Learn About Hair Transplant From Current Patients

The ability and technique of the surgeon’s hair restoration vary widely, as does their results.

The hair transplant operation can restore your natural hair that grows throughout life.

When this is done right, the result is so natural that even a stylist cannot reveal it.

Today, hair transplant surgery is a one-day procedure the patient only requires local anesthesia. Most patients are astonished at how little or no discomfort they may have during or after surgery.

This site will help you learn how to become a hair transplant, the procedure is more advanced and more natural and which doctors all over the world perform through prominent surgery for hair restoration.

Who is the candidate:

Most people who are with a can benefit from medical hair transplant. Women can benefit from the hair restoration operation if they are with a in concentrated areas similar to the classic model of men’s squamous cells.

However, some people are good candidates for medical hair transplant or than others and will achieve the most dramatic results of hair restoration. In two male patients, the hair transplant shown below illustrates how some patients depending on their hair characteristics can achieve a dramatic improvement with fewer grafts.

Note that the man on the left has only adopted 1,860 grays to reach the fullest view that the man on the right made 2995 grafts.

Different patients achieve different results in the end:

This section will help you learn what you can really achieve with hair transplant surgery. It is important to have realistic expectations and find a trained hair restorer who can meet or exceed your expectations.

Surgery for hair transplant is primarily a matter of demand and supply:


The results that can be achieved by surgery for medical hair transplant are determined by hair skill. But the critical variable is really a matter of demand and supply.

The hair supply will be as much as the donor-resistant donkey area you have on the back and side of the head (ie how many follicles can be obtained from this area without revealing it). The application is decided by how many bald areas (cells) you want to cover and at what degree of filling. To estimate the number of grafts you may need to use graft calculator.

Consult your doctor for hair skill:


To plan a medical consultation to evaluate your options, contact a qualified hair transplant in lahore. An experienced doctor on medical hair transplant will offer a professional assessment and a plan for medical hair transplant (not surgical and / or surgical), as well as a total cost estimate.

Your cell rate (bald), now and in the future, determines the possibilities of restoring your hair’s medical attention.

Hair transplants have evolved dramatically over the past decade. Today, when done right, it is a very refined ambulatory procedure that produces full and natural results.

Choosing the right procedure for hair transplant and doctor is absolutely critical:


When done correctly, even your hair stylist will not reveal that you have had hair transplants. But it is absolutely critical the procedure and the clinical hair transplant you choose, where most surgeons who do hair transplant today are still using old procedures.

This site is directed and committed to providing you with the information and tools you need to avoid traps and achieve great results.


The best hair transplantation procedure – easy for the patient, but difficult for the staff:


The reason why only a minority of hair transplant surgeons really do the hair condition in art is really because the most advanced procedures and techniques require the staff very high levels of skills, experience and long time work.

To achieve this high level of quality of a clinic usually needs a large and well-trained staff that is devoted exclusively to making the hair transplant. However, clinical hair transplant should be able to provide the patient with naturalness and potential fullness in just one surgical session, quick recovery, and optimal use of their hair limited by donor areas. However, many clinics are not willing to devote time and resources to developing this optimal ability.

The procedure that is best for the patient:


Nowadays, follicular unit optimization allows the patient to achieve very natural results because it recreates and mimics the natural hair growth of the person, hair follicle.

Follicular Hair Transplant In Karachi is the first ever standard hair transplant procedure performed by many of today’s surgeons.

To understand why the results of this hair transplant procedure seem so natural, you must first understand how hair actually grows ,

As hair grows naturally in the scalp:


If you look closely at natural growing hair using the magnifying glass you will see that the hair actually grows in the clusters of one, two, three and four hairs.

These natural hair groups grow in irregular patterns on the scalp similar to the way the grass grows on a lawn. These clusters are technically referred to as hair skill.

The results of hair transplantation come from the nature of copying, hair for hair (hairs for hair):


Carefully shifting follicular units prepared in flood-resistant and back-to-back areas, doctors transplant these follicular by creating a natural hair pattern in empty areas (cells) for and better result visit Best Fue Cost In Pakistan.

To do this properly is a process that takes a lot of time. It requires a medical team of highly qualified and meticulous technicians working closely with the leading hair transplant doctor.

Advantages of hair transplantation with follicular on standard procedures:


Carefully prepare the follicular graft that contains the minimum of excess tissue of the scalp and are very small, compact structures. As a result, the graft adapts to very small crops that produce very little head trauma.

The use of smaller grafts, with less invasive cut, allows a large number of grafts to be transplanted into one session. In addition, small grafts can be placed together close to each other.

