How to Promote the Natural Growth of Hair

How to promote the natural growth of hair?
There are few hairs, and each time you wash your hair, you will lose a lot. What should I do? Is there any way to promote hair growth? In fact, more massage of the scalp, hairdressing at a suitable time has a certain effect on the growth of hair, but uf your hair growth stop Hair Transplant In Karachi  is best for treatment they suggest what you eating more hair food is also very necessary for your hair.

5 Small Tricks for Natural Hair Growth


Hair problems such as hair lice, hair loss, and hair loss often plague us. Here are some tips for you to have a natural and hairy hair to help you have a thick and healthy hair.


Scalp Massage


Massage the scalp can effectively stimulate the hair roots of the scalp, accelerate the blood circulation of the hair follicles, and promote hair growth. First make a hair mask, then massage your scalp with your fingers, so that the scalp can better absorb the essence of the hair mask, and the hair care effect is better.

Beer Yeast Therapy


Beer yeast is rich in vitamin B, so the consumption of beer yeast can supplement the body with a large amount of vitamin B, and at the same time has the effect of accelerating cell metabolism and promoting scalp repair. However, it should be noted that the brewer’s yeast therapy can be used for up to 3 months and is not suitable for people with gluten intolerance, fungal diseases and digestive problems.

Onion Therapy


Add a spoonful of honey to the onion juice and then apply it to the scalp to promote blood circulation and accelerate hair growth. The reason why onion juice works is because the onion bulb is rich in sulfur, so it can effectively stimulate collagen generation. As long as you are not sensitive to the smell of onions, you can try this unique but effective hair trove.

Castor Oil Therapy


Castor oil is rich in vitamin E and is commonly used to promote the growth of eyelashes and hair. When using castor oil, you can use castor oil directly as a hair mask, then wash it with shampoo. You can also mix castor oil with plant essential oils such as rosemary oil and coconut oil and apply it to hair roots. Resolving hair problems requires patience and perseverance. Regular use of castor oil for hair care and persistence for 2 to 3 months will definitely yield significant results.


Haircut during the first quarter or full moon


Regardless of the amount of hair, haircuts are an essential part of everyday life. Be sure to choose a haircut from the first quarter to the full moon. This coup seems to have no scientific basis, but it is likely to be very effective. Because it is well known that the moon can cause tidal and crustal movements, and has an impact on the life of animals and the growth of plants, so the moon is likely to affect the growth of hair. When you have a haircut on the first or the full moon, you may be able to use the moon’s “power” to quickly grow a hair.


What nutrition is needed for hair growth?

What nutrition is needed for hair growth?

The growth of hair, in fact, is often the need for certain kinds of special nutrients, such as vitamins and some trace elements. The Hair Transplant In Karachi community in the Pakistan has summarized a number of 7 major supplements that are best for preventing hair loss. They are specifically designed for the specific nutrients listed in hair growth. If you want to eat a good black hair, look good!


Key ingredient: omega-3 fatty acids
Omega-3 fatty acids are only found in a few types of foods such as fish, walnuts, and flax. They are the key components that promote brain development. This ingredient is unique because it cannot be synthesized by the body itself. Studies have shown that omega-3 fatty acids have an important role in promoting hair growth. Eating a few walnuts a day and eating fish once a week can enhance the intake of these fatty acids.


Key ingredient: Vitamin A
Vitamin A is an important vitamin that promotes cell proliferation and growth. It can maintain the health of skin, hair, teeth and gums. In addition, vitamin A also regulates the metabolism of the epidermis and the stratum corneum. Therefore, this vitamin has a close relationship with the skin and can promote scalp health. . Some seborrheic alopecia, oil secretion is strong, vitamin A can also alleviate these symptoms. In food, carrots have the highest vitamin A and spinach, and the other major source is the animal liver, which is extremely rich in content.
There is a recipe for treating hair loss called cod liver oil. In fact, the main ingredient is vitamin A. If we supplement it in our diet, it is equivalent to the effect of these “prescription treatments for hair loss”.

