Hair Loss is Mainly Caused by the

Following Reasons

Some people say that hair “depends” on the growth of our scalp, and we rely on our hair to be beautiful. It sounds funny, but when a person with thin hair and a person with thick black hair appear in front of you at the same time, you know how important healthy hair is to the outside. As early as in ancient Egypt, people were looking for ways to prevent hair loss and stimulate hair growth. They used Herbal powder, red , onion, alabaster, animal fat and honey to reconcile hair, and still use this method.

We have about 120,000-150,000 hair on our heads. Normally we will lose 50 to 100 hairs a day. If we lose more than this number of hair every day, and once the thick hair begins to become thinner and softer, it means that we are beginning to face the crisis of hair loss.

Men’s hair loss problems have also created billions of dollars in the market for the market, from popularly accepted treatments to topical treatments using chemical products, medications, and wigs. However, there is currently no absolute and perfect method on the market that can completely cure hair loss. Different products have different effects on people with different constitutions. Many merchants have serious misleading sales methods, which has caused many people with hair loss problems to suffer.

Hair loss is mainly caused by the following reasons. The first is physical aging, which makes the hair brittle and fragile; the second is that the reduction of hormones in the body leads to slow hair growth. Other reasons include lack of nutrition, genetics, disease and autoimmune dysfunction, stress and psychological trauma. Even air and water pollution, as well as the light of sunlight, can cause hair loss.

Hair loss due to aging and genetic factors is still not fully treated to date, but we can take the following measures to reduce the amount of their loss.

1. Change your Eating Habits

If there is a natural, healthy way to prevent hair loss, it is a balanced diet. High protein, high salt foods turn the body environment into acidity, which can cause hair loss. Iron-rich foods such as lean red meat and green vegetables help to supplement ferritin and increase hair growth cycle. Iron can also supply oxygen to the hair follicle, which further accelerates hair growth.

Because the hair is mainly composed of protein, if the protein is insufficient, it will cause hair loss. It is reasonable to say that the intake of protein-rich meat and dairy products will stimulate hair growth. Paradoxically, too much protein can cause hair loss. It seems that there are some factors in protein and hair growth.
Another food ingredient is also essential for the health of the hair. It is Omega-3 unsaturated fatty acid, which promotes the production of hormones and oils, makes the scalp and hair follicles healthy, and makes the hair elastic and shiny. Fish, shellfish, nuts, seeds and nuts are all rich in Omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids.
The oils extracted from nuts and nuts are rich in Omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids. It promotes the production of hormones and oils, makes the scalp and hair follicles healthy, and makes hair elastic and shiny.

3. Detoxification

Good habits can also reduce hair loss. The first is to remove three common habits: alcohol, tobacco and coffee. Excessive intake of alcohol can lead to dehydration, which can lead to hair loss. Because one-quarter of the hair is water, dehydration can make the hair dry and brittle, while also consuming a lot of iron and zinc levels in the body. Excessive intake of caffeine can also lead to the same result. The smoke produced during smoking contains toxins that accelerate hair loss and cause premature graying of the hair.

5. Do not Refute or Wear a Wig

Although many hair stylists may advise you to refute or wear a wig, it looks like the hair will be more beautiful. But using these things will increase the burden on the scalp and damage the hair follicles. Although they may make your hair look thick, long-term use will speed up hair loss. Also avoid the use of hair straighteners, air ducts, heated hair curlers and other products, these will cause damage to the hair, causing the hair to dry and easy to break.

2. Drink More Tea

The testosterone is secreted by the male’s testicle or the female’s ovaries, and the adrenal gland also secretes a small amount of testosterone. The testosterone does not cause hair loss, but when the testosterone is converted to indanone (DHT) in the body, it will cause damage to the hair follicle, leading to hair loss.

Green tea, saw palmetto and castor tea can inhibit the conversion of testosterone to indanone (DHT), and the extract of saw palmetto can also inhibit the conversion of testosterone. These products are targeted for the treatment of hair loss. So instead of using coffee instead of coffee, they may not be as refreshing as coffee, but it can make hair follicles healthy! If you are not used to drinking tea? You can also take pills made from these teas to help prevent hair loss.
Green tea can inhibit the conversion of testosterone to indanone (DHT), thereby reducing hair loss.