Careful reduction of donor tissue by the use of microscopes can produce more graphs


With the careful reduction of donor tissue in the naturally occurring follicles under enlargement (using microscopes), the maximum number of grafts intact and unharmed by certain quantities of donor tissue have been produced. And since the donor tissue in the patient is limited, this allows the patient to ultimately achieve the full coverage of the tulle space (cell).


Follicular Hair Transplant – Step by Step:


Below step by step is demonstrated today’s procedures on the art of hair transplant with commonly performed follicular hair follicles.

Today hair transplant surgery is a one-day procedure-the patient is only given local anesthesia. Most patients are astonished at how little or no discomfort, if any, appear during and after surgery. Many patients can watch TV or take a nap during the hair transplant procedure.


How Much Does It Cost To Transplant A Hair?

How Much Does It Cost To Transplant A Hair?


The world medical community agrees that hair transplant surgery is the only effective way to solve hair scarcity; medicines and wigs do nothing to treat hair loss. Since hair transplants are unheard of for many people, they may ask: what kind of surgery is hair transplant? How much does it cost to transplant a hair? We will explain the relevant issues.

Hair transplant surgery is an tautologous hair transplant and is currently the best medical treatment for hair loss in the world. Hair transplant surgery is roughly like this: take healthy hair from the back of the occiput or both sides, FUE Hair Transplant In Lahore  is very economical and without any sides effects. transplant it to the hair loss area to grow thick and natural new hair; because the back pillow and the hair on both sides have natural non-drop characteristics therefore, the transplanted hair is also permanently not dropped. Coupled with the superb hair transplant technology, the new hair is naturally perfect after hair transplant surgery. Never fall and be perfect, it constitutes the advantage of hair transplant surgery, which is unmatched by any other method.

So how much does it cost to transplant a hair? Fue hair transplantation is 10 to 15 rupees per hair follicle; ptt encryption technology hair transplantation is more than 10 rupees per hair follicle ; fut technology hair transplantation is 6 rupees per hair follicle . At present, there are three types of hair transplants in the mainstream. If some hospitals offer related promotions FUE Transplant Cost In Pakistan  price can be slightly lower. In this calculation: a 2500 hair follicle transplant surgery, fut is 15,000 rupees, fue is 25,000 rupees; ptt is nearly 30,000 rupees.

Is hair transplant expensive? We make a simple comparison with anti-off drugs. Many people with scarce hair buy a box of anti-detoxification drugs at a time , which is more than 100 yuan. On the surface, this cost is too cheap. The problem is that people who use drugs have to use it for many years, and some people use various kinds for four or five years. Anti-off and hair-producing drugs, a total of three or four thousand yuan. And these three or four thousand yuan cannot grow new hair, it is thrown money in vain. Hair transplant costs are also one or two thousand, which is not expensive compared to various anti-drugs.

Hair skill is the best hair transplant hospital in Pakistan , with second-generation fue and ptt encryption technology, which can make your hair transplant effect more perfect. At present, hair skill has a chain of institutions in lahore, islamabad, karachi, peshawre,. Relatively speaking, the cost of hair transplantation is not expensive, and friends can go to the above institutions to carry out hair transplantation.

Hair Transplant Surgery Physician Pharmacists and Nutritionists Recommendation

Hair Transplant Surgery Physician Pharmacists and Nutritionists Recommendation


The key to hair transplant surgery is the three steps of sending distributing and spreading. First, the physician must carefully obtain the hair follicles to be planted from the donor area (usually the posterior occidental portion that is not susceptible to male baldness), then carefully separate the removed hair and remove the damaged hair follicles that are not suitable for planting, and finally hair follicles are planted in the planned hair transplant area.

The way of sending and receiving can be divided into fut and fue. In the fut, a scalp with a healthy hair follicle is cut by the physician in the posterior occipital region, and fue uses a device to drill a sufficient amount of hair follicles in the posterior occipital region. The hair transplanting robot mentioned on the internet is actually a kind of fue, but the robot replaces the doctor to perform the action of drilling and sending. For a comparison of the two methods of hair loss, you can see the article comparing fut and fue for hair transplant surgery. The following figure shows the process of using the fut to send a pre-mark.

Each method of sending and receiving has advantages and disadvantages, and no one is best. Some clinics in the market will claim that the fut is not good for cutting the scalp. Fue is better for drilling hair follicles. In fact, it is just a kind of speech. Most of the clinics that say this are no fut or no way to get the fut. Otherwise, if the fut operation is done well, the scar will be very inconspicuous, and the surgery will not shave the hair at all. Cover it down, it will be fine if you go to work the next day. In fact, it is a very suitable method for many office workers who are not convenient to take time off. best Hair Transplant Cost In Lahore   best and economical surgery in pakistan In addition, some clinics will say that the fue hand drill will be better than the arras implant robot, which is also a kind of speech. In fact, many of these clinics are because they the amount of surgery is too small to buy the words of arras.

