Hair Transplant in Lahore

The cosmetic surgery for baldness is essentially for androgenetic alopecia that is to say for the loss of hair of genetic and hormonal origin; it represents 90% of cases. Prior consultation is therefore essential to correctly set the operative indication and optimize the results.

In our Center Hair Transplant in Lahore, we strive to naturally reproduce the hair by using the most miniaturized implants possible:

• the mini-transplant: 3 to 4 or even 5 hair
• micro grafting: 1 to 2 hair

With respect to the follicular anatomy (the roots are naturally grouped into small “families” of 1 to 3 bulbs that we respect). This surgery reaches a very high level of aesthetics.

The procedure is performed under pure local anesthesia, with or without a relaxing pre-medication.

A strip of hair is taken back (donor area) in the occipital region where the hair is programmed to last the whole life, a length of 10 to 20 cm and 1 to 2 cm wide depending on the flexibility of the scalp, the density of the hair and the number of grafts planned. These parameters will have been defined during the initial consultation.

This band is immediately supported by the team that will cut it according to the criteria already seen above.

The area to be grafted (recipient zone) is then prepared: Local anesthesia, infiltration of the scalp to allow the realization of the incisions of very small sizes (punctual or in the aspect of slits), corresponding to those of the grafts to be put in place. The incisions are counted and correspond strictly to the number of grafts prepared.

Finally, 2 or 3 assistants will insert meticulously the grafts.

Our technique, as you can see, is only manual. We do not use any mechanized instruments for sampling, cutting or re-implantation. We save as much hair as possible compared to these much faster, but hair wasting means.

The laser is totally useless for sampling. Its use for reimplantation has shown slower and less reliable regrowth because of the “charring of the banks”.

Our meticulous technique, totally manual, as we have just seen, is necessarily longer, lasting a total of 2 to 4 hours.

The suites are in simple rules:

• The patient leaves the hair skill at the end of the procedure, without dressing, after having relaxed at will in a room at his disposal.
• Resumption of a possible activity the next day
• At the level of the donor zone, the scar is made of an invisible cicatricial line under the hair
• Sometimes occurrence of edema of the forehead on the 3rd, 4th day, always benign
• Gentle shampoo can be done after 48 hours

As for the grafts, the hair shaft (external visible part of the hair) may fall during the following month. The follicle, alive of course, remains in place. The hair cycle continues and regrowth will begin from the 3rd month.
Who can benefit from this hair surgery? The man, most frequently, but also the woman, of any age (from 19 to 85 years!).

Diffuse baldness is the most commonly reported indication, but it is quite possible to treat an accidental scar, surgical or any other origin of the scalp.

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