4. Maintain a Relaxed Mood

Stress is another important factor leading to hair loss. Meditation meditation and exercise can relieve stress and help maintain hormones at optimal levels to prevent hair loss. Massage is also very beneficial to the body and scalp. Use some almond or coconut oil to massage the scalp to supplement vitamins and minerals. Finally, do not dry your hair with a towel after showering every day. This will destroy the hair follicles. If time permits, the hair should be allowed to dry naturally.

6. Business Treatment

Healthy organic foods are the best way to get your body nutritious. If you don’t have time to plan a recipe, taking supplements may help. Regularly take some products specially designed for the treatment of hair loss, including saw palmetto products, which also improve hair loss. But these products are a bit expensive,the best way FUE hair Transplant FUE Hair Transplant In Lahore  is bessst and it takes at least three months to see the results.

7. Using Natural Organic Shampoo and hair Care Products

Most commercially available shampoos contain sodium laurate or sodium laureth sulfate (SLS). These two chemicals are harmful to the hair, and SLS can erode hair follicles and damage hair growth. A study shows that if you use SLS alone, it can cause your hair to fall out! Some experts believe that excessive use of SLS and the addition of salt in shampoos used to make foams can cause more women to lose hair (or cause the hair to become thinner and softer). Therefore, the use of natural organic shampoo and hair care products can reduce hair loss.

Diseases cause hair loss

Baladi removes hair only, but also affects self-confidence and confidence in men. Due to this, ongoing investigations are being carried out on men due to hair loss. Hair thinning affects professional life, especially if you are young and work in entertainment and sales.

Since hair loss is a very common problem these days, we will also discuss the causes of hair reduction in men with which their diseases increase. FUE with Micro injector in Pakistan are the best Hair Transplant Center. Here are 15 main reasons, which cause hair loss in the population of the male:

Hormone imbalance

Testosterone plays an important role in the human body, but when it turns into less beneficial diodorastosterone (DHT), it causes hair loss. Hair pieces fall and, as a result, replace the thin hair with a healthy hair. This condition is a major cause of hair loss in men and teens today.


In medical corridors, lack of hair is associated with many diseases, and stress is one of them. Hair loss may cause temporary due to stress, but it is not very good. Stress can be a stress, emotional trouble, uncontrollable relationship or any reason. Changes in lifestyle and workplace changes in the last two decades have increased the number of tension and diseases related to adult men.


The skull is fast asleep, and both men and women face. We eat skulls for relief, but the result we get is bad shoulder and hair loss. This is a form of bet that causes hair deficiency and mostly influenced by hair loss due to menstrual deficiency.


Purification in the human body is controlled by thyroid gland, and is also responsible for body development. The imbalance of hormones can cause their disorder, hair loss, especially in adult men. It is also a common cause of hair loss in men.

About style

It is not a disease in itself, but when it is abused, the application of jails, spray and colors leads to loss of hair. All market-based products are not organic and harm the skin. They may contain harmful chemicals that result in skull-related hair loss and other diseases in men. These complexities cause hair loss in the youth.

Lack of sleep

It is scientifically proven that a body needs a good sleep to relax and refresh the body. Average, 7-8 hours are due to deep sleep. The shortage of sleep results in health complications and hair loss is considered to be an important side effect. It seems that among the youth and young adults, maximum night parties promote sleep complications and finally hair loss.


When hair falls in the scalp round scalp, it is usually diagnosed by the doctors. The main reason for this disease is that in the modern society it can be tolerated. The condition may be temporarily or can increase with age for men involved in a hard working environment. The consequence of hair is the result of hair loss.

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One of the most common causes of hair loss in men and men of men and men is transmitted from previous generations to genes. It can be seen in an individual hairline error. It does not matter when the loss of hair starts, it is a trust factor. Therefore, a large part of the population of men can accuse Jane.

Inadequate food

An adult male needs 40 to 45 grams of protein every day to be healthy. Deficiency of protein causes hair loss in men and youth. Due to lack of deficiency, it will be due to lack of hair deficiency. That is why hair specialists recommend taking rich balanced diet in protein, fiber and vitamin.