Only propaganda can do, and all other surgical procedures are actually unskilled in technology and equipment. Some clinics also use a very small number of roots to charge very low fees, but in doing so, the improvement in appearance is limited, and it will only cause problems for patients requiring secondary hair transplant. This kind of clinic that does not pay attention to technology and only pays attention to speech, we will recommend to avoid it. A truly excellent hair transplant clinic will definitely provide you with a variety of options such as fut, fue, and hair transplant robots, and even combine them at the same time to achieve the best results.

Distribution is a seemingly repetitive but very critical step. Whether it is through the fut or fue hair follicles, the damaged hair follicles must be removed by distributing the expert’s hair skill, and the hair follicles to be implanted are carefully repaired to remove excess tissue to ensure the physician’s final hair transplant process. Have the highest survival rate. In addition, if the time of leaving the human body is too long, the chance of survival of the hair follicle will decrease, so the distribution is not only in the finer, but also in the speed. Professional hair transplant teams even use high-powered microscopes for distribution. The distribution experts are not doctors, but their experience and skills are also the key to success! The picture below is the process of distributing the distribution technician. Fut hair transplant distribution process, remove excess tissue photo credit: follicular unit hair transplantation:

The hair is the moment of the physician’s beauty and the complete presentation of the technology. In addition to the high and low survival rate of the sputum, the hair transplant is a cosmetic surgery, the focus is not only to grow the hair, but whether it can achieve the expected beauty standard after surgery is the key to surgery. To achieve the same visual effect in different areas, the required planting density will vary. In addition, the shape of the hairline, as well as the direction and angle of hair growth, can affect the patient’s postoperative satisfaction. The picture below is actually the process of seeding.

Hair Planting Benefits and Risks

Hair Planting Benefits and Risks



Hair planting can be the most effective way and the only permanent solution to a satisfactory result. By hair we understand, planting your hair in the falling part of the scalp from the back of the scalp. The hair cut candidate should have greater hair density at the back of the scalp, his hair should be thick and wavy, and he must be in a good physical condition. Women usually do not have any good distribution of hair loss, so they are not good candidates in planting them. Hair planting cannot be done by those who have unforeseeable shapes of hair loss, such as alopecia and areata.

The main danger, the patient’s dissatisfaction:

The biggest risk in hair planting is that the patient may not be satisfied with the final result. Some other risks that can be caused during planting and after planting hair are: excess bleeding, transmission and death of many transplanted glands, shock after transplantation for hair loss etc. A study in 425 hair of patients, only 5 percent had complications during and after the planting procedure. Hair Transplant Cost In Lahore can cost 60,000 rupees, depending on the technique used, the location and reputation of surgery, and the hair loss area and the number of planted hair. To decide on hair planting, consider the pain, time and, above all, the result that may be unsatisfactory.

How to care for hair?

A healthy person has 100,000 to 130,000 hair types. Human hair lengthens to about 2 millimeters per week. Bad food and diseases break the hair growth process. It is essential to maintain hair hygiene. This should mean the choice of a suitable shampoo for the hair type. It is not advisable to change frequently the type of shampoo. If you brush hair, the paint should first be applied to a small hair bundle to avoid side effects. Seventy percent of men in the world, according to studies, suffer from hair loss. According to specialists, apart from inheritance, the testosterone hormone, which is the number one enemy of hair loss, is also blamed for this.

Tips to Prevent Hair Loss

1-Check stress

2-Keep a proper diet

3-Drink at least two kilos of water a day

4-Consume fruit, vegetables and protein, through which we get the vitamins, minerals and structural materials essential to capillary reconstruction.

5-Avoid the consumption of animal fats as much as possible, replacing them with natural oils, especially with olive oil.

6-Avoid fry fried.

7-Use different salads.

8-The sun of the pool and the sea is harmful to the hair.

9-Do not change the shampoo frequently.

Science, on the day of people, fell 150 hairs:

Hair grows for two to three years before it falls. The fall of old hair is quite natural. From the dust from which the old hair falls, usually after a while a hairy new hair grows. In one day people may have 150 hairy hairs. There are various causes that cause hair loss, such as an infectious disease, the use of a certain medicine, and so on. When hair loss is not genetically or related to the disease, preventing this phenomenon is possible by following some tips. The phenomenon begins in the age of 20 to 30 years. The hair becomes weaker, falls massively and does not emerge younger. Over 70% of men suffer from hair loss. The sexiest male hormone testosterone is mainly due to this.

