Natural Hair Loss Treatment

Natural Hair Loss Treatment

If you have signs of hair loss then you may want to know what you can do to solve the problem. With so much information about hair loss treatment, it may be difficult to know what is right for you. Medical treatment, surgery or natural solutions are the best.

At ,we believe that nature gives us what we need to fight most human diseases. We know that the whole process of re-growing hair and accelerating growth can be frustrating. Although there are a few medicinal products that can stimulate growth, natural hair growth treatment uses your hair’s own defense system, only the purest ingredients, from nature. Natural treatments are not only effective – they are also safe, your health.

Having said that, we understand that to make an informed decision, it is good to have all the facts at your fingertips, which is why we have put a list of medications, surgery and natural hair loss treatments for you to evaluate.

We try to provide as much detail as possible for each type of treatment, including a convenient comparison chart to illustrate how quickly you can assess key differences and make the right choices for you. But before we compare each hair growth solution, let’s take a look at the most popular drugs and natural hair loss treatments currently in use.

Popular Natural Hair Loss Treatment

1. Rinse the hair with onion juice

Onions are rich in sulfur and are one of the cornerstones of hair. When applied to the scalp, it improves the blood circulation of the hair follicle, which carries the important nutrients needed for natural hair growth. In addition, sulfur can also stimulate the production of collagen, a long-chain amino acid that strengthens hair.

Onion was used as a hair loss treatment in 2002. The onion juice was used daily on the scalp for two consecutive months, and the results were compared with the results using only tap water. The results showed that people who used onion juice had greater hair growth than those who only used tap water.

To use onion juice as a hair treatment, use a juicer or food processor to get a medium onion juice. Mix the juice with 2 tablespoons of honey and apply the mixture to the scalp. The mixture is held for 30 minutes to 1 hour before shampooing.

2. Deep conditioning with virgin coconut oil


Virgin Coconut Oil (vco) is a “superfood” that contains the essential properties that support the healthy development of skin, hair and teeth.

In addition to boasting many evidence-based health benefits, it also includes reducing the risk of heart disease and improving brain function in patients with Alzheimer’s disease. Virgin Coconut Oil contains natural properties similar to sebum found in the body.

Sebum is a natural oil produced by healthy skin, including on the scalp. Sebum coat and protect the scalp to prevent flaking, dryness, and infection. In the case of lower sebum production, vco is essential for restoring skin hydration to prevent hair loss and damage.

Read more: Deep conditioning with coconut oil for the treatment of damaged and thinning hair.


3. Scalp Massage Combines Natural and Essential Oils


Massage the scalp increases blood flow to the surface of the skin, causing the hair follicle to be activated, nutrients and oxygen to reach the hair, thereby encouraging hair growth.

Combine essential oils and/or natural fruit and vegetable juices to nourish the scalp and strengthen the roots, demonstrating conditions that reduce hair growth like dandruff and dry skin.

Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil coconut oil and massage back to the scalp to focus on the most visible areas of hair loss. Do this for at least ten minutes, then wash off the oil with natural shampoo.

You may need to wash your scalp twice, until the oily feeling is completely removed. If you prefer, you can also use onion juice as a substitute for oil.

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How do short hair grow? What hair to eat grows fast Core Tip 2019

How do short hair grow fast? What hair to eat grows fast


Core Tip: Some people cut their hair shortly, cut it and then regret it, and don’t want to connect it. What should I do? In fact, the food supplement can also make the hair grow faster. Because it increases the nutrition of the hair, it naturally makes the hair look better. What can you eat to make your hair grow faster?

Some people cut their hair shortly, cut it and then regret it, and didn’t want to connect it. What should I do? In fact, the food supplement can also make the hair grow faster. Because it increases the nutrition of the hair, it naturally makes the hair look better. What can you eat to make your hair grow faster?