Steroids and medicines

The main cause of hair loss in men is medicine, especially in the form of steroids. To help your body head, some rising men or teens help with an increase

More than vitamin A

If the lack of protein can cause hair deficiency, then the maximum flavor of vitamin A is done. If the body gets too much amount of vitamins A, hair will fall on both hair and men and teens. Although vitamin A is essential for hair (and skin, bones and bones), it causes the maximum use of hair to gain maximum, which causes hair deficiency. Is.


Smoking is a major cause of cancer, because it contains nicotine, but it also helps in aging and hair loss even before men. Adult people who are smokers get rid of their hair at the earliest and increase other diseases as well. Do not ask for smoking to prevent diseases as cancer and hair loss!

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Sensitive skull

Due to lack of hair in men, the disease or medical condition is not necessary. Occasionally, the sensitive skull also struggles to maintain hair. Represents sensitive skin to greed, irritation and other elements. Teenage men often suffer hair loss due to sensitive skulls. Skull sensitivity is also enhanced by chemotherapy.

Surgery and long illness.

Dramatic loss of hair occurs after surgery, pharmaceuticals and radiation therapy, especially chemical therapy. Both men and women lose their hair loss due to the medical procedure.

Hair loss and knowledge recovery

Image may contain: 2 people, text and close-up

Hair loss is a natural event, but the situation is constant and rapid when the conditions get worse. In this case, the confidence, self-confidence, motivation for work, affects, and especially the individual’s life-style. Fortunately, there are medical and cosmetic treatments for the above mentioned reasons for hair loss.

FUE Hair Transplant Post Operation Care

Maximum hair transplant patients pass through surgery at the clinic that is not near their permanent residence. This means that after receiving surgery every day after surgery they can not see the clinic. Many people ask how many days after my hair transplant should be available to take care of the plants. At Hair replacement center in Pakistan recommended that 3-4 days are more important for the following reasons.

  1. The next morning, the patient should be checked in all the graphs, so that the patients may feel well and then use a special cream to accelerate and improve the donor recovery. After the operation and before the next morning’s check-up, how does it look before the patient
  2. The second day is necessary because the patient passes before entering the first plants of recipient and donor areas. This can be done by the washing clinic so that the skins or other unnecessary waste should be cleared and the patient should explain how to wash. Hair Scale performs second morning in the morning and sometimes in the afternoon. Every day, see the following pictures in how the recipient and donor appears in the special patient who has received pictures for the article.
  3. The third day is important because in addition to the two recipients of the recipient and donor, special cream application will pass for the fast and better treatment of donor. For this third day, potential swelling has already started and patients are always worried about their swelling and need to make sure that it is normal and will soon disappear.
  4. On the fourth day, include two districts that offer 6 sixths, which are contained in the container area and cleaned with debris, and make sure that the treatment after normal operation becomes normal after 72 hours. The donor area is treated with cream like previous days and looks very good. It is possible that inflammation is still available and the patient may be notified about the possible period and when it is expected to disappear.
  5. On the fifth day the end is optional for patients, but it is recommended because on that day when two additional bags will almost eliminate the skins and debris, the receiver’s area will be left almost explicitly, donor Areas will start. Minor looks and with slight greed, inflammation will begin to decrease or decrease, and the patient may be ready to go home and it will take a little bit to your friends and family. Next, we explain the operation after the fifth or seventh day to get better information.
  6. Care of proper plant care protects good results, because the patient is more important in the first 72 hours. Transplant graphs are settled at that moment and the potential damages are minimal.

Hair transplantation is a long-term decision and you should make sure you do the right and remain eligible for one week of your life. 1-2 days of operation and 4-5 days post operation, this week. Already after 7 days after the development of the arms and receiver area, the hair scale has been provided and it is understood that why we are available.

In hair skill, we offer later care to our patients for operational care and, besides this, we offer alternative accommodation to our patients abroad to care for their patients.

Avoiding scarring and donor depletion in large FUE sessions

The Bal Transplant Industry has moved to a new dimension by offering successful results with FUE Tecnak. The history of the industry has been developed in the years with continuous research and innovation. Cartoon gifts, Magrochrators are such terms that are related to the past. Even the strip method is still considered credible and we use this technique in HAIR SKILL, and it is very important and in very specific cases.

HAIR SKILL is playing an important role in presenting the latest method that aims to improve patient’s potential exploit of the donor region, to improve the potential.