Doctors: Hair loss, hereditary:

Hair loss can also be caused by genetic inheritance. Sexual testosterone hormone binds to a certain enzyme and converts to a dihydrotestosterone, or as otherwise named hair skill. This is inserted through the blood that recurs to the roots of the hair and rushes there. Hair Skill not only inhibits hair growth but also prevents the emergence of new hair. Over time, the pores are shut down altogether. About 20 percent of women in the world suffer from hair loss, usually a woman may lose hair only if she passes stress, uses bad ink, does not nourish hair, or if she uses different drugs. While 30 is the average age when the hair loss begins. Specialists show that the phenomenon is actually starting at age 20.

Propecia, a hair loss tool:

Propecia is a type of drug recently discovered. It makes it possible to block the testosterone-associated enzyme, thus preventing this link. The hair skill number on the scalp is thus reduced by two-thirds. This prevents hair loss in most men and in many cases reaches the hair roots to regenerate and produce strong hair as before. Not a few, but 150 hairs, is the amount that falls on everyone’s head almost every day, and in the spring and fall this number is even higher. If this figure is added then all people have to worry. While 2 millimeters a week prolongs human Best FUE Cost In Pakistan, if it is damaged by inappropriate cosmetic products, then it snags as many millimeters per week.

Causes of hair less hair loss are:

1) Androgenic alopecia (the most common cause of hair loss). This problem is more pronounced in males. It is thought that a factor such as inheritance plays a role in this process. Some medicines with hormones are used in the cure.

2) Alopecia areata characterized by hair loss places. It is thought that it is caused by an infection source in those people who have fallen into the body’s immune system. It can cure itself or by using cortisone or light cure medicines.

3) Telogen effuvium: A picture where the hair passes from a short period of time from active to filling. Here is a massive hair loss. For about 3-4 months the hair becomes thinner and thinner. This state of postpartum and newborns may also appear physiologically (normal).

4) Severe Infection Diseases,

5) Some medicines used for epilepsy,

6) Serious surgical interventions,

7) Chemotherapy (cancer),

80 Hipotiroidi,

9) Some hormones and heavy metals,

In curing the following cases the basis of the cure is to remove the cause. For example, if it is a cure for his cessation (provided that cessation does not cause more harm to the body than hair loss). If it is a fight infection with it. After the infection the hair comes out again.

10) Fungal Diseases (Mycoses),

11) Dislodge,

12) Radiation ,

13) Lack of proteins, iron, zinc, etc.

14) Also, the tight-knit hairline can cause hair loss especially in women.


Hair Transplantation At Hair Skill:

Several decades ago, international hair research revealed that hair follicles are genetically programmed to grow throughout life. This is the basis for a durable solution for hair loss – hair planting at hair skill, no. 1 in Pakistan for hair transplants.

Hair Transplantation Base:

About three-quarters of men and one-third of women are affected by a major hair loss. Many of the affected people experience hair loss and development of the head-to-head places as aesthetic restraint and require a solution. Through one day treatment, the hair skill hair transplant offers lasting, safe, and effective aesthetic aid. Through one day treatment, the hair skill hair transplant offers lasting, safe, and effective aesthetic aid.

Hair roots naturally grow in groups of 1, 2, 3 or 4 hair. These groups are called follicular units (FUE Transplant Cost In Lahore Pakistan). The follicular units found on the back of the head (skull) are programmed to grow throughout life. They are taken from this donor area, prepared carefully and eventually planted in any hair less area or with rare hair, affected by hair loss. After a break-away phase, the hair root produces new hair (hair) that creates a dense, beautiful hair structure according to the patients’ wishes.

Moser Medical With A Look:

Leader in pakistan.

Experience over 30,000 treatments,

State licensed clinic,

Medical team with 18 members,

Warranty for increase and full refund guarantee,

Intensive care before and after treatment,

Mineral nutrient solution developed by the clinic itself,

Hair skill bioregeneration,

Continuous training of doctors and team,

Many international awards,

Internal research laboratory,

Higher hygiene standards,

Hair transplant procedure:

At hair skill, we apply proven treatment procedures to the most modern methods. You can choose between the method of follicular unit transplantation (fue technique) or follicular unit extraction (fue technique). At the beginning of the treatment, hair root units are taken from the donor area depending on the type of treatment chosen at once (fut) or individually for each hair root (fue). Thereafter, a team of well-trained medical assistants prepares roots for planting hair using high-resolution microscopes. In addition, they are enriched in a mineral nutrient solution, which is explored and developed by hair skill, to support later growth.

Meanwhile, the area where the hair will be planted (hair less or hairy part of the head) is prepared with very small holes, nearly as large as the pores. In the next step, hair experts transplant follicular units in the transplant area, in which the instruments fit in with the hair structure during treatment. To help rapid growth and recovery, the biorigenerative solution developed in the Hair Transplant In Islamabad laboratory is dispersed over the transplantation area. Only hair skill patients benefit from the advantage of the mineral storage solution and the biorigenerative solution.