1, Dark green Vegetables


Spinach is the first choice. If you don’t like spinach, then broccoli and chard (one of beets) are also a good choice. The best source of vitamin A and vitamin C in spinach, these two vitamins are essential ingredients for collective synthetic fat, while the oil secreted by hair follicles is a natural conditioner.


2, Beans


Beans, such as cowpeas and lentils, are an important part of a healthy hair diet. Not only do they provide a rich protein that promotes hair growth, but they are also rich in iron, zinc and biotin, which are deficient in hair.


3, Walnut


Walnuts contain alpha fatty acids and are a type of W-3 fatty acid that helps to care for the hair. At the same time, walnuts are also rich in zinc. Cashews, hickory, and almonds are also rich in zinc. Zinc deficiency makes the hair easy to fork and fall off, so the healthy hair recipe must include nuts.


4, Poultry


Chicken, including the rich protein of turkey, can help you get the health benefits you want. Lack of enough protein, or low-quality protein, can split the hair; severe protein deficiency can cause hair color changes. Poultry also provides iron, and the protein of poultry is a high-quality protein that can be effectively absorbed by the body.


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One Week of Care and Attention to Living Habits can Improve your Hair Growth

One Week of Care and Attention to Living Habits can Improve your Hair Growth

1 amazing way not to sleep

Is it a very innovative method?? But if you shorten your sleep time, your hair will grow.This is heard from the beautician. People’s hair seems to grow more easily when they are awake.Therefore, shortening the sleep time, if you are awake for a long time, your hair will grow!

Is there a person who shortens sleep time in order to make hair grow easily?

That is precisely because of this principle.

Only everyone has a difference. Depending on the situation of each person, some people sleep at the regular prime time of 22:00?2:00 to make hair grow more easily.

Refer to your normal sleep time, if you try it, you may have a good effect.

2 Scalp Massage

Let the blood run well

If the blood of the scalp works well, not only will the hair grow, but also prevent hair from being sparse or hair loss, or even prevent the face from sagging?

Therefore, it is recommended that everyone develop a habit of doing scalp massage every day.

The scalp massage is to press the circle with the fingertips in a circle.

I think a lot of people have been massaged by a beautician’s scalp~

It is better to fix your thumb in the temple and massage your four fingers in the way of climbing from bottom to top.

3 Eat Foods with High Zinc Content.

The main component of hair is “keratin”, which is made of zinc.

Therefore, if you eat more food with high zinc content, it will make your hair grow faster.

Foods high in zinc are like oysters, scallops or liver.

Nut foods are like cashews and almonds.

Nut foods are good for weight control, so it is highly recommended to use nut food as a snack.

In addition, zinc can also be supplemented by nutritional supplements.

If you don’t like these ingredients, people who have difficulty eating these foods in large quantities can try to rely on nutritional supplements.

4 Blow Dry Hair With Cold Air

In order to make your hair grow faster, you should pay special attention to the method of drying your hair.

The hot air of the hair dryer will make the hair dry, and the sweat and sebum will also be generated from the hair roots, causing damage to the hair.

Therefore, cold air and hot air are used interchangeably, or try to dry the hair with only cold air

In addition, it is not blown to the semi-dry but is actually blown dry. Be careful not to damage the hair. It is also very important.

When you just take a shower, it is also the key to dry your hair with a towel.


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Advanced Hair transplant Technology

Advanced Hair Transplant Technology

In addition to the factors of the friends themselves, in fact, the hair is mainly to look at the professionalism of the hair transplanting institution and the perfection of technology. As early as ten or twenty years ago, if you do a hair transplant, you will use the FUT technique. This kind of technology will not only leave scars after hair transplantation, but also damage the hair follicles. Come to serious sequel. So now this technology has been eliminated, most of the use of FUE technology, without the need for surgery, dispersion extraction of hair follicles, implant surgery into minimally invasive surgery. And now the hair transplant technology can not only improve the image problem caused by hair loss, but also encrypt the hair, let our hair return to the original.

