Most Common Hair Questions- Hair Skill

How does hair grow faster?

Answer:  Want to make your hair look faster, you have to cut your hair every month? Is it true that the child-washing habits and hairdressing secrets are true? Before you are ready to change your favorite bottle of shampoo or decide to comb 100 times before going to bed, let us take a look at the truth about hair health!

If you use the same shampoo for a long time, will your hair be immune?

Answer: Shampoos only take on their job, which is to clean the hair. The chemicals contained in shampoos can improve the hair quality, but long-term use will inevitably leave a residue, then you will find that the hair becomes dry and dull. But this is not the relationship between hair and immune to this shampoo. At this time, you can use a deep cleansing clarifying shampoo or a scalp deep cleanser at a frequency of 1-2 times a month to remove the residual substances accumulated in daily shampoo and restore the natural oil secretion of the hair. .

Rinse with cold water to make your hair soft and shiny?

Answer: After completing the wash program, rinse your hair with cold water for about 10 seconds to make your hair softer. This is because cold water can help close the stratum corneum of the hair, allowing it to reflect light. However, this effect is short-lived. If you want to maintain a smooth and radiant long-lasting effect, you can use hair care oil after shampooing and blowing to lock the nutrients and moisture in the scales.

Should you apply shampoo from the top of your head?


Answer: Most people are used to putting shampoo on top of the most oily head and then adding water to remove the foam. In fact, this practice is very dangerous, and it is also the culprit leading to reduced hair volume and baldness. The first contact with this area of ​​shampoo is most difficult to rinse thoroughly, and it is easy to have shampoo residue. The correct way to do this is to first apply the shampoo to the palm of your hand and apply a rich lather to the hair. Long hair can be placed in the middle of the hair, and then gradually licked to the top of the head scalp, reducing the damage caused by shampoo residue on the scalp.

It doesn’t matter if the conditioner is used?


Answer: For those who are slender and want to make their hair richer and more fluffy, the most indispensable daily care step is to use conditioner. The reason is that conditioner can help you create a richer, more fluffy hair texture in the subsequent blows, while fighting the damage of hot air to the hair. In addition, changing the order of washing is also a trick to make hair more abundant. Star hair stylist George Papanikolas recommends using conditioner before shampooing and then using shampoo. This will make the hair more hydrated, reduce hair loss and dryness, and the hair will be more plump and fluffy after washing. However, when applying conditioner, apply it from the ear position to avoid applying hair root and scalp with conditioner.

 Does hot water fade the dyed hair and make the hair dry?


Answer: Yes, shampooing with hot water can easily cause the hair to fade after dyeing, and the overheated water will take away the moisture in the hair and dry the hair. Therefore, please be careful not to wash your hair with too hot water. Heat can also cause damage to your hair. When entering the sauna or shower, bring a shower cap and take off until you start washing your hair.

Dyeing hair will change the hair texture?


Answer: The chemical composition of the hair dye removes the protective layer of the hair itself, allowing the pigment particles to remain on the hair. The pigment particles will cause the hair to expand and become thicker. For people with fine hair and low hair volume, the hair fullness effect caused by hair dyeing is especially noticeable. It is worth noting that the natural protective layer of the hair will be destroyed and the hair will be damaged. but if your hair is totally damage Hair Transplant In Islamabad is resolve your damage hair issue It is recommended to use a nourishing hair mask for deep repair in the final step of shampooing after dyeing. Even if you don’t use shampoo to wash your hair, you can wrap your hair with a hair mask containing  butter,  fruit and olive oil moisturizing ingredients. Leave for 5-10 minutes and rinse.

Often combing hair can make hair healthier?

Answer: Even if you comb your hair 100 times a day before going to bed, it won’t make your hair better, and it may also be counterproductive. In fact, excessive combing can damage the stratum corneum of the hair, leaving the hair dull and dull, and it is easy to break the hair. Therefore, you only need to comb the hair when it is unkempt, and the soft natural bristle comb has the least damage to the hair. Negative ion hair combs also provide excellent and rapid smoothing of the roughing effect when the hair is rough.

 Long-term ponytail in the same position will lead to partial hair loss?


Answer: This phenomenon is called pull-down hair loss. Long-term binding of the hair to the hair in a certain position will damage the hair follicles in this area and stop the growth of new hair. It’s a good idea to change the position of the pony tail often, or change the hairstyle a lot. Not only the ponytail, the constant headband shape and the hairpin will cause hair follicles in the same area to be damaged, posing a risk of baldness.

 Is the shampoo that is a combination of care and protection an artifact?

Answer: The role of shampoo is to clean, while conditioner can shrink hair scales to nourish and lubricate. When using a shampoo that is washed and protected, the scales have shrunk without being rinsed out, and thorough cleaning cannot be achieved. So, no matter what, please say goodbye to any product that is a combination of care and protection.

Often trimming can speed up the hair’s long speed?

Answer: Hair grows from the roots, not the ends. Regular trimming can trim the tip of the hair or the damaged part of the shape, making the hair of the hair healthier, but this has nothing to do with the growth of the hair root. In general, hair grows at about 1.25cm a month, and even if you trim it every week, it won’t grow faster.

Here, I would like to explain to you the use and effect of moisturizing, hair care and conditioner. Although the functions of moisturizing and hair care are similar, the conditioner is completely different!

1, Hair Conditioner

The purpose is to give hair moisturizing and nutrition. Adding beneficial hair components such as protein has the effect of repairing damaged heads from within.

2, Hair Care Milk

The purpose is to coat the surface layer of the buttercup. The coated surface protects the scales and smoothes the hair. In addition, there is also a role in protecting nutrients from loss of nutrients.

3, Moisturizing

Like the hair care lotion, it has the function of covering the hair layer. Because it is more moisturizing than the moisturizing conditioner, the effect of repairing the surface is better. Recently, many people use hair care lotion.

As described above, the use and effects of conditioners and hair conditioners are much different. And the usage is different. “Hair conditioner” is to let the nutrients penetrate into the hair and repair the damage from the inside, so it takes a little time for the ingredients to be absorbed after being applied. However, “hair care” and “moisturizing” only make the hair layer smooth, so it is meaningless to spend time waiting. After smearing the hair on average, rinse directly.

Hair conditioner and hair care lotion are both correct

Some people may wonder which one to use, but the answer is “both use.” But if you can use shampoo, conditioner and hair care (runner) together, it will be the best!

For example, when maintaining skin, first wash your face, then moisturize with a lotion, and finally, in order to prevent water loss, cover the skin surface with lotion. The same reason as this, wash your hair with shampoo, moisturize with conditioner, and then use hair conditioner to smooth the hair to release the layer. These three steps are essential to keep healthy hair.