Criteria For Hair Transplantation With The Highest Quality:

Important features for hair transplantation are the hair density to be transplanted and a natural aesthetic hair structure. The selection of the most appropriate treatment method (fut or fue) is determined by the following factors:

Hair structure,

Donor hair density,

Size of surface to be planted,

The direction of hair growth,

Calculation of hair loss in the future,

The aesthetic result desired for a hair structure as natural and dense,

In the framework of a personal medical consultancy, our specialists, in accordance with your desires, explain to you which treatment technique and which parts are ideally suited to you to meet your desire for a complete hair structure. These consultations are free of charge at hair skill.

Quality Features:

We only perform treatments whose criteria are carefully evaluated to achieve a successful hair transplant with the highest quality and safety for the future. In this regard, our experience of decades, based on the results of tens of thousands of successful hair transplants, becomes effective. With this golden standard, all hair transplants are measured all over the world.
Hair Transplant In Karachi is a member of the largest and most internationally active international hair care organization.

Founded in 1992, this non-profit organization promotes and supports continuous quality improvement as well as training professionals for hair surgery. Hair skill is not only a registered member, but actively participates in the most important congresses of the world, as the techniques and equipment applied are developing at a rapid pace. Our doctors and medical assistants regularly report on these international professional events and use them for advanced training.


Best FUE Cost in Pakistan

Manual FUE Hair Transplant: At What Price?

The hair transplant is the best way to restore the hair. It is a surgical technique that involves moving hair follicles from one part of the body to another. In fact from a “donor zone” to a “receiving zone”. Hair transplantation is performed either by transplantation of follicular units or by the so-called “follicular band” technique. The highly practical experts perform this technique and Best FUE cost in Pakistan has shown its tremendous extraordinary results worldwide in the field of hair transplantation. Indeed, the hair of the patients can be harvested in two different ways:

The collection of strips (FUT) or the extraction of follicular units (FUE, manual or robotic).

The hair transplant FUE price of safety and a result close to the natural.

In this article:

• The follicular unit extraction technique (FUE)
• The difference between FUE and other techniques
• The result of the FUE method
• The FUE Hair Transplant Tariff
• Manual FUE hair transplant: look for safety and a natural result

The Follicular Unit Extraction Technique (FUE)

Extraction of the follicular unit is the modern technique of hair restoration. FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is a more advanced method of hair transplantation. This new method is better than some previous techniques such as strip-tapping transplantation or FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation).

The surgeon then uses very small micro-blades or thin needles to perform the incisions that will receive the grafts, placing them in a predetermined density and pattern. This technique is very delicate because it requires consistency to promote a realistic hair plan. The FUE surgical procedure is minimally invasive, so you will remain fully conscious all the time because only local anesthesia is required. The recovery time is short and the risk of complications is low.

The Difference between FUE and Other Techniques

FUE takes place in one very long session or several small sessions. The FUE procedure takes longer than the strip surgery. A FUE surgery time varies depending on the surgeon’s experience. The follicular harvesting speed depends essentially on the patient. This method may take hours to extract 200 grafts for a scar correction to a surgical operation for two consecutive days for a transplant of 2,500 to 3,000 grafts.

The result of the FUE technique is very natural. This technique is more advantageous than that of the strip because the FUE does not require the removal of large areas of skin tissue. Therefore, this does not leave a scar. Since only individual follicles are removed. Only small point scars remain and are practically not visible. In addition, post-surgical pain and discomfort are minimized. The post-surgical recovery of FUE is relatively less than 7 days.

• The manual FUE technique differs from other normal hair transplants in several ways. The first is that it is likely not to leave distinct scars or visible changes while during the transplants of the strip (FUT) a piece of scalp is removed to obtain hair follicles necessary for transplantation.

• At the beginning of sampling with the FUE technique, there is bleeding but, usually, recovery takes place within 7 days. However, with the FUT, part of the scalp is removed; it can take weeks for the scar to heal.

• The results of follicular unit transplantation are of the highest quality, very natural and undetectable which is an advantage to the FUT hair transplant method.

The Price: FUE Hair Transplant Variable Price

The hair transplant is a technique is service rendered only by experts and it is expensive. The price of a hair transplant operation is very variable. It depends mainly on several factors: the choice of the technique used, the degree of baldness, the duration of the operation and the exact number of grafts implanted during the session. You must also pay for the first consultation. We have the lowest cost of FUE in Pakistan. This method is painless and very effective as this is most modern technique of hair transplant in Pakistan.