Professional hair Transplant Doctor


Best Hair Transplant Surgeon In Pakistan With advanced technology, you must also have a professional doctor. A good professional doctor can achieve a good surgery. Because during the hair transplant process, whether it is the extraction of hair follicles or the direction of the late hair follicles, it has a great impact on our surgical results. This requires an experienced professional doctor to ensure the success of our surgery.

Perfect Post-operative Care


Postoperative care requires our friends and our hair transplant agencies to decide. We will find that the frequency of a word in the service industry is quite high now, that is, returning to visit. In fact, this word is also very important in the service of the hair transplant industry. Because during your weekly return visit or monthly return visit, you can track the recovery status of your friends and remind them of postoperative care during this time, such as not drinking alcohol or eating seafood after surgery. What time of the week can wash your hair, how to wash, how to go to bloody, etc. These things seem to be small but affect the recovery of postpartum. So this thing also needs to be friends to cooperate.
Whether hair transplant surgery can be successful depends mainly on the perfect cooperation between our friends and hair transplanting organizations and hair transplant doctors, but more importantly, it depends on whether the hair transplanting institution is regular and whether the doctor is professional. So hair transplant is not a simple matter.
Now everyone knows where the mystery of hair transplant success is? If you are entangled in which hair transplant institution you are choosing, or if you are worried about hair loss, you can always go to my homepage and give me a private message!

What is the Correct Way to Wash Your Hair and use Hair Conditioner?

Shampoo and Hair care Steps Revealed


1. The hair is completely combed before shampooing, which helps to prevent the hair from knotting and falling off during washing.

2. Apply the gel to the scalp and leave it for 10 minutes after a little massage.

3, the hair from the scalp to the tail is completely wet with warm water. Take a proper amount of shampoo and pour it on your palm. Do not pour it directly on your scalp. After adding water to the shampoo, it is foamed and then divided into two parts, the scalp and the hair.

4. Massage back and forth on the scalp with your fingertips to promote blood circulation of the scalp and remove old dead skin cells and oil. Then wash the hair thoroughly with warm water.

5. Apply the conditioner evenly to the hair to increase the elasticity and protective film of the hair. Rinse your hair carefully with warm water, as the washing is not clean and it is very harmful to the hair.

6. Gently press the hair with a dry towel. Never rub the fragile and fragile hair rudely.

7. When blowing hair with a blower, do not blow your hair straight with high temperature. When you are eight minutes dry, you can provide plenty of rest space for your hair.

How to Use Conditioner


1 Replace the nutrient conditioner with no-wash


When shampooing, I want to use the leave-in conditioner, so when I wash my hair, I don’t use conditioner. This is wrong.

Under normal circumstances, the leave-in conditioner only has anti-static function, and can only form a cover on the head-issuing surface, and it is impossible to deepen the hair root and maintain the damaged hair. Therefore, when washing your hair, you should not skip the nutrient-rich conditioner.

2 use conditioner excess


When using hair conditioner for oily hair, be careful. Excessive use of conditioner will make dandruff grow. When using it, just apply it to the dry hair tip. Use less hair conditioner in the scalp department.


3 High-Protein Conditioner for Dry Hair


Everyone often thinks that dry hair needs to be nursed back to health, so the special hair conditioner containing high protein is always used, but the hair is not getting dry. In fact, excessive use of protein conditioner can affect normal metabolism, but it is counterproductive. Clean hair can be used to clean hair effectively.

A Few Steps to Make your Hair Silky Smooth

A few steps to make your hair silky smooth

Step 1 of Hair Care: Thoroughly clean hair

Have a hair, first of all to make the hair clean at all times. The most important thing to clean hair is to take care of the scalp and hair roots, because these two places are related to the health of the hair. Therefore, when shampooing, don’t just lick the hair roots. Instead, thoroughly infuse the shampoo’s foam into the roots. By rubbing your fingers against the hair roots, you can increase the health of the scalp and promote blood circulation. Of course, the hair tail should also be cleaned, so that the hair ends can fully absorb nutrients, and will not cause dryness and splitting.

