How to make hair grow faster? Hair growth speed

How to make hair grow faster? Hair growth speed


In life, many people will encounter such a situation. After seeing the hair, the hair style is not ideal, so I hope to know how to make the hair grow faster, let the hair grow as long as possible and then re-do the hairstyle! But at this stage, how to make hair grow faster, this problem still has no ideal solution in the field of hair research!

On the contrary, on the Internet, or in the street talks that people have heard in word of mouth, there are many magical ways to make hair grow faster, so these so-called quick ways to make hair can really solve How to make hair grow faster? These so-called secrets, or so-called remedies, can really make our hair grow faster? Let’s analyze it together.

In general, the hair growth rate averages about 0.3-0.4 mm per day and grows 1-1.2 cm per month. Adult women grow faster than adult males, but before puberty, boys grow faster than girls. Summer grows faster than winter and grows faster during the day than at night. During the lifetime of a person, hair growth is fastest during the age of 15-30 years, and the growth rate is gradually slower after 30 years old.

From this, we can analyze that the growth rate of hair is only related to people’s gender, age, season and other factors, and the connection of other so-called other factors is difficult to find conclusive evidence. How do we make our hair grow faster? Is there any practical way to do this?

From the growth rate of hair, it is not difficult to find out the key to how to make hair grow faster. It depends on whether the hair can absorb enough nutrients, that is, the child who is growing up. If the nutrition is sufficient, the child can naturally grow stronger. However, if the nutritional supplement is not timely, or the nutritional intake is not comprehensive, naturally it will not grow healthily!

In other words, the key to how to make hair grow faster is whether the nutrients extracted by the human body can fully satisfy the growth needs of the hair, so supplementing nutrition is the most effective way to make hair grow faster. There are many ways to eat, but most of them are very complicated if you any complication visit Hair Transplant In Pakistan.

Since hair tissue is almost entirely composed of keratin, this keratin is synthesized in the human body by nearly twenty amino acid substances. So simply speaking, the nutrients needed to supplement hair, such as protein and amino acids, are nutrients that make hair grow fast and irreplaceable.

In addition to supplementing the hair, there are other aspects that are needed to make the hair grow faster, such as keeping the hair clean, paying attention to the nutritional balance of the diet, maintaining adequate sleep, and optimistic emotions. Will form a virtuous circle and also help the growth of hair. In addition, if you want your hair to grow fast, you need to maintain a good mood every day. Every day, you will be happy, no troubles, your hair will grow faster.

Summarizing the above, we can get the following three conclusions: how to make hair grow faster:

First, eat a lot of food that is good for hair growth, such as green vegetables, beans and seaweed.

Second, reduce or avoid eating foods that are not conducive to hair growth, such as cakes, fast food, carbonated drinks, ice cream, etc. These are mostly foods that young women like. If they eat too much, they can affect the normal growth of hair and are prone to curling or white hair. Excessive smoking can also affect hair growth.

Third, a lot of exercise, strengthen the maintenance of hair is also the answer to make hair grow faster! Usually pay attention to the hygiene and cleanliness of the head, massage the scalp as much as possible, and then properly strengthen the physical exercise to make our hair get a healthy growth environment, thus accelerating growth!

In short, the growth rate of hair is not obvious in human intervention, but what kind of egg vinegar shampoo is common in life can only be regarded as hair witchcraft, which does not accelerate the growth of hair, so how to make hair grow long The most reasonable answer to this question is to do just the above three points!