Shaved Head Benefits ?

The more the hair is cut, the faster it grows? The shaved head has these benefits for the hair!

The more the hair is cut, the faster it grows? The shaved head has these benefits for the hair! Guide: Many people believe that shaving hair often promotes hair growth. The more the hair is shaved, the harder the beard is. The child is born with very thin hair, more shaving, and shaving more hair will be fine. Does this make sense?

This is a long-argued topic. Intuitively telling us that the method of shaving the hair to deal with hair loss is not scientific, but many people in experience do feel that the hair is getting more and more shaved, so what is the truth?

Is the shaved head reliable?

After shaving the hair grows faster and better, it is just a wishful thinking.

Because human hair grows from hair follicles, whether hair grows fast, the diameter and color of hair depends largely on the function of hair follicles. The hair follicles are actually deep in the skin. The shaving is only the shear on the surface. It will affect the hair follicles, so it will not affect the hair condition.
Why do many netizens think that the hair is getting shaved and thicker?
Although the truth is correct, many people actually feel that after shaving, the hair grows faster. The most typical example is the beard. The person who often shaves feels that the beard grows faster and faster. The beard that has just been scraped in the morning, the beard has grown a lot in a few days, and the newly grown beard is particularly hard. Why is this?
The biggest reason is the visual error. The roots of the hair (beard) are larger than the hair skill, so after shaving the hair, the hair will feel harder and more. In addition, the same growth of 1cm hair, 0cm to 1cm change is obvious, but 5cm to 6cm is not so obvious, this illusion makes people think that just shaved hair grows faster. Finally, some hair loss patients have no longer grow their hair for a certain length, but when these hairs are shaved, they can intuitively feel that they are growing, so they give the illusion that hair grows faster.

Of course, there is another reason why it is not necessary to mention that during the process of shaving the hair (the beard), the hair follicles do receive some stimulation. These stimuli may cause some hair to accelerate, which is especially noticeable on the beard. The shaving is repeated scraping and can produce some massage-like effects.

Shaving your hair may be a really good way

If you have serious hair loss, dandruff, and folliculitis, then it may be a good choice to shave your hair. Most people in world are more resistant to bald heads. In fact, if you think about it carefully, the benefits of shaving your head are very good!

1, Reduce psychological stress

People who have serious hair loss, especially men, may not be able to take care of your hair loss u go anywhere and worry about people laughing at your hair loss problem, then it is better to shave a bald head to relieve psychological stress. On the one hand, the shaved head makes the image of the hair loss less obvious. On the one hand, it is convenient for you to wash your hair, massage, and medication. It is conducive to treatment. Why not? Quoting a netizen’s sentence: “Alopecia is a disease, but a bald head is a hairstyle.” What is this open-minded attitude and hair loss?

2, Easy to clean the scalp

Without hair interference, cleaning the scalp becomes much easier, especially for those who love oil. The scalp may never really be cleaned, the scalp is cleaned, and it is good for newly grown hair.

3, Convenient medication and massage

For example, with drugs such as minoxidil, there is no interference from the hair, FUE Hair Transplant In Lahore application and absorption of the drug are more efficient, and the scalp massage can maximize the therapeutic effect.

4, reduce the friction between the hair
The friction between the hair, static electricity, and traction are also the causes of hair loss. The effects of these external forces are basically lost after shaving, and the number of hair loss will definitely decrease relative to before.

5, Placebo effect

After shaving the bald head, people will have some psychological hints, such as “the old does not go new,” “hair to grow again” and so on, which is actually a good thing. There is a placebo effect in medicine. It can also have a positive impact on the recovery of many diseases by psychological comfort. Who would dare to say that these ideas will not have a good impact on hair growth?
In short, although the more shaved the hair is, the better the argument is, the shaved head does have some benefit to the hair, depending on whether you have this courage. Lahore and Islamabad people are more bald and have more hair loss. Most people choose to shave their heads. It looks so handsome and cool, and full of masculinity! If the problem of hair loss has already made you feel hard, then shaving is a positive change.