Step 2 of Hair Care: Pick a comb

Each time the hair is cleaned, the hair is combed once with a comb, and the knotted hair is partially combed, and part of the dirt adhering to the surface of the hair can be combed off with the comb. Reject the plastic comb, choose the bristle material and wooden comb to protect the hair from breaking, remove some dirt, stimulate the scalp, promote blood circulation in the head, and choose the right comb to prevent the hair from being pulled when combing. Falling to find icons.

Step 3 of Hair Care: Hair Intensive Care

If your hair is as fragile as a dandelion, you can’t stand any external force, and it will fall from the hair root when you comb gently. You need to do intensive care for your hair to strengthen the hair roots. The method is very simple, as long as the shampoo roots and tonic essence are squeezed on the 5 fingers of the finger after the shampoo, then the double fingers are printed on the belly, so that the ten fingers are evenly covered with the essence, and the hands are gently Insert the hair, spread the essence evenly with your fingertips and press the hair root to help the essence absorb quickly. The massage is easy to comb in front, middle and back. Use one at a time, use it every other day, and continue to use it for 14 days. It can effectively improve the damage of hair roots, and the hair is full and full, and completely bid farewell to the fragile and easy-to-fall dandelion hair.

Step 4 of Hair Care: Post-Wash Care

The cleaned hair must be dried with a clean towel, then dried to fall asleep, and try to choose a natural air dryer instead of a hair dryer to reduce the use of the hair dryer, which can greatly reduce the damage to the hair and prevent the loss of hair moisture. If it is inevitable to use the hair dryer, it is recommended to shorten the use time as much as possible, and comb the knotted area with a comb before blowing, and apply the previously mentioned active essence at the hair root to protect the hair from damage. It also makes hair easier to shape.

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First Hair transplantation Preoperative Preparation

First Hair transplantation  Preoperative Preparation


Before the hair transplant operation, in order to facilitate your time and our work, please make an appointment before the operation about 2 days in advance.

Please pay attention before hair transplantation:
1. Stop using the hair restorer in the previous month.

2. The previous week, stop using vitamins and aspirin including vitamin E.

3, a small amount of food before surgery.

4. Do not drink alcoholic beverages too much within 24 hours before surgery.

5, do medical routine examination before surgery.

6. Wash your hair with shampoo one night before the operation or the morning of the day.

7. Please wear a cardigan on the day of surgery to avoid injury to the hair transplant site after going home and undressing.

8. If the pre-operative hair transplanter has other medical history or is taking drugs, please inform the doctor in detail.

Second, how is the hair transplant unit?


The term “hair follicle transplantation unit” refers to hair that grows in the same pore. It is a concept proposed for a single hair transplant, because there are usually 1-4 hairs growing in one pore, the distance between them is very close, the toughness of the skin at the pores is still strong, and the single hair follicle is separated. It is more difficult to do a single hair transplant, and hair follicle damage often occurs when the transplant unit is isolated. Hair transplantation using hair follicle transplantation unit technology can achieve higher transplantation efficiency than single hair transplantation. The use of a single follicular unit as a graft (hair blank) is called follicular unit transplantation (FUT). The graft can also consist of two hair units double FU (DFU) or multiple hair units multiple-FU grafts (MUG). FUT is mainly used for hairline reconstruction, and the growth of hair is more natural. DFU and MUG are used for the treatment of hair loss in the hairline to increase the density of hair, while reducing the time of separation and implantation and reducing hair follicle damage.

View articles about hair transplantation, we often see FUT, FET and other technologies, in fact, these seemingly mysterious terms are actually the English abbreviation for hair transplantation technology. The FUT and FET are two different technical steps used in the process of taking the hair follicle.

