Postoperative care After hair Transplantation in 2018

Postoperative care After hair Transplantation


1 Antibiotic: 3 times a day after surgery, 2 capsules each time, taken after meals, taking 4 days.

2 Painkillers: When your wounds are uncomfortable or painful (or as directed by your doctor), take 1 tablet orally, 6 hours apart.

3, should avoid irritating food within 7 days after surgery, temporarily banned alcohol, stop using aspirin, and vitamin E will help to avoid oozing

4, a small number of patients will have mild edema on the third or fourth day after surgery, which is a normal phenomenon. To reduce swelling, you can: raise your head when you sleep for the first three days after surgery; use an ice pack on your forehead and both sides of the head (3-5 minutes/time) to relieve edema. Note: Please do not apply the ice pack to the transplant.

5, within a few hours after surgery will form a small blood stasis in the operation area, please do not forcefully grasp these small suede within 10 days after surgery. It will fall off on its own within 2 weeks after surgery. More than two weeks of small blood sputum requirements must be removed to prevent unnecessary infection.

6, 24 hours after surgery can come to the hospital for free irrigation; the fourth day after surgery began normal gentle shampoo. Pour a small amount of shampoo into the palm of your hand, gently rub the hair at the transplant, then rinse off with water.

Note: Do not pour the shampoo directly onto the transplant. Do not rub the scalp with a towel. Use a towel to gently drain the water or use a hair dryer to dry the hair.

On the tenth day after surgery, please come to the line. Before the suture removal, there will be a slight tightness in the hair supply area of ​​the pillow. It is a normal phenomenon. Do not wash your hair within 24 hours after the thread is removed.

7, 15-40 days after surgery, the transplanted hair will fall off, the new hair 2-3 months began to grow, (generally 1cm / month speed) after about 6 months, about 70%, can see the initial effect After about 9 months, the rest will grow out to achieve the desired clinical results.


8, oral administration of ACMETEA repair factor 3 months after surgery to ensure that newborn cells simultaneously prevent neonatal cell changes

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