Courtesy: Hair transplant in Pakistan

Hair Transplant in Lahore

The cosmetic surgery for baldness is essentially for androgenetic alopecia that is to say for the loss of hair of genetic and hormonal origin; it represents 90% of cases. Prior consultation is therefore essential to correctly set the operative indication and optimize the results.

In our Center Hair Transplant in Lahore, we strive to naturally reproduce the hair by using the most miniaturized implants possible:

• the mini-transplant: 3 to 4 or even 5 hair
• micro grafting: 1 to 2 hair

With respect to the follicular anatomy (the roots are naturally grouped into small “families” of 1 to 3 bulbs that we respect). This surgery reaches a very high level of aesthetics.

The procedure is performed under pure local anesthesia, with or without a relaxing pre-medication.

A strip of hair is taken back (donor area) in the occipital region where the hair is programmed to last the whole life, a length of 10 to 20 cm and 1 to 2 cm wide depending on the flexibility of the scalp, the density of the hair and the number of grafts planned. These parameters will have been defined during the initial consultation.

This band is immediately supported by the team that will cut it according to the criteria already seen above.

The area to be grafted (recipient zone) is then prepared: Local anesthesia, infiltration of the scalp to allow the realization of the incisions of very small sizes (punctual or in the aspect of slits), corresponding to those of the grafts to be put in place. The incisions are counted and correspond strictly to the number of grafts prepared.

Finally, 2 or 3 assistants will insert meticulously the grafts.

Our technique, as you can see, is only manual. We do not use any mechanized instruments for sampling, cutting or re-implantation. We save as much hair as possible compared to these much faster, but hair wasting means.

The laser is totally useless for sampling. Its use for reimplantation has shown slower and less reliable regrowth because of the “charring of the banks”.

Our meticulous technique, totally manual, as we have just seen, is necessarily longer, lasting a total of 2 to 4 hours.

The suites are in simple rules:

• The patient leaves the hair skill at the end of the procedure, without dressing, after having relaxed at will in a room at his disposal.
• Resumption of a possible activity the next day
• At the level of the donor zone, the scar is made of an invisible cicatricial line under the hair
• Sometimes occurrence of edema of the forehead on the 3rd, 4th day, always benign
• Gentle shampoo can be done after 48 hours

As for the grafts, the hair shaft (external visible part of the hair) may fall during the following month. The follicle, alive of course, remains in place. The hair cycle continues and regrowth will begin from the 3rd month.
Who can benefit from this hair surgery? The man, most frequently, but also the woman, of any age (from 19 to 85 years!).

Diffuse baldness is the most commonly reported indication, but it is quite possible to treat an accidental scar, surgical or any other origin of the scalp.

Courtesy: Hair Transplant Cost in Lahore

Hair Transplant Cost in Lahore

The Micro Graft of Hair, a Natural Rendering

A few years ago, hair transplants were accused of giving a leek field appearance. This aspect was due to grafts too big, each containing more than 10 hairs. Currently two techniques make it possible to obtain grafts of 1 to 6 hairs, 1 to 2 follicular units (each follicular unit is formed from 1 to 3 hair bulbs)

Micro grafting involves carefully cutting a strip of skin, taken at the occipital level, into follicular units. The treatment provided at Hair transplant cost in Lahore is quite similar as we carefully examines all the methods and the Extraction of follicular units (FUE) allows the follicular units to be taken directly by means of circular lancets 1-2 mm in diameter, called punches.

The micro graft gives a horizontal scar at the nape of the neck, which can sometimes widen while the FUE leaves multiple scars of 1 mm diameter most often invisible even if patients wear very short hair. This technique is our preference.

How Is A Hair Transplant Done?

At the level of the donor area (occipital region), the hair is cut with the clipper (about 5 mm in length) and local anesthesia is performed.

The grafts are harvested by means of punches whose size is chosen according to the zone to be grafted (frontal line: punch 1.25 to 1.5 mm in diameter and more posterior zone: punch of 1.75 to 2 mm of diameter). This first step is the most thorough and requires a trained operator. The grafts are sorted by an assistant, according to the number of bulbs they contain and arranged on compresses soaked with saline.

The grafts without bulbs are eliminated. In a second step, the recipient area is anesthetized and then pierced with small holes or slots, in which the grafts are introduced using micro-tongs, respecting the direction of implantation of the hair to avoid the ears. The number of grafts varies according to the surface to be grafted (one can graft up to 600 grafts in one session, or more than 2000 hairs) but also the capacity of the donor area.

What to Do After the Session?

A dressing is necessary for 3 days in the donor area but not the grafted area, which is only covered by a spray lacquer: A shampoo is allowed from the 5th day. The consequences are not painful; however the patient may present edema in the forehead for a few days, if the grafted area is extended. Crusts are formed after 24 hours and fall 15 days later carrying most grafted hair which will not regrow until the 3rd month (regrowth rates are usually> 90%). Sometimes hypoesthesia (decreased sensitivity) or dysesthesia (tingling) in the neck can occur and persist for several months. There is no transplant rejection because it is the patient’s hair.