For the adoption of hair grafts, a newer technology is currently called FUE (Follicular Unite Extraction) technology. The traditional hair graft is taken by surgically cutting a scalp strip with hair follicles from the posterior occipital donor area, and then suturing the posterior occipital wound, leaving a thin line of scar on the posterior occiput. The scalp strip is further divided into hair follicle transplant units and replanted into the hair loss area. The advantages of this technology: less hair damage, the amount of hair transplanted at a time can reach 3000-5000. This should be the first choice for large-area hair loss transplants. However, this technique also has disadvantages, which can result in a thin line of scars remaining in the back pillow. The FUE technique uses a toroidal drill to drill hair in the hair area of ​​the posterior  region. After the operation, the region has a wireless scar. The left part is a small spotted scar, but the hair is relatively more damaged when the hair follicle unit is obtained. The amount is small, it is difficult to meet the requirements of a large number of transplanted hair, and the patient sometimes needs multiple operations. Therefore, the FUE method does not apply to cases where the area of ​​hair loss is large and the amount of hair transplant is high. Surgery for a small number of hair transplants, such as the repair of a linear scar with a small area of ​​hair loss or the application of a conventional method to the occipital region, may be preferred.

PUNCH technology: A technique popular before the early 1990s that uses a circular drill to drill hair, and the transplanted area also uses a circular drill to make holes of corresponding size, and then implant the graft. The PUNCH technology currently applied is an improved technique, and the graft becomes smaller.

Third, the surgical procedure of hair transplantation


The lack of hair caused by various reasons is a variety of troubles for the patient.for best and to FUE Hair Transplant In Lahore At present time,for hair transplantation, commonly known as hair transplantation, is still the most direct and effective treatment. And because of the increasing number of patients requiring treatment in recent years, this technology is very mature. Hair transplant surgery is an outpatient operation, does not require hospitalization, local anesthesia is used for surgery, and the pain is small. Although it is necessary for the doctor to perform fine operation for several hours, the labor intensity is large, but the patient can rest in the middle of the operation and can go to the bathroom, etc. During the operation, It’s easier and more comfortable.

The surgical procedure is roughly like this. The doctor first makes hair styling for the patient, designing the overall hair style and the hair style of the transplant site. The measuring instrument measures the density of the hair in the back occiput, and calculates the area of ​​the extracted hair follicle tissue based on the number of hairs per square centimeter. After the extraction of hair follicles, after cleaning the scalp, the doctor performs local anesthesia injection in the posterior occipital region to extract the transplanted hair follicles. The traditional scalp can be used to remove a scalp and suture the incision. FUE can also be used to extract hair follicles. Separating hair follicles is the most critical and painstaking process. At this point, the patient can go to rest, and the doctor needs to finely extract the follicular unit to avoid damage to the hair follicle during separation. After the hair follicles are separated, the hair follicles are implanted into the scalp. This is also a very eye-catching task. The doctor must first make a micro-incision in the forehead bald area, and then implant one hair plant. At present, artificial implantation has the highest survival rate and the highest density, which requires considerable technology. If it is broken, it cannot be remedied. After the transplant is completed, simple rinsing and dressing are fixed, and the operation is over.

The use of automatic hair transplants to speed up the hair transplant has always been the goal of the hair transplant industry, but the machine is cut at a fixed size, often infesting hair follicles, and even in natural follicular units. Therefore, in order to obtain a better hair growth effect, artificially separating the hair follicles is still used.

Fourth, precautions after hair transplantation

The hair belongs to the skin appendage of the human body and has the functions of sun protection, cold protection and protection. However, for modern humans, the most important function of hair is aesthetics. Having a black and beautiful hair is one of the important symbols of health and bodybuilding. There are indeed many people in life, and there are various problems such as hair loss, baldness, and thinning hair. For the moment, hair transplantation is the most effective way to solve hair loss.

