Male Baldness is Difficult to Regenerate

Male Baldness is Difficult to Regenerate ?


Normal people will lose 70 to 100 hairs a day, but at the same time there will be as many new hair growths, with a growth rate of about 0.30 to 0.3 mm per day. Some people suffer from autoimmune diseases, or their mental stress is too high, their rest is not good, their hair will fall off more, and even form alopecia hair loss (alopecia areata), or the entire scalp hair will fall off (full baldness). The hair follicles of this patient are still using hormones to suppress excessive immune response, or to relieve mental stress, pay attention to rest, and the hair can grow again.

More troublesome is male baldness, it is difficult to grow hair again after being bald. Doc said that males secrete more androgen, mainly testosterone, which is converted to more active dihydro testosterone under the action of reductase in the body, while human forehead and scalp hair follicle cells in the head have more males. Hormone receptors, when combined, cause malnutrition or even atrophy of hair follicles, leading to permanent hair loss. This receptor in the scalp of the back of the head is less and less sensitive, so this part of the hair generally does not fall off. These patients’ scalp often excretion of sebum is too strong, so it is also called seborrheic alopecia. Some studies have suggested that excessive oil can block hair follicles, causing nutritional disorders of hair follicles, causing hair follicles to shrink, leading to hair loss and baldness.

Baldness can affect a person’s image and even impair mental health, so patients will look for a variety of treatments. Doctor’s said that patients with male alopecia need to take Mideastern to inhibit -eductase to reduce hair loss. During treatment, patients should pay attention to light diet, eat less greasy, spicy, fried foods, and can also supplement some B vitamins adjutant therapy. Patients can usually comb their hair and beat the scalp, which can increase the blood circulation of the hair follicle and help the hair growth.

Hair transplant to cut the scalp


If the hair follicle has deteriorated, the patient can consider hair transplant. Hair transplant is to cut a very thin banded scalp with hair on the back of the head. There are about 10,000 hair follicles on it. It is divided into small units by machine. There are two hair follicles on each unit. Directional holes are planted into the bald area. The doctor will also stretch the scalp of the back of the head, just like before the operation.

Dr.  co-founder of the  Anti-Health Fraud Committee, said that hair transplant surgery also has scalp extension, scalp expansion, flap transplantation, etc. These procedures are expensive and often have a risk of failure, sometimes being removed from the hair. The area cannot be renewed. Even if the hair transplant is successful, the effect is not permanent.

After transplanting, the  of the hair is still not good, there are androgen receptors in the hair, and the hair will fall off again. Generally, the bald hair transplant needs to be planted two or three times, and combined with drug treatment, it will have a good effect. Since the hair is scattered in the hair, there is a certain distance between the hair follicle and the hair follicle, so the hair density is reduced, and it will be found sparse in the near future. Moreover, hair follicles have a limited life span, and transplanted hair may gradually fall off over time.

Weaving hair, wearing a wig or accepting the image of baldness may be a better choice than hair transplant.Doctors said that many patients now choose to wear wigs, which is not only convenient to use, but also avoids the pain and trouble of doing surgery. For which side of the choice, or pay attention to their choices, personal advice at the time is still hair, in their own body.

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