PRP Treatment Center in Lahore

PRP Treatment Center in Lahore

The prp injection treatment for the hair after the hair transplant is very important. The PRP treatment Center in Lahore provides the best hair treatment and if the treatment is not be made after the hair transplant, the patient will ultimately loose the strength of hair and the desired density will not be achievable.

This treatment have to done 3 to 4 times a year after the hair transplant. This method has proven its effectiveness in the world of aesthetics, of which it is a non-surgical choice and even without side effects. This considers as one of the autologous medical procedures that applies to the scalp where it supports the hair growth and the health of the skin.

This treatment is based on a sample taken from the patient’s blood, then this sample is coagulated to obtain plasma rich in platelets (auto-platelets), and after, it is injected at the level of the head, to renew the damaged cells, which leads to the production of new cells in the body and the regeneration of tissues and to promote the growth of new blood vessels to stop hair loss.

PRP Treatment for which is applicable?

For men
hereditary baldness,
Weak hair,
the greasy scalp,
which suffers from fat dandruff,
Iron and vitamin B deficiency,
People who have done a hair transplant before.
And for many similar factors you are guaranteed process success.

For women
A deficiency in thyroid hormone,
The period of pregnancy and after childbirth,
Excessive use of dye and dryer.
And for many similar factors you are guaranteed process success.

When can we see the precise and final results of PrP Hair treatment?
It is possible to see a simple redness and itchy feeling after the treatment but it carry on a very short time. The result appears in two or three months. The hair growth after the treatment will be shorter as compared to the normal situation as the new hair are thicker and stronger than the early one.

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