What should I pay attention to after receiving a hair transplant to ensure the effect of the operation? Professional doctors told the beauty seekers that they do not need to be hospitalized after receiving a hair transplant. They can take antibiotics to prevent and control infections. If they feel pain, they can be relieved by oral painkillers. Stimulating food should be avoided within 7 days after surgery, alcohol should be temporarily banned, and drugs such as aspirin that affect blood clotting and blood viscosity should be stopped. A small number of patients develop mild edema on the third or fourth day after surgery, which is normal. In order to reduce swelling, the head should be raised when sleeping for the first three days after surgery, and the drug can be promoted orally. In the operation area within a few hours after surgery, a small blood stasis will be formed. Please do not forcefully grasp these small suede within 10 days after surgery.for Best Fue Cost In Pakistan is very economical. Iand you will fall off on its own within 2 weeks after surgery. After 24 hours of surgery, you can come to the hospital for scalp rinsing; start normal gentle shampoo on the 4th day after surgery, pour a small amount of shampoo into the palm of your hand, gently rub the hair at the transplant, then rinse off with water. Be careful not to pour the shampoo directly onto the transplant site; do not rub the scalp with a towel, use a towel to gently blot the water or use a hair dryer to dry the hair. FUE technology is used to obtain hair follicle grafts. There is no need to remove the suture after surgery. If the graft is removed from the occipital by traditional methods, the suture should be removed on the tenth day after surgery. The hair area will have a slight tightness, which is normal. Do not wash your hair within 24 hours after the thread is removed. 15-40 days after surgery, the transplanted hair will fall off, and the new hair will start to grow at 2-3 months after surgery, and about 70% after 6 months, the initial effect can be seen; about 9 months The rest of the future will grow out to achieve the desired clinical results.

Is FUE better than FUT? The misunderstanding of the hair transplanting world!

Is FUE better than FUT? The Misunderstanding of the hair transplanting world!

Once upon a time, there was a wave of thought between the hairdressing industry and many friends: FUE surgery must be better than FUT surgery, and some hair transplant hospitals claimed that FUT is a relatively backward hair transplant technology. In fact, FUT and FUE are not strictly good or bad, these are just two different surgical methods. FUT and FUE are just like the love of radish greens, each with its own value. Said FUE must be better than FUT, this is a big joke!

Hair transplant is to transplant the healthy hair follicles of the posterior occidental region to the hair loss area, or to other places where hair is lacking. Because the hair follicles of the posterior occidental region are not born, the transplanted hair follicles are also permanent, so that Completely solve the problem of hair loss, or other types of hair problems.
UT and FUE are two mainstream hair transplant procedures in the world. Even though many hair transplanting institutions in the country have different hair-planting techniques, they are all based on these two technologies. It is this truth that the so-called change does not leave its sect.