Key ingredient: Vitamin B

Vitamin B is a large family in which B2, B6 and B12 are most relevant to hair health. Vitamin B is characterized by the metabolism of sugar, protein and fat in the body, and also promotes the oxygen production of skin, nails and hair tissue, so that the hair grows adequately. In addition, because vitamin B is a water-soluble vitamin, in fact, the human body is still relatively lacking. It is necessary to eat some meat and green vegetables every day. It is also a good method to buy some vitamin B supplements separately.
Cod liver oil
Key ingredient: Vitamin D
Vitamin D is very important for regulating the balance of human hormones. It is well known that androgenetic alopecia is one of the main causes of hair loss. Vitamin D in the diet can be beneficial for controlling androgen alopecia. Vitamin D is a very special vitamin. If you have enough sunlight, you can synthesize it yourself. If you are sitting in the office for a long time, you should pay attention to the intake of vitamin D.

Key ingredient: folic acid

Folic acid is actually a vitamin, but it is often emphasized separately because it has a special effect. Pregnant mothers should know that folic acid is the most important nutrient for pregnant women, which is of great significance to the baby’s smart health. Folic acid also plays an important role in promoting the synthesis of hemoglobin and adrenaline, and plays an important role in protein metabolism. Protein, adrenaline and hemoglobin (blood oxygen supply capacity) are the three most important factors influencing healthy hair growth.
The distribution of folic acid in food is still relatively wide, with the highest content of fruits and vegetables. Kiwifruit, broccoli and oats are especially recommended, and the content is more than 50% higher than ordinary food.

Key ingredient: lysine


Lysine is an essential amino acid in the human body. It is an important nutrient involved in the synthesis of human proteins. Any function related to protein synthesis is closely related to lysine (the main component of hair is also protein). Lysine is mainly found in fish, meat, eggs, and milk. The content of fruits and vegetables is very low, and the human body cannot synthesize itself.

Key ingredient: Zinc

Zinc is a trace element closely related to hair growth. It is an essential component of metabolism, immune system and cell function. Zinc is an essential component of DNA polymerase and is involved in the process of protein synthesis. Zinc deficiency may cause hair growth. Slowly, medically, there are clear examples of zinc deficiency leading to hair loss. For zinc supplements, the first is seafood. The oysters are the highest zinc in all foods. A oyster can basically meet the needs of a person. In addition to seafood, eggs, milk, beef, and animal livers are also high in zinc, and it is best to eat them regularly.

These seven types of foods are all because of the rich content of certain special nutrients, which is called the tonic of hair. The diet structure of Chinese people is more important than the staple food. In fact, the nutrients of the staple food itself are very monotonous. They only provide 3% of protein. There are almost no essential amino acids such as lysine. Therefore, it is necessary to rely on reasonable dietary mix to meet various body tissues. Growth.

People with bad hair can improve their hair quality from the diet, and supplement the nutrients needed for hair growth. The hair has a healthy growth space!

Is Hair Transplantation Useful? Why is Hair Transplant so Expensive?

Is hair transplantation useful? Why is hair transplant so expensive?
Now it seems that there are tens of thousands of plants, why is this hair so Expensive?

Faced with baldness and hair loss treatment, the current popular genus hair transplant, hair transplant. In 1959, the dermatologist we successfully transplanted the hair follicle on the back of the head to the bald island at the top of the head. He found that the hair after transplantation still retains its original characteristics and continues to grow. Although hair transplants are immediate, they cost a lot, which makes many friends discouraged.