Image may contain: 2 people, beard and text

3 basic factors that contribute to successful hair transplant, natural outcome, adequate coverage, and less effective use of donor. It becomes more important to find patients with a wide range of awareness. In order to achieve it, it is necessary to withdraw the main part of the current cookel units from donor without avoiding harmful or exhausting surgeon. To put simple, slim looks without making the donor area.

Avoiding harmony has an art form in itself and is related to experience and experience of surgeon. This secret is that the selected coupler units are selected in the specific sample, which will not be left in the skull to make clear signs. Exit points should not be very close and the surgeon should be taken to the common density of the donor area. There are some basic variables that can apply to calculate the ratio of graphics available for the surgeon crop, in the ratio of availability of donor area. The purpose of surgery is to remove maximum ball hair from the graphing (section minimal) and to ensure that the area does not have a thin look. It is also of skill, experience and art, and is not good in mathematics.

Many doctors can be removed at a specific session and to reach the highest number like 4000 or 5000, many doctors may end up spending donor area expenses. According to the density of the patient, the right path in which a drainage plan should be planned, is to extract 3000-3500 foot graphs, in this sample it is not clear that the coconut units have been removed.

If the patient needs more graphics to meet their awareness, then one session can be removed in the same session, which will be necessary for the desired coverage. If, for example, the patient requires 5500 graphics, then it should be done in two sessions with at least 8 months break. The moderate withdrawal will minimize the transmission rate and, at the same time, will not end the donor area and protect it for potential future use. Any number which is more than 3500 graphs should be done in two sessions.

Avoid non-special surgeons that try to remove 4000 or more graphs in one day, usually use mechanical extract devices. Sometimes punished executives are excluded from those who do not accept responsibility for their losses. Often this is the case that the surgeon needs to be removed from 6000 graphs to eliminate 4000 non-transfer graphs, resulting in a huge donor waste and high emission.

Hair Transplant Results

Depending on the coverage of most of the patients, most patients result in their hair transplant. Well, this should be just a part of the evaluation evaluation process. A complete evaluation should consider both recipient and donor area.

From receiver’s point of view, diagnosis should be based on the following factors:

  • Transplant recipient area coverage. It should be measured as a percentage of the development of transplant graphs. More than 80% must be successful.
  • Correct positioning angle. If it is placed in the right angle, the hair can be treated as your hair and you will not be forced to comply with its specific direction.
  • The hairstyle is how the hair is placed, there are no streets or empty spaces available, and it is natural when combined with different directions.
  • If the hair is naturally natural then the hair gets full. Only individual hair crafts can be placed in front of which have a illegal bundle line. Provide naturality of results apart from points 2, 3 and 4 coverage.

If appropriate density is used. The condition of hair loss and donor in the future should be considered in the future when deciding whether to choose high, medium or low density. For example, if you provide high density and / or low-line hair in a few years, which provide a dense package of class 7 NW a young patient, then it is wrong, it will result in a hairline ending with low density. And not enough. Donor to meet the loss of your future hair.

The second largest part of the evaluation process results, which is equally important, is the result of the donor area.

Many clinics gathered a donor in a very aggressive manner and look thin and carefully. In such a case, it is not possible to make a short haircut because there are little grafts to remove the doner due to the donor and there was a second or third surgery.

The factors that can be understood to assess the results of the donor area can be summarized as follows:

  • The size of the cartoon will be used and is manual or motorized.
  • Its depth will be put in a shine soon. The maximum it is deep, the dot-dot can increase the transmission rate.

How healthy are the craftsmanship? Put 6000 grafts and put 4000. Less than 2000 it’s just missing the graft of the grafts to cover the future hair loss which has disappeared from the donor area – some clinics can extract 5000.

In a large number of surgery graphs, the grafts are taken together and you should end up with a stain donor and hide for long hair.

If the FUT dot is awesome and how thin the doner is thin.

Experienced doctor and his team’s surgery performance with good experience track? Or to reduce the small army costs of technicians and to provide mass production of FUE surgery? In such cases, you can find many of the defects mentioned above.

Therefore, when considering for going to the hair transplant, always, after completing donor it fills to see the pictures of the operation and how to try a shortcut when it is presented with the result of donor receiver. Cut hair.

Ball transplantation starts in the early stages, especially for a patient in the scale of Class II or III in Norwood’s scale, and this is a possible class 5-6. For this type of patient, the right management of donor is very important and should be more careful on this topic.

