Is the Success Rate of Hair Transplant Surgery High?

Is the success rate of hair transplant surgery high?


There are more and more patients with hair loss in hair transplant surgery. Of course, any operation has certain risks. Hair transplantation is no exception. Just choose a regular medical institution to improve the success rate of surgery. Invite the Hangzhou Grammy Hair Extension Hospital experts to give you a detailed introduction, hair transplant surgery.
Is the success rate of hair transplant surgery high?
Due to various reasons, the removal of the eyebrows, the residual eyebrows, the scars of the eyebrows, the unnecessary, the scars of the beards, etc. can be transplanted by the method of autologous hair transplantation. Hair transplantation is not only used for hair loss, but also for the reconstruction of eyebrows, eyelashes, beards, chest hair, yin hair and bristles. These parts are all hair follicles that grow with hair and need to be trimmed regularly. Without trimming, it will grow as long as the hair and have a dramatic effect.

Is the success rate of hair transplant surgery high? Hair transplantation is the process of moving part or all of the remaining healthy hair donor area and redistributing it to the hair loss area. The so-called scalp hair supply area refers to the area in which normal scalp hair in this area is maintained and can be used for transplantation. Since the operation is only performed on the epidermis of the head, there is no sequel. In general, the success rate of hair transplants operated by clinically experienced and technical autologous hair transplant surgeons should be such that the survival rate of hair follicle replanting is generally 90%-99%.

Is the success rate of hair transplant surgery high? This is a problem that patients with hair loss are more concerned about. In fact, hair transplant surgery has been in the country for more than 30 years. As long as you choose a formal medical institution, the operation is still very high. Hair transplant surgery for scalp surgery is painless, high, and does not require hospitalization after surgery. It can be used for mental work and daily life. for any query about hair Transplant visit our Hair Transplant In Islamabad

A Few Steps to Make your Hair Silky Smooth

A few steps to make your hair silky smooth

Step 1 of Hair Care: Thoroughly clean hair

Have a hair, first of all to make the hair clean at all times. The most important thing to clean hair is to take care of the scalp and hair roots, because these two places are related to the health of the hair. Therefore, when shampooing, don’t just lick the hair roots. Instead, thoroughly infuse the shampoo’s foam into the roots. By rubbing your fingers against the hair roots, you can increase the health of the scalp and promote blood circulation. Of course, the hair tail should also be cleaned, so that the hair ends can fully absorb nutrients, and will not cause dryness and splitting.

Step 2 of Hair Care: Pick a comb

Each time the hair is cleaned, the hair is combed once with a comb, and the knotted hair is partially combed, and part of the dirt adhering to the surface of the hair can be combed off with the comb. Reject the plastic comb, choose the bristle material and wooden comb to protect the hair from breaking, remove some dirt, stimulate the scalp, promote blood circulation in the head, and choose the right comb to prevent the hair from being pulled when combing. Falling to find icons.

Step 3 of Hair Care: Hair Intensive Care

If your hair is as fragile as a dandelion, you can’t stand any external force, and it will fall from the hair root when you comb gently. You need to do intensive care for your hair to strengthen the hair roots. The method is very simple, as long as the shampoo roots and tonic essence are squeezed on the 5 fingers of the finger after the shampoo, then the double fingers are printed on the belly, so that the ten fingers are evenly covered with the essence, and the hands are gently Insert the hair, spread the essence evenly with your fingertips and press the hair root to help the essence absorb quickly. The massage is easy to comb in front, middle and back. Use one at a time, use it every other day, and continue to use it for 14 days. It can effectively improve the damage of hair roots, and the hair is full and full, and completely bid farewell to the fragile and easy-to-fall dandelion hair.

Step 4 of Hair Care: Post-Wash Care

The cleaned hair must be dried with a clean towel, then dried to fall asleep, and try to choose a natural air dryer instead of a hair dryer to reduce the use of the hair dryer, which can greatly reduce the damage to the hair and prevent the loss of hair moisture. If it is inevitable to use the hair dryer, it is recommended to shorten the use time as much as possible, and comb the knotted area with a comb before blowing, and apply the previously mentioned active essence at the hair root to protect the hair from damage. It also makes hair easier to shape.

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First, FUE Hair Transplant

Hair transplant

Monomer hair follicle cultivation and regeneration technology, concentrated hair follicle extraction from the occipital part of the back, using a patented fine device monomer transplantation. Suitable for: large or serious hair loss area, up to 3,000 units at a time, the effect is ideal.

Second, FUE

The non-knife hair transplantation technology uses a FUE micro-electric device imported from South Korea to extract the hair follicles from the posterior occipital region in a discrete manner, and transplants the hair cells to the hair loss site according to the direction of hair growth. Suitable for: people with large hair loss area or perfection, single extraction of hair follicles, no suture removal, quick healing, no traces, can go to 25… units at a time. At present, China has already possessed the second generation FUE non-marking hair growth technology.

Third, the second generation of FUE

The second-generation FUE non-marking hair-planting technology is currently the most advanced single-planting technology in the world, and a hair-planting technology developed by domestic hair transplanting institutions. This hair growth technology is mainly a hair growth technology developed for hair loss people. This planting technology not only inherits the characteristics of traditional FUE hair transplantation technology, but also greatly reduces the damage rate of hair follicles. The speed of hair removal is about 3 to 5 times higher than that of traditional FUE.

Fourth, FUE bloodless hair transplant technology

There is no blood stasis hair transplant technology, that is, no blood stasis micron-level wound transplantation technology. Based on the FUE/FUT hair-planting technology, the core breakthrough of micro-technology created, the technology from “point” to “face”, without “micro” does not reflect the existence of micro-technology. The bloodless hair transplant technology has achieved micro-trauma in hair transplant surgery, less bleeding, quick recovery, no blood stasis after hair transplant, eliminating the need to clear blood stasis, and let the success rate of hair transplant surgery reach for the first time. 100%. And because of the use of “micron pore remanufacturing technology”, the operation has very little bleeding, high density, natural and no postoperative operation. Therefore, in the hair transplant surgery system, various “punching” techniques of domestic hemorrhage, large pore size and thin density have been eliminated. Not only that, the birth of micron technology in the operation more deeply guarantees the scalp cortex and hair follicle activity fit, while ensuring the healthy transplantation of healthy hair follicles, the vitality of the hair follicle after transplantation is guaranteed, and the hair follicle transplantation stimulation is rapidly shortened. The resulting hair follicle biological rest period allows the hair to grow rapidly after transplantation, reaching the ideal state of natural high density.

Recovery Period / Hair Transplantation

Best Hair Transplant Surgeon In Pakistan are world top best Surgeon 1-3 months after hair transplantation, this time period is the hair loss period of the hair transplant, the newly grown hair will be uneven, and it will be unevenly long, and the hair transplanting friends are in various moods. Very irritating, serious even affects sleep and diet, the so-called “old does not go, new does not come”, the little hairs that grow out are actually the hair of the hair follicles, because of mechanical stimulation and lack of nutrition will be The new hair comes out until it falls off, and the new hair is the hair that never comes off.

After four months of hair transplant, about four and a half months of hair transplanting, the hair that has fallen has grown. About 65% of the hair grows in six months, and 95% of the hair grows out after nine months. The hair transplant is basically shaped, and the hair style can be shaped normally, and the best growth effect can be achieved after one year.