The FUT needs to be opened, a flap is taken from the posterior Occident, separated under a high power microscope, placed in a the rmost , and planted in a hair loss area or other area where hair is absent. FUE is a non-knife implant surgery. FUE Hair Transplant In Lahore is best for all kind of hair surgeries .It does not need to extract the flap from the posterior occiput or use suture technique. It only uses a special instrument to remove the hair follicle from the posterior occidental part and then plant it in the hair loss area according to the growth direction of the hair. Other places that lack hair. It can be seen that the two hair-planting techniques of FUT and FUE are mainly different in the way of extracting hair follicles, and basically the same in planting.
The FUT and FUE technologies have their own advantages and disadvantages. In the case of developed countries in Europe and America, the amount of surgery for FUT and FUE is equally divided, roughly equivalent. According to a senior hair transplant expert, Americans tend to use FUT surgery, while Europeans tend to use FUE surgery, which is determined by the skin condition and hair condition of the hair loss in their respective areas. In many European and American hair transplant experts, FUT and FUE are two different methods of hair transplantation. There is no question of who is better than anyone. As long as the source is sufficient and the standard operation is performed, both of them can achieve good hair growth effects.
At home, let’s not say who has blown FUE to the sky, but it is absolutely true that whoever takes the FUT to the ground. It is understood that two-thirds of the hair transplant hospitals in mainland China have already swept the FUT surgery out. The reason for their voice is nothing more than: FUT is outdated, it is a technology that has been eliminated; you do not need FUE to show that you are a laggard.
We can neither downplay the FUT nor downgrade the FUE, but only complement each other. Being a responsible hospital should be “dialectical” rather than abandoning one of them. Why are there so many hospitals in the mainland that depreciate and eliminate FUT? It turns out that these hospitals have no talent for FUT surgery. For doctors who have just entered the business, FUT is far more difficult than FUE. FUT has at least many years of surgical skills, otherwise you will not open the knife and dare to open the knife; and FUE only extracts the hair follicles individually, it is easy to get started, generally there are A few months of experience can be used.
The combination of FUT and FUE does not mean that each implant surgery is transplanted by FUT+FUE, which is also a misunderstanding. After analysis, we believe that the combination of FUT and FUE includes three methods: one is simple FUT surgery, the other is simple FUE surgery, and the third is FUE+FUT surgery. Which method is used depends on your own hair loss. It can be seen that we did not maliciously degrade FUE when we “song” for FUT, and some patients can simply use FUE.

Is FUT good or FUE? This is a pseudo problem in itself. Because the two have their own benefits, just like the green radish has their own love, sometimes the greens and radishes eat better together, this reason transplanted in the hair transplant industry is: sometimes FUE and FUT combined to do better hair transplant And take into account the long-term interests of friends.


Comparison between FUE technology and FUT technology

Comparison between FUE technology and FUT technology


1 FUT method for hair transplantation, hair follicle extraction is carried out under the direct view of the operator, so the separation and implantation of the blank can be more precise, thereby minimizing the damage to the hair follicle; but using FUE In technology, the extraction of hair follicles is performed under the blind state of the operator, and the hair follicle damage is naturally difficult to avoid.


2 FUR method for hair transplantation will only leave patients with hair transplants with traces of fine lines after surgery; when using FUE technology, the patient’s scalp will form a wide distribution of spotted marks.


3 FUT method for hair transplantation, hair follicles can be extracted multiple times, so it is suitable for large-area transplantation; while FUE technology leaves a wide variety of spot marks when extracting hair follicles for the first time, so it will produce a lot when extracting hair follicles again. The difficulty, so only suitable for small areas of hair transplantation.


4 FUT method for hair transplantation, more hair follicles were transplanted at one time, and the effect after transplantation was more ideal. However, the hair follicles transplanted once with FUE technology were less, so the effect after transplantation was not ideal.


5 FUR method for hair transplantation, the operation price is cheap; FUE technology is not expensive FUE Transplant Cost In Pakistan 


6 FUR method for hair transplantation, the hair removal area can be locked in the highest quality hair supply area of ​​the patient’s head (ie, the lateral area centered on the patient’s posterior occipital trochanter), and the blank taken from here is not only of high quality, but also It also has a live longevity gene, so the postoperative effect is long lasting and satisfactory. Because FUE has a wide range of hair removal, the quality and survival time of the blank are also uneven, so the long-term effect after surgery will be greatly reduced.


In fact, the above comparison results are also the real reason for the bankruptcy of the Japanese hair carrier “aircraft carrier”. It turned out that when the group fully adopted FUE technology for hair transplant surgery, a large number of subjects not only did not receive the expected results, and some of the surgical failures, even because of the infrequent hair resources, were wasted and damaged. The implementation of the repair surgery. As a result, many patients and the group have had a steady stream of medical disputes. So far, the Japanese hair transplant super-aircraft carrier has sunk in the “FUE technology” that has been fueled by its reputation. This is really “CFE also FUE, defeat also FUE!”