Repair Hair Transplants Surgeries

The primary goal of every Hair Transplant patient is to obtain a good natural result. This can almost always be achieved when you make the correct choice of a hair transplant Clinic or doctor, provided that you have realistic expectations.

Unfortunately, in our days there are so many average to bad clinics around, offering attractive advertising and very low prices. Patients should be careful which clinic to choose and they should decide based on the clinic’s past results and testimonials from real patients. The wrong choice can lead to a repair Hair Transplant Surgery.

Rejuvenate Skin & Hair Naturally With PRP

Skin and hair treatment with PRP is handled by traditional media. The stars of the truth documented their post-processing photos on their social network and PRP Treatment Center in Lahore, with little explanation of the benefits of the PRP’s treatment. Consequently, many patients do not have the effect of treatment or even safety assurance.

The truth is that the PRP has been used for several decades to restore the human tissue with a safe and incredible result. Let’s have this modern treatment for your skin and hair.

The PRP uses platelet (or development factors) that can be separated from blood and is used to rehabilitate skin tissues and hairstyle. For example, when your body faces a soft tissue, it naturally sends the healing process to begin in the area. This platelet released the growth factors of increasing the production of colgaon, promoting blood flow and attempting to reproduce again in place of injury. The PRP’s cosmetic treatment only takes advantage of this reaction and directs to certain areas where you want to improve health and appearance, such as skin and hair.

Only one doctor or registered nurse should treat your PRP to ensure your safety. This treatment starts with taking a little bit of blood, and then it starts to keep in a specific center, which separates the platelet from red blood cells. After that, plasma students or injection are designed to apply. There are several ways to use this plasma to improve its appearance.


PRP is a cure that focuses on increasing your health, life, continuous and volume. Your plasma is full of drilling areas in your skin. The lift facing your PRP for high speed results can be filled with dramatic filling, such as VMA. This natural point of view produces more youth face and is very beneficial for the eyes under the eyes. PRP Frontier is usually performed with a PRP face to dramatically improve your results.

The PP face facial uses microwing technology to make small openings and channels rooted in the surface so that platelet rich plasma is absorbed. Your whole face (or neck, chest, hand, scarf in other areas) will be micronized by a pre-registered nurse or a formal assistant. After that, the platelet rich plasma will apply to microwave in every part of their skin, to reproduce skin disorders and skin rehab. This treatment is best for acne marks and it is very beneficial to include directly after our PRP Faculty.

PRP Maintenance can target our skin’s useful ingredients, and its strength can also focus on our bridges. PRP in your skull can help you produce strong, long and thick hair hair by restoring extraordinary follicles for life. This method of hair restoration can be beneficial for alkukova, hereditary hairball, hormone-inspired hairstyle and male pattern baldies. It is important to keep in mind that many treatments will be needed to see maximum results with PP Therapy.


After lifting your face with the PRP: Immediately after lifting up with your PRP you may have on-site injection sites, but you will get instantaneous growth and glow in your skin. As it goes for weeks, you feel that your skin looks promising, fat and rising. Because PRP can increase the microcoscope in our skin, it is not unusual to appreciate the bright, fresh and bright appearance! To maintain the results of your PRP, we recommend every 12 to 18 months treatment. With each treatment, your skin will not only look better, it will generally be healthy.

After the PRP face: As well as microneedling any procedure, after the treatment of the skin, a little pink will show almost windburned. Because PRP is primarily implemented in this principle, you will be advised not to wash your face for at least 12 hours. Within three days you will see a smooth, lightweight and more vibrant look as soon as possible. Within three months you can feel acne symptoms, major pores, fine lines and wrinkles as a major relaxation. Facial PRP is done in a series of best treatments and has been repeated to improve the skin continuously and at least once a year to prevent symptoms of age.

After Hair Maintenance PRP: After the treatment hair restoration PRP, your skull is very sensitive and very swollen. This is the answer, and any wave can take up to a week to completely disappear. In case of sun exposure you are recommended to wear a hat after your treatment.

The cycle of the new hair is at 3 to 4 weeks, so take the time to perform the results with this method of PRP. This may take up to 3 months to see the initial stages of new fine and new hair growth. However, most of our patients have been marked after the same treatment. The new development will be strong and dry in its development.

