Is Hair dyeing damage your Hair?

Is Hair dyeing damage your Hair?

Hair dyeing is a common thing for young men and women. Generally, there are more yellows. Of course, there are other colors. In order to catch up with fashion trends, many people even dye hair several times a year. Can hair reduce damage to yourself? In addition, the choice of dyed hair color should also pay attention to their skin color, what color of hair dyed white?

What is the danger of dyeing more hair?

Nowadays, people are pursuing individuality. Many young men and women have dyed their hair. When dyeing their hair, they can smell the chemical smell of hair dye. The dyed hair is not absolutely healthy. Generally speaking, it is slightly healthy and qualified hair dye. You can dye your hair twice a year. You can avoid repeated hot dyeing of hair within three months. Generally, you can dye it once a year. Let’s talk about the harm of hair dyeing.

1, hair damage

People who have dyed their hair have a deep understanding. As time goes by, the hair will become worse and worse. When dyeing hair, the protein in the hair will be less, the water will be out of balance, the hair will lose luster and toughness, and it will be easy to fork and knot. It is also very dry, the more times it is dyed, the greater the damage to the hair, so it is not appropriate to dye the hair frequently.

2, Skin Allergy

Many chemicals are added to the hair dye. These substances may cause itching, allergies, dermatitis, blistering, and epidermal necrosis. Hair dyes may also stimulate hair follicles, causing hair follicle atrophy. , causing hair loss, often hair loss will be very serious.

3, Poisoning caused by cancer

More serious hair dyeing can cause chronic poisoning in the human body and even cause cancer. Hair dyes contain a lot of metal substances, which are absorbed by the scalp and enter the human body. Metal substances are difficult to discharge from the body. Poisoning, destroying human organs, and hair dyes contain carcinogens such as aniline and phenol. If absorbed by the body, it will cause cell mutation, leading to cancers such as skin cancer, leukemia and breast cancer.if your issue increased day by day contact Best Hair Transplant Surgeon In Pakistan  When dyeing hair, try to choose good hair dye products and reduce contact. Harmful Substance.

What color of hair dyed skin white

Many women like to make hair, beautiful hair style can add a lot of points to their appearance, Asian skin is generally yellowish, some girls may have a deeper skin color, if you dyed a color that is not suitable for you, not only because of hairstyle Extra points, but will be reduced because of the black, this is what girls do not want to see, then, what color will the hair dyed to look good and white?

1, Dark brown
The color of dark brown is very beautiful, it won’t be particularly high-profile. It is also very versatile and youthful. It is the choice of many people when dyeing hair. This color is darker and will not appear black. The person who dyed the hair for the first time highly recommends this color, and generally does not make mistakes. In addition, the colors of other brown lines are also more white, such as maroon and candy brown. These colors can be selected according to their own preferences.

2, Wine red
The wine red is a very gas color, the long hair is red and charming, the short hair is red and smart, and the color is suitable for a wide range. It looks very unique, the crowd is very picky, the wine is also red. More obvious, if the skin itself is whiter, it will be more white. If you like this color, you can try it.

3, Dark brown
The skin itself is yellowish and blacker. It is not suitable for very bright colors, such as light yellow, gray, light brown. These will form a color contrast with the skin, which will appear darker. You can choose a darker color than the skin. It is a dark brown color that is a good choice. It can cover some of the yellowing of the skin, making it white and not too monotonous.