The price of Rooney’s hair transplant is really high, it is staggering. In Pakistan, the price of ordinary people can not be as high as the price. Generally, the price range of domestic hair transplant is usually in the range of several thousand to several tens of thousands. Compared with other plastic surgery projects, the price of hair transplant surgery is relatively stable. There is not much difference between the standards and fees charged by large hospitals and general hospitals. They are charged according to the follicular unit. According to the size of different patients’ hair loss area, the required hair follicle units are also different, generally between 1000 and 4000. The price of each funicular unit varies from 40 thousand to 50 thousand Rupees depending on the technology, so the price of hair transplant surgery It is entirely determined by people and the two major factors of technology.
The price of tens of thousands of hair transplants may make ordinary hair loss patients a little unacceptable. For many people, it is more expensive. Hair transplant surgery is a more precise operation, especially for doctors, because the hair transplant surgery is entirely artificial. Operation, there is no automatic statement of the machine. A hair transplant operation can require up to tens of thousands of operations. These operations are performed by doctors one by one. Therefore, it takes a lot of doctors to collaborate and it takes a lot of effort. This cost is very high. In addition, since the hair transplant is a minimally invasive surgical skin surgery, there are certain requirements for the fineness of the hair transplanting equipment.Only with advanced and sophisticated hair transplanting equipment, will it have a more perfect and natural hair transplanting effect. This is also the reason why the cost of hair transplant surgery is relatively high. However, hair growth improves hair loss, and the hair that is planted has the characteristics of permanent non-dropping, which can improve the hair loss problem for life. It can also be said that hair transplant is cost-effective.
Doctors once said, “You definitely don’t want to lose your hair, especially when you are in your 20s. The problem of hair loss is really frustrating and puts some pressure on you. Hair Transplant In Karachi  is solve the all hair problems in any age you facingAnyone with this kind of trouble will understand my. Feeling, this is not fun.” The image problem is extremely important for the people nowadays. Although the price of hair transplant is not low, it is very easy to accept compared with the seriousness of the destruction of your image. This is why more and more people have to choose to send their hair to improve their image.
In economics, value determines price, value is the embodiment of condensing human indifferent labor, and price is a comprehensive measure of market demand and actual value, and the price of hair transplant is the same!

Hair transplant is strictly a kind of beauty technology. The market demand is very strong. At the same time, hair transplant belongs to the category of medical surgery.

Now almost all the workload of hair transplant technology needs to be done manually, but there are relatively few surgical implementer with superb skills. In addition, the workload during the hair transplant process is huge, and the hair follicles need to be extracted one by one, one by one. The level of skill in this process directly determines the final surgical effect, so it takes a lot of manpower and material resources while needing superb skills!

In general, the reason why the price of hair transplant is so expensive is because the “value” created by the hair transplant surgery itself is higher!

At present, there is no perfect standard in the beauty industry. The hair transplanting hospitals are uneven. The price of hair transplants is mainly integrated into two points. Hair transplanting technology and hair transplanting doctors. Generally, a simple hair transplanting instrument is at least tens of thousands. Hair transplants need to be separated and extracted. The use of hair transplant instruments, the more refined the hair transplant technology, the more successful the hair transplant surgery.

The skill level of the hair transplanted and the team’s cooperation also play a vital role, and the hair trans planters must use a wealth of hair transplant experience. Do one kind of beauty once!

What is the Correct Way to Wash Your Hair and use Hair Conditioner?

Shampoo and Hair care Steps Revealed


1. The hair is completely combed before shampooing, which helps to prevent the hair from knotting and falling off during washing.

2. Apply the gel to the scalp and leave it for 10 minutes after a little massage.

3, the hair from the scalp to the tail is completely wet with warm water. Take a proper amount of shampoo and pour it on your palm. Do not pour it directly on your scalp. After adding water to the shampoo, it is foamed and then divided into two parts, the scalp and the hair.

4. Massage back and forth on the scalp with your fingertips to promote blood circulation of the scalp and remove old dead skin cells and oil. Then wash the hair thoroughly with warm water.

5. Apply the conditioner evenly to the hair to increase the elasticity and protective film of the hair. Rinse your hair carefully with warm water, as the washing is not clean and it is very harmful to the hair.

6. Gently press the hair with a dry towel. Never rub the fragile and fragile hair rudely.

7. When blowing hair with a blower, do not blow your hair straight with high temperature. When you are eight minutes dry, you can provide plenty of rest space for your hair.

How to Use Conditioner


1 Replace the nutrient conditioner with no-wash


When shampooing, I want to use the leave-in conditioner, so when I wash my hair, I don’t use conditioner. This is wrong.

Under normal circumstances, the leave-in conditioner only has anti-static function, and can only form a cover on the head-issuing surface, and it is impossible to deepen the hair root and maintain the damaged hair. Therefore, when washing your hair, you should not skip the nutrient-rich conditioner.

2 use conditioner excess


When using hair conditioner for oily hair, be careful. Excessive use of conditioner will make dandruff grow. When using it, just apply it to the dry hair tip. Use less hair conditioner in the scalp department.


3 High-Protein Conditioner for Dry Hair


Everyone often thinks that dry hair needs to be nursed back to health, so the special hair conditioner containing high protein is always used, but the hair is not getting dry. In fact, excessive use of protein conditioner can affect normal metabolism, but it is counterproductive. Clean hair can be used to clean hair effectively.

