workshop. Even if your hair is lost or broken, it will not affect the hair follicles to continue to synthesize hair. As long as the hair follicles are healthy, the new hair will begin to grow immediately after the hair is lost.
In general, the self-protection ability of hair follicles is still very strong. It is deeply embedded in the dermis layer, and the general injury will not threaten its safety for the time being. Even if it is pulled or lost, it will not cause serious hair follicle damage. If the hair follicles die, there are generally some reasons below:


DHT is an important cause of male hair loss. The male hormone (testosterone) in the human body produces DHT (dihydrotestosterone) in its own metabolism. DHT inhibits the activity of the hair follicle and makes the hair thin and soft. DHT does not kill the hair follicle directly, but it attacks the hair follicle every moment, gradually shrinking the hair follicle until it finally loses its ability to germinate. Male male hair loss is also from thinning, reducing to the last large area of ​​hair loss, forming baldness.


Folliculitis is caused by a bacterial infection. More serious folliculitis, bacteria have been massively into the hair follicle, which may lead to permanent death of the hair follicle. The jaundice, black sputum and purulent sputum caused by the fungus are quite serious if they occur on the scalp and must be treated as soon as possible.

Temporary hair Follicle Degeneration


The second case is the temporary degeneration of hair follicles. This condition is usually caused by temporary stimulation of the hair follicles. As a result, the hair loss is very serious for a period of time, but the overall hair volume is normal, because the recovery is also very fast.

The causes of temporary hair follicle degeneration are diverse, and several of the most common ones are listed –

In an shampooing and hair raising process, an overly alkaline environment can cause hair follicles to be stimulated.

Staying up late, fatigue can lead to endocrine disorders, stimulating hair follicles

Mental stress can cause hair in the growing season to suddenly enter a rest period

Negative emotions such as fear, sadness, depression, etc. can also cause stress response in hair follicles
Sparse and soft

Hair is thin and soft, but the hair is still growing


The hair is soft, indicating that the hair follicle is actually built, and it is still useful at this time. Minoxidil activates hair follicle function, and Mideastern inhibits DHT concentration, which is currently the most effective treatment for hair loss. In addition to drugs, massage, combing, multi-grain porridge and other methods can also regulate the internal balance and promote hair growth. In short, you should treat it as soon as possible, and the effect is good.

Large Area Hair Loss

Large area hair loss, baldness, smooth scalp closure

At this time, the effect of the medication is not great, because the hair follicles have basically died. The only effective way is to use artificial hair transplantation technology to make artificial pores with surgical instruments, transplant high-quality hair follicles to the hair loss area, and achieve hair regeneration in the hair loss area. As for the effect of hair transplant, many people may have known that will give you a look at the effects of several recent cases in our hospital.

Source: Hair Transplant In Pakistan