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Welcome to Hair Skill

Hair Skill offers the ultimate dream come true. We established since 2000. Our work is our success our goal is to provide a high quality of service in reasonable price. There are now over a thousand of patients who have benefited from our expertise. They are our goodwill ambassador all over the world. Our group of doctors is expert in hair transplant and had a long practical experience. All our surgical equipments and disposable instruments confirm to international standards. We pride ourselves as the state of the art services we provide. We ensure complete sterilization and eliminate any risk of cross transmission of communicable diseases by using disposable injectors and FUE tools. Hair Skill is the world leader in hair transplant can give you the most remarkable exhilarating hair transplant and whatever hair loss pattern could be, come to Hair Skill. We offer complete hair solution at a very affordable price. We believe in complete patient satisfaction. Our prices are inclusive, no hidden charges. The final cost is dependent on how much hair restoration you desire and which technique you select.

What Customers Say

  • To be very honest. I am satisfied, staff is very helpful, positive approach, I like general atmosphere very neat and clean everything. I feel very comfortable during surgery. After completion the surgery I drive my car for going home. When I meet by friends everybody saying it is amazing. Work is very excellent and good. I would request everybody who wants such hair transplant must visit your centre and have a look, get experience, get interviews of the affected person who have been benefited from this centre. I think the result would be good.  Everybody would like to come here because of the positive and nice atmosphere, the attitude and honesty. Last remarkable thing I remember last year when I came I deposit about one hundred thousand Rupees. I was returned twenty thousand Rupees. It was amazing for me that this is the amount which we have to return to you because some of the follicles they are not used. I must admire and full of faith on your people.

    “Brigadier (Retd.) Hafeez ud Din Saddiquie”
  • I had my hair transplant on December 27, 2014. The Surgeon and nurses really made me feel at ease.Residence were available, very little discomfort during the procedure. I love my result.

    “Mr Muhammad Amir”
  • During operation every thing was excellent from the beginning until the ends, especially the treatment that was held personally by Doctor. Doctor conducted all the operation himself. He is very professional.

    “Mr.Muhammad Hafeez”
  • They are all friendly, very professional they still contact me. I really appreciate their efforts. I am very pleased with my operation. Thanks for Hair Skill.

    “Mr.Muzamil Ferooz”
  • I am Waqas from Okara, Pakistan. I have a good experience with them. Every thing was very well organized. They did very good job. I was given all necessary information about after care procedure. The medical team was so responsible.

    “Mr.Waqas ch”