What Principle Does A Hair Transplant Work On?

Men are programmed to have hair for a hundred years: each hair has 25 cycles that is to say it will push and fall 25 times, each cycle for about 4 years. But, in case of androgenetic alopecia (baldness), the cycles will be shortened because of a hypersensitivity of hair bulbs to androgenic hormones; the 25 cycles are then more quickly exhausted. This hypersensitivity affects only the hair bulbs of the fronto-temporal zone; baldness always spares the occipital crown. Indeed, the bulbs of the occipital zone having no androgen receptors, they are insensitive to these hormones and remain so even when transplanted to the level of the bald area. This explains why grafted hair does not fall.

Can Scarring Alopecia Benefit From A Hair Transplant?

Postoperative scars (neurosurgery, facelift scars) and post-traumatic scars (road accidents), alopecia secondary to burns or occurring after certain dermatological diseases can be corrected by this technique. When scarring skin looks of poor quality, it is necessary to do a first test session, a few dozen grafts to verify that the grip is correct. In contrast, alopecia areata is not an indication of hair transplantation.

Courtesy: Hair transplant in Lahore

Best Hair Transplant surgeon in Pakistan

Anyone who has faced the problem of hair fall realized the importance of being a fat, healthy and shiny mane Hair loss is a major problem faced by men and women today. It is a complex problem to deal with as the causes can range from hormonal changes due to lack of vitamins or minerals, stress / medical condition or certain medications.

Occasionally it may also be a combination of reasons that is causing your hair to fall. Methods of hair fall hair are well diverse. Hair growth vitamins, tablets, and serums are available online. Laser treatment and best hair transplant surgeon in Pakistan are included in more worthy measures.

Hair transplant surgery is usually a cosmetic procedure from the back of transplanting from head to head and areas of the head where it has taken place of hair loss that involves taking a strip of skin.

Different Types of Hair Transplantation Surgery

There are those who will pick up the surgeon one that is best suited for you various types of hair transplantation process. Even then, there are three that are most picked up:

Hair Transplant Corruption:

It is performed under local fainting and implants on the choice of hair grafts containing the surgeon’s donor site and those sites that require coverage. The donor site is prepared by trimming the hair on the first time so that it is more easily controlled. Surgeons can decide to use ‘punch grafts’, which consists of round shape and 15 varieties of hair or ‘mini-that is 2 to 4 varieties of grafts’. For broad coverage ‘grafts strip’ can also be done that can have up to 40 hair. This process usually requires more than one sitting and can take months of healing during consecutive meetings. It can take up to 2 years ago to see the full result.

Flap Surgery:

This process is used in cases of extensive hair fall. This requires a patient for a longer period of time in the hospital and is performed under normal fainting. In this process, the surgeon incorporates balloon skin effects like hair tools. On the duration of the week, these instruments are filled with a more saline solution, which stretches the skin. The skin is cutting down on the hair area and a flap of bribe containing hair is lifted while still the closed head is attacked on one end. It has brought in place and then stitched. Now, it is left to heal and develop new blood supply.

Surgery Loss Skull:

Also known as advancement flap surgery. Here the squares are completely removed without the hair scalp and the hair bearing skin is loose and pulled on top of it and sewn in place. This procedure is done for the back and head of the bald patches. To be removed is that the part of the skull is usually cutting ‘in’ or ‘Y’ inverted shape. Depending on the extent required to cover the size of the field removed.

Risks or complications

Normal risks are associated with passing through any surgery with normal fainting. There may be excessive bleeding, scarring or infection. Nerve damage and allergic reactions also include some other common risks.

There are insufficient growths of bribery giving complications that contribute to this type of surgery specific to this type of surgery, giving a permanent death of hair follicles infections or corruption present in a bad-looking, grafted scalp.

Best Hair transplant surgeon in Pakistan

Another factor, which is processed to consider the decision to undergo hair transplant surgery, is done and after the treatment has taken place, hair loss can still take that place, but surgery is still the best effective measure to control hair fall.

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Best FUE Transplant Cost in Lahore Pakistan

Our aesthetic best FUE transplant cost in technique treats the problems of hair loss and baldness to ensure you a safe treatment without pain, a more effective and natural result with high density for the rest of your life.

The best fue cost in Pakistan has its traditional hair transplant method uses strips of skin that are removed from the donor area, leaving a permanent scar, which is considered an unacceptable technique compared to the technologies we have today.

Using a more advanced method called Follicular Extraction Method or FUE, follicular units, which are groups of one to four hair follicles, are transferred, causing minor, hole-shaped scars.

