Is FUE better than FUT? The misunderstanding of the hair transplanting world!

Is FUE better than FUT? The Misunderstanding of the hair transplanting world!

Once upon a time, there was a wave of thought between the hairdressing industry and many friends: FUE surgery must be better than FUT surgery, and some hair transplant hospitals claimed that FUT is a relatively backward hair transplant technology. In fact, FUT and FUE are not strictly good or bad, these are just two different surgical methods. FUT and FUE are just like the love of radish greens, each with its own value. Said FUE must be better than FUT, this is a big joke!

Hair transplant is to transplant the healthy hair follicles of the posterior occidental region to the hair loss area, or to other places where hair is lacking. Because the hair follicles of the posterior occidental region are not born, the transplanted hair follicles are also permanent, so that Completely solve the problem of hair loss, or other types of hair problems.
UT and FUE are two mainstream hair transplant procedures in the world. Even though many hair transplanting institutions in the country have different hair-planting techniques, they are all based on these two technologies. It is this truth that the so-called change does not leave its sect.

The FUT needs to be opened, a flap is taken from the posterior Occident, separated under a high power microscope, placed in a the rmost , and planted in a hair loss area or other area where hair is absent. FUE is a non-knife implant surgery. FUE Hair Transplant In Lahore is best for all kind of hair surgeries .It does not need to extract the flap from the posterior occiput or use suture technique. It only uses a special instrument to remove the hair follicle from the posterior occidental part and then plant it in the hair loss area according to the growth direction of the hair. Other places that lack hair. It can be seen that the two hair-planting techniques of FUT and FUE are mainly different in the way of extracting hair follicles, and basically the same in planting.
The FUT and FUE technologies have their own advantages and disadvantages. In the case of developed countries in Europe and America, the amount of surgery for FUT and FUE is equally divided, roughly equivalent. According to a senior hair transplant expert, Americans tend to use FUT surgery, while Europeans tend to use FUE surgery, which is determined by the skin condition and hair condition of the hair loss in their respective areas. In many European and American hair transplant experts, FUT and FUE are two different methods of hair transplantation. There is no question of who is better than anyone. As long as the source is sufficient and the standard operation is performed, both of them can achieve good hair growth effects.
At home, let’s not say who has blown FUE to the sky, but it is absolutely true that whoever takes the FUT to the ground. It is understood that two-thirds of the hair transplant hospitals in mainland China have already swept the FUT surgery out. The reason for their voice is nothing more than: FUT is outdated, it is a technology that has been eliminated; you do not need FUE to show that you are a laggard.
We can neither downplay the FUT nor downgrade the FUE, but only complement each other. Being a responsible hospital should be “dialectical” rather than abandoning one of them. Why are there so many hospitals in the mainland that depreciate and eliminate FUT? It turns out that these hospitals have no talent for FUT surgery. For doctors who have just entered the business, FUT is far more difficult than FUE. FUT has at least many years of surgical skills, otherwise you will not open the knife and dare to open the knife; and FUE only extracts the hair follicles individually, it is easy to get started, generally there are A few months of experience can be used.
The combination of FUT and FUE does not mean that each implant surgery is transplanted by FUT+FUE, which is also a misunderstanding. After analysis, we believe that the combination of FUT and FUE includes three methods: one is simple FUT surgery, the other is simple FUE surgery, and the third is FUE+FUT surgery. Which method is used depends on your own hair loss. It can be seen that we did not maliciously degrade FUE when we “song” for FUT, and some patients can simply use FUE.

Is FUT good or FUE? This is a pseudo problem in itself. Because the two have their own benefits, just like the green radish has their own love, sometimes the greens and radishes eat better together, this reason transplanted in the hair transplant industry is: sometimes FUE and FUT combined to do better hair transplant And take into account the long-term interests of friends.