Is FUE better than FUT? The misunderstanding of the hair transplanting world!

Is FUE better than FUT? The Misunderstanding of the hair transplanting world!

Once upon a time, there was a wave of thought between the hairdressing industry and many friends: FUE surgery must be better than FUT surgery, and some hair transplant hospitals claimed that FUT is a relatively backward hair transplant technology. In fact, FUT and FUE are not strictly good or bad, these are just two different surgical methods. FUT and FUE are just like the love of radish greens, each with its own value. Said FUE must be better than FUT, this is a big joke!

Hair transplant is to transplant the healthy hair follicles of the posterior occidental region to the hair loss area, or to other places where hair is lacking. Because the hair follicles of the posterior occidental region are not born, the transplanted hair follicles are also permanent, so that Completely solve the problem of hair loss, or other types of hair problems.
UT and FUE are two mainstream hair transplant procedures in the world. Even though many hair transplanting institutions in the country have different hair-planting techniques, they are all based on these two technologies. It is this truth that the so-called change does not leave its sect.

The FUT needs to be opened, a flap is taken from the posterior Occident, separated under a high power microscope, placed in a the rmost , and planted in a hair loss area or other area where hair is absent. FUE is a non-knife implant surgery. FUE Hair Transplant In Lahore is best for all kind of hair surgeries .It does not need to extract the flap from the posterior occiput or use suture technique. It only uses a special instrument to remove the hair follicle from the posterior occidental part and then plant it in the hair loss area according to the growth direction of the hair. Other places that lack hair. It can be seen that the two hair-planting techniques of FUT and FUE are mainly different in the way of extracting hair follicles, and basically the same in planting.
The FUT and FUE technologies have their own advantages and disadvantages. In the case of developed countries in Europe and America, the amount of surgery for FUT and FUE is equally divided, roughly equivalent. According to a senior hair transplant expert, Americans tend to use FUT surgery, while Europeans tend to use FUE surgery, which is determined by the skin condition and hair condition of the hair loss in their respective areas. In many European and American hair transplant experts, FUT and FUE are two different methods of hair transplantation. There is no question of who is better than anyone. As long as the source is sufficient and the standard operation is performed, both of them can achieve good hair growth effects.
At home, let’s not say who has blown FUE to the sky, but it is absolutely true that whoever takes the FUT to the ground. It is understood that two-thirds of the hair transplant hospitals in mainland China have already swept the FUT surgery out. The reason for their voice is nothing more than: FUT is outdated, it is a technology that has been eliminated; you do not need FUE to show that you are a laggard.
We can neither downplay the FUT nor downgrade the FUE, but only complement each other. Being a responsible hospital should be “dialectical” rather than abandoning one of them. Why are there so many hospitals in the mainland that depreciate and eliminate FUT? It turns out that these hospitals have no talent for FUT surgery. For doctors who have just entered the business, FUT is far more difficult than FUE. FUT has at least many years of surgical skills, otherwise you will not open the knife and dare to open the knife; and FUE only extracts the hair follicles individually, it is easy to get started, generally there are A few months of experience can be used.
The combination of FUT and FUE does not mean that each implant surgery is transplanted by FUT+FUE, which is also a misunderstanding. After analysis, we believe that the combination of FUT and FUE includes three methods: one is simple FUT surgery, the other is simple FUE surgery, and the third is FUE+FUT surgery. Which method is used depends on your own hair loss. It can be seen that we did not maliciously degrade FUE when we “song” for FUT, and some patients can simply use FUE.

Is FUT good or FUE? This is a pseudo problem in itself. Because the two have their own benefits, just like the green radish has their own love, sometimes the greens and radishes eat better together, this reason transplanted in the hair transplant industry is: sometimes FUE and FUT combined to do better hair transplant And take into account the long-term interests of friends.


What should I do if my hair is bad? 3 ways to solve the problem of Hair Loss

What should I do if my hair is bad? 3 ways to solve the problem of hair loss

Hair is a common problem nowadays, because the application of electronic products has become a need of social development. So how can we solve the phenomenon of hair loss all the time, don’t worry, let’s give you a comprehensive introduction to how to solve the hair loss method, I hope to help everyone.