If you are looking for treatment with platelet rich plasma then they have a natural way to rejuvenate your appearance, or just increase and improve the effectiveness of these other curephalous fillers and / or microneedling microneedling. Looking for a way of doing, the PRP provides that a very good treatment option provides safe and effective results.

A Hair Transplant Procedure

The decision to implement the hair transplant is important and it is noteworthy that our customers have a series of questions and concerns.

The question is generated more and more: Will I get a full coverage of a transplant? In other words, a natural and capable desire to understand your fingers can then walk through the hair filled. Hair Skill provides the best Hair Transplant cost in Lahore  By providing best services of hair transplant

Transplant is not a race

The first thing to remember is that this method is called the origin of the coconut unit (hair), it is technically a hairstyle. There is no difference how professionals are, they can not produce new hair or create new hairstyle; It can be transmitted from other parts of the skull where the current hair is thickened. And need coverage in this area carefully.

How much hair can be achieved?

To answer this question, how many coverage you can expect to get from a transplant, we first need to tell why the donor hair is taken from the back or on the back side. In short, it is because in this area the hormone dysrootastosterone or DHT is resistant, which is a hormone responsible for male pattern balming. That’s why men are rare to lose hair from these areas of the head and why hair is removed here from donor to cover the punk area or by increasing the hair density in the background areas.

Depending on the area, there is only one hair to extract the donor area, to prevent the damage of the hair.

There is 1-5 edge hair in a complex unit, or graphic, and average, 90-120 units, or 100-250 square square square square meters. In a donor area, one third of all plants can be extracted.

With a correct procedure, there can be a maximum of 6,600 available units, which seems a lot, but if there is a large scale in the larger area, it is expected to expect a transit 100% coverage. Is realistic for

Plan for possible coverage.

All 6,600 graphs can be removed at the same time; you may need several sessions for it. Therefore, our experienced transplant surgeon will be carefully cautious about how to remove crafts and avoid the possibility of hair loss in the donor area to avoid the creation of punk places. The rest assured that the result would be a pleasant result and attractive hair.

You may have experienced hair loss and then decided to see the surgeon to perform hair maintenance procedures. Perhaps you are managing the finances and can find everything to know, only the fact that the surgeon does not believe that you are the appropriate candidate. It may seem frustration and disappointment, but it should be noted that a good reason is that why the surgeon will result in this.

Surgeon is doing his job.

A responsible doctor will always confirm that you are suitable for hair transplant for a procedure. If you choose a respected surgeon, you can be sure what is better for you and be honest about whether you think surgery is right for you.

What is your motivation?

After talking to you, the doctor can decide if you do not have a real financial and emotional company what you can expect or expect unexpected desires. Your doctor will have to make a responsible decision and that you need to meet your interests. Hair transplants are only suitable for people who have lost hair for a few years and have a set of sinners. If your hair loss is due to a condition like stress or alcohol, your surgeon can decide that the treatment is not right for you. The loss of stress especially for hair is not possible to be permanent.

Do you have enough donor hair?

For successful hair transplant, you must have enough healthy hair on the back and on the sides of your head. You should make sure that your hair type and color make sure you get the benefits of this process. If there is not enough hair remaining, or a punched patch is too large to cover it, it may be rejected for hair transplantation. This is not a personal problem, it is just a surgeon that results in, in this case, the results will not be aerial as apt. They do not want you to invest too much financially, just to be frustrated with the results.

How Hair Transplants Can Transform Appearance

We all want to see in the mirror and as we see. When we experience hair loss, it slowly starts and slowly becomes a problem and when we try our hair and make it available. Each month and year, which offers new challenges and finally, there is little or no hair in front of collecting for some of us. Hair Skill is the best FUE Hair Transplant in Lahore   providing services of Hair Transplant.

Hair transplant patient after F74 surgery through FUT surgery

FUT CAPPLE Transplant of 5474 graphics before and after the patient.

Over time, with the constant loss of hair, the mirror becomes a reminder that we no longer feel very good about our appearance and some of our lives cause our low self esteem. Can be For some of us we have a lot of time when we have enough and we want to find out the solution to this problem. In the case of the patient from the Vancouver area, he was lucky to have the right answer in his ass, so he decided to visit Hesson and Wang.

