Undetectable/Unshaven Follicular Unit Extraction.

With an U-FUE hair transplant, the you simply stands for unshaven or undetectable. A traditional FUE is performed with the donor area shaved to have access to the maximum number of hairs possible to harvest. The U-FUE however, is next advancement in the treatment of hair loss.

The U-FUE Procedure

Like a traditional FUE transplant, hairs are extracted one by one from a donor area.  The U-FUE treatment, on the other hand, is more delicate and requires huge skill on the part of your surgeon to spot the healthiest hairs. Once the hair is extracted, the strands of hair are cut off, leaving only the grafts to be implanted.

The grafts are then blended into the thinning or balding areas in such a way as to match the natural growing characteristics of your original hair.

Due to the minimaly invasive nature of the procedure, patients often fall asleep while grafts are removed and transplanted, often while watching a DVD.

U-FUE can give very natural results because individual hair follicles are removed, only small, scares which are virtually not visible and post-surgical pain and discomfort is minimized. Patients are able to return to work the next day. The procedure is very effective and has no side effects.

The hairs on the nape continue to grow and they do not fall out. The roots of these hairs are unexposed to the destructive affects of hormones. Thus, it is possible to take healthy roots of hairs from a nape and to transplant them to the bald area of a head. Thus, they will grow for all your life the same way grew on the nape. By using the FUE method we can extract hairs from your body, chest, leg, back, and beard.

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