What should I do if my hair is bad?

1, Please smoke less and drink less


Hair loss is inextricably linked to the habits of our daily lives. Moreover, for how to reduce hair loss, it is usually best to have less smoking or smoking if the hair on the head is scarce.

Because long-term smoking and excessive smoking can block small blood vessels connected to the scalp, causing nutrients and oxygen can not be smoothly delivered to the hair follicles, affecting normal hair growth.

How to do 3 ways to solve the hair loss problem

Scientific experiments have shown that smoking causes the hair cells of hair follicles to divide. For example, androgenetic alopecia (seborrheic alopecia) is a hereditary, androgen-related disease. Smoking causes a gradual decrease in estrogen secretions in the body, which in turn increases male hormones, androgen In patients with sexual alopecia, smoking can gradually increase the phenomenon of hair loss.

Moreover, the habit of drinking regularly also requires effective temperance, because long-term uncontrolled drinking life can easily lead to hair loss, and it will aggravate the original image.

Proper drinking is very effective in relieving stress, but uncontrolled drinking can cause a great burden on the internal organs of the body . For those who drink for a long time, it can cause gastrointestinal diseases, affecting the absorption of proteins, vitamins and minerals, thus hindering them. The normal growth of its hair.

2, Don’t go online all night long


For people with less hair, you must pay attention to ensure a good quality of sleep. For those young people, overnight is the most youthful sign. According to research data, 85.3% of the people who use the Internet for a long time and play games will have different degrees of hair loss.

The main reason is that because of the long-term confrontation with the computer, the concentration of attention will increase the excitability of the brain over time. These are related to the endocrine related to hair growth, which will lead to strong secretion of scalp oil and easy to block the hair follicle. There are obstacles to the nutritional support of the hair, and it is prone to hair loss!

If you want to completely solve the problem of scarce hair on your head, then the first thing you need to solve is to know why you stay up late because the circadian clock is disordered, which is very unfavorable for the stomach and is very likely to cause more serious kidney deficiency. , which leads to hair loss.

3, Should avoid frequent dyeing


This is a big problem for people who love beauty. Hot dyeing hair is all about pursuing beauty, but it is carried out under the premise of hurting the health of the body, which is very unfavorable! At the same time, it also has a great hindrance to hair care.

To solve the problem of less hair on the head, then people who love beauty must stop the bad habits of frequent perm and hair dyeing.Dyeing can cause major changes in the structure of the hair.Hair Transplant In Pakistan have many  products without side effect  , which can not damage the nutrients in the hair, causing the hair to dry, break, and lose its luster.

5 Side Effects of Hair Dye

How Effects Hair Dye on your Health

1, Change the hair quality

Hair dyeing can cause loss of hair moisture, denaturation and reduction of protein, making the hair brittle, breaking the fiber, and slowly losing luster and flexibility. The more the number of hair dyes, the more serious the damage will be.

2, Leading to hair loss

Hair dyes can irritate the hair follicles and often dye hair. Over time, the hair follicles will shrink, and the hair will become thinner or even fall off. Add some protection to the scalp when dyeing hair, which can reduce the damage of hair dye to hair if your hair continuously loss visit our PRP Treatment Center In Lahore  before losing your complete hair.

3, Skin Allergies

Hair dye can cause contact dermatitis, skin allergies, mild scalp itching, redness, exudate, severe papules, blisters, and even serious consequences such as loosening of the epidermis and necrosis. Before dyeing hair, you need to do a skin test on the hair dye, drop the hair dye product on the inside of the wrist, wait for air drying, if it is red, itchy, it can not be used.

4, Carcinogenic

Hair dyes are chemically synthesized and contain harmful chemicals such as aniline and phenol that can cause cancer. After entering the human body, it will bind to the cells and damage the DNA of the deoxyribonucleic acid, causing cell mutation and inducing skin cancer, bladder cancer, breast cancer, lymphoma, leukemia and the like.

5, Can cause Heavy Metal Poisoning

Hair dyes contain certain metal components, such as lead acetate and silver nitrate, which will accumulate slowly after entering the body. When a certain amount is reached, it will cause poisoning, causing dizziness, headache, fatigue, limb numbness, etc. Enter the liver and kidneys and the brain to destroy the function of these organs.