This shows that in today’s society where the trend is ubiquitous, although some trends can be infinitely exaggerated and deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, no matter how great this trend is, under the baptism of time and practice, it will be objectively and fairly tested. Therefore, for a large-sized hair transplant, the FUT method is still safer and better to ensure good postoperative results. This has already been proven by pioneers in countries such as Europe, America and Japan. Is it necessary for our patients to make unnecessary sacrifices?


However, unfortunately, there are always some blind surfers in the country who are willing to follow the tide in the storm! The final result can only be “returning to the sky, sighing and sighing”, such things have long been common in the domestic medical beauty market. In the past few years, under the temptation of huge commercial interests, the “Ogilvy Injection Breast Augmentation”, which is flawed in science and endless, is not a lot of “small invasive, no need to open the knife”. Year? ! In contrast, FUE has some merits after all, but it has been promoted slightly exaggerated. Speaking of this, some industry colleagues may feel that my evaluation of FUE technology is too harsh and rigorous, but think about the limited hair resources of our patients and their desire to improve the image of the head, as a conscience Responsible, level doctors, shouldn’t we stand up and point out to thousands of patients a bright avenue that can reap the hope?

How to make your hair grow faster | eat what hair grows fast

How to make your hair grow faster | Eat what hair grows fast

How can hair grow fast, and it must be black and beautiful? A lot of people are now licking this problem, and most women spend a lot of precious time and money on their hair. Hair is boring, hair is very oily, and hair is not growing very fast, and it is a major problem in hair. Today HairSkill will introduce you to several ways to make your hair grow faster.

How can hair grow fast, and it must be black and beautiful? A lot of people are now licking this problem, and most women spend a lot of precious time and money on their hair. Hair is boring, hair is very oily, and hair is not growing very fast, and it is a major problem in hair. Today, Hair Transplant In Peshawar will introduce you to several ways to make your hair grow faster.

For the problem of hair growing fast, Hair Transplant In Lahore still has some methods of his own, hope to help readers and friends, hope that you can make your hair grow faster, achieve your ideal goal, show your new hairstyle .

1. Carrots can make hair Grow faster


Carrots can supplement trace elements such as vitamins, which can help hair growth. It can make hair grow faster, but it is not the main method of hair growth. You can use head massage for about 10 to 20 minutes every day. Head blood circulation to promote hair growth.

2. Seaweed and ginger make hair grow faster


Use some shampoos containing seaweed and ginger to help your hair grow faster. Ginger can promote blood circulation in the scalp. You can also use some ginger juice to wipe the scalp.

3. Contraceptives can also make hair grow faster


The contraceptive is chopped into shampoo and shampoo. The contraceptive contains estrogen, which is a kind of steroid. It may cause short-term use to stimulate hair follicles to accelerate hair metabolism. Thereby making the hair grow faster.

4. Regularly comb your hair to make your hair grow faster


Frequently combing the hair will have a certain stimulating effect on the scalp and hair follicles, which can promote the hair to grow faster. Keep your hair combed 30-40 times a day. If it is too much, it will destroy the scales of the scalp and cause hair loss.

Good for food that grows fast


Green vegetables: spinach, leeks, celery, round peppers, green asparagus, etc. Green vegetables can beautify the skin, contribute to the movement of melanin, keep the hair black forever, and, because these vegetables are rich in fiber, can increase The amount of hair.

Beans: Soy can increase the luster, elasticity and smoothness of the hair to prevent splitting or breaking.

Seaweed: Seaweed, kelp, Wake, etc. are rich in calcium, potassium, iodine and other substances. It can promote the metabolism of brain nerve cells and prevent white hair.

three. Not conducive to the food that grows fast

Pastries, fast food, carbonated drinks, ice cream, etc. These are mostly foods that young women like. If they eat too much, they can affect the normal growth of hair and are prone to curling or white hair. Excessive smoking can also affect hair growth.

Four. Paying more attention to things around you can make your hair grow faster.