The most recommended techniques for a hair transplant

Two modern methods of hair transplantation are the “Follicular Unit Extraction ” which is a minimally invasive technique (FUE) and the “Super-Megasession Band Donor”, a band method in which more than 3,000 follicular units are transplanted in each session.

These are the two methods that are applies in best FUE transplant cost in Lahore Pakistan and they can fill the areas affected by baldness aesthetically by giving them a natural appearance.

Advanced technologies for successful Pakistan hair transplant

To be able to offer the best possible results in hair transplants, we have made available the latest technologies.
Our team of international renown in this field. The technologies we use remove hair follicles and place them directly without manipulation.

Each hair is extracted and replanted with precision, which greatly increases the growth rates and also allows a better result and gives a completely natural look.

The (FUE):

The (FUE) is a method of cosmetic surgery that applies to the hair. Not only does it have a completely natural result, it also leaves no visible marks or scars where hair has been extracted.
The formation of scar tissue following the use of this technique is both minimal and invisible to the naked eye.
The hair follicles to be transplanted are carefully loosened and released one by one with a thin needle.
The procedure is done without scalpel or sutures. Bleeding is rare during treatment, and the recovery phase is remarkably short and takes only a few days.
The FUE technique is very accurate and requires a long treatment session that spans a whole day or even longer.
Many follicular units can be transplanted with this method in a professional manner during a single treatment. This treatment is performed under local anesthesia and usually lasts 8 to 10 hours.
The recovery phase is so short that treatment can continue without problems for up to three days in a row.

The (FUE) has the advantages over traditional band grafting:

– a procedure that is performed without a scalpel
– without surgical stitches
– no bleeding
-essential pain
– no visible scars (either in the bald area or the donor area)
– use of your own hair

Our specialists hair transplant Pakistan

Hair transplants are performed by well-trained, certified and experienced physician surgeons. The local anesthesia works a lot and there are no sutures or scars resulting from the treatment.

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FUE Hair Transplant in Lahore

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) or hair follicular hair transplantation method has been implemented since 2000. Follicular Unit Extraction is the most modern method of hair implantation and Fue hair transplant in Lahore have tendency to prevail its invasive effects worldwide in highly effective way. For the implementation of hair transplantation with this technique, long and specialized training is required by the Plastic Surgeon, as it is a very detailed and difficult technique, and therefore it is considered a highly demanding method.

Factors for a successful FUE Hair Transplant

The design and distribution of hair follicles during their placement is one of the most critical factors for the success of hair transplantation, which lies in the ability of the plastic surgeon. Consider factors for hair transplantation with Follicular Unit Extraction as:

• The age of the patient undergoing hair transplantation
• The characteristics of his face
• Stage of alopecia before applying the method
• The number of hair follicles available
• The expectations of the patient
• The potential future needs for new hair transplantation surgery
• The design and distribution of hair follicles in FUE Hair Transplantation are completely individualized and must meet the needs of each patient and meet three basic requirements:
• Hair transplantation has the least possible effect on the donor and recipient country (not scars, uniform coverage),
• Follicular Unit Extraction produces a completely natural result
• When the above mentioned specifications are followed during a hair transplantation session with the FUE method, success rates are particularly high, surpassing 95-98% in Hair Skill cases.

Stages in FUE Hair Transplantation

• Determination of the donor country and application of local anesthesia prior to the method
• One-to-one removal of hair follicles using an automated FUE extractor
• Storage of up to 6 hours of grafts in a humid and cold environment of 2-4 degrees Celsius
• Design of the implantation area (recipient country) in which the follicular unit extraction technique
• Placement of implants with implant device.

The implantation of hair by transfer of individual hair follicles can be done in two ways:

1: By creating small holes where the implants will be inserted. The grafts are formed with a needle or knife (old method). Most hair clinics, regardless of whether they use the FUE technique or strip technique or FUT, still use this old hair implantation method, where the hair follicles or holes are initially opened, followed by the placement of hair follicles or using a forceps or using an implanter. This technique is accompanied by significant hemorrhage and edema, and often the placement of transplants with forceps does not lead to physical effects because the angle and the direction of placement of each hair follicle cannot be controlled, depending on the area being placed.

2: With automatic insertion of cuttings without sockets, but using special implant devices (implanter device placement). In this way we do not cause trauma and scarring in the recipient country, and the germination of hair is more natural, with a suitable direction and germination angle, due to the ability of the implanter to adapt, depending on the area where the placement is made.

In Hair Skill Clinics, Plastic Surgeon Doctors and his team are using the Advanced FUE Technique to deploy the hair follicles without One Step Implantation, without permanent marks and with excellent results.

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