As with many patients, the ultimate goal was hair filled with hair. For some it is possible, for others, expectations should be Moderate or slightly moderate. Dr. Doctor estimates that stage at this stage, when he ensured that his donor hair was sufficient enough to provide adequate coverage for the gland skull. It was explained that this large area will be considered, it will be a two-step process.

The first session will rebuild a new hairline, restore the middle skull working in front of the front area and the crown. This will re-face the face and provide a critical cosmetic advantage, and therefore remove many years of appearance. Doctor Hassan and the team obtained using the method of extracting FUT achieved this goal using 5474 graphics. The Norwood scale for 6 or 7 steps, which is a considerable area of ​​coverage, is the preferred method for FUT, because FUE has the ability to provide more graphs than yesterday

5474 Graphic surgery after the surgery with the patient with left patients

5474 Compare the left side of the front and back head before the hair transplant of the graphs

If the second method is required, restoring the crown will cover the coverage. For the second method, it is possible that the FUT or FUE option may be possible. From these pictures you can see that the hairline design spreads well and patiently expectable changes are very impressive. Without it it is said that the patient was very pleased with the result and positive effect on his self-esteem.

This is another good example that can make hair transplant look for someone’s appearance and how they feel about themselves. These are basically two completely different people. A punk is a old man who is not happy with his appearance before the process, the second looks a little bit, trusted, attractive man. These days a bit different about their journey to the mirror.

My life changes the hair transplant

History of my hair transplant surgery

For the first time, I saw the loss of my hair at the age of 19, I felt that my hair line was slightly smaller. My trust hit me massively and I always felt conscious of myself in the public. Naturally I have great hair, which has always made a challenge to find my skinny areas

Hair transplant before and after surgery by

The next step and why I chose hairskill

As my first 20 years progressed, my hair line worsened and threw slowly. After marketing many shampoo and products without any customization in marketing, I started investigating the possibilities of a hair transplant. After a long process of restricting the readings in websites, Forums etc. etc.,

Tips for hair loss

Often, a sensitive problem, hair loss is not something that feels capable of talking to each person openly. The hair loss forum can provide valuable support networks as well as Hair Transplant in Lahore, in those situations, where they are starting a journey of their hair loss can help them to help them bring confidence and their answers. Need to search. Often, a dedicated forum can provide the place where people feel their problems are communicating and asks people who have already gone. They are probably a good place to share information about new treatments and news. From there are many hair loss tips, it can be difficult to know which to see and to survive.

Hair loss revolution

It is a Facebook group with a thousand parties, each of which takes part in questions and answers to helping others with their hair loss problems.

Hair Room

If you are looking for a forum that is available for a while, then the Hair site is the most-year-old web site for the maintenance of hair lines for both web and men and women. This site is specialist from around the world and focuses primarily on scientific research. The discussion forum is clearly divided into different parts, which is really easy to find. Questions can be sent to a specialist within 24 hours and can be answered.

Hair maintenance

For those who have developed patients with hair loss, this forum is provided a safe place to help and encourage people. They publish news about hair loss and research, and also use Facebook and Instagram. They mainly focus on hair surgery maintenance and it is possible to consult surgeon reviews.

Hair loss project for women

This is a forum that women face problems with hair loss, and their main focus is to make a very strong support network. This is a very easy forum where women can feel less weaker than talking about daily challenges to navigate. There are parts, dedicated to hairstyles and cosmetic solutions.

Alopecia World

Mainly directed in women, this forum is about Alopesia and the treatment options available. There is also a connection with the stores that sell different types of useful products for people with this condition, such as wig, head wrapped, and cosmetics. This site has many inspired photos and links to personal blogs.

While the forum is useful, you should always be able to get professional help whenever you want to cure. If you need advice at the Wimpole clinic, you will be happy to help. Why do not you call us?

Hair transplant questions

There are many forums that are dedicated to both men and men who deal with hair loss. Perhaps these are the questions you do not want to ask your doctor or only the questions you do not know who you want to ask. Therefore, many people choose to change the Internet to find their answers.

For many people, it is not only a big source of hair loss forums but also practical support. So, what are the questions about the people in the forum and what are the answers?

Hair replacement system

For instance, take the case of hair replacement system, in different types. For many people, this is a topic, they will not prefer to talk to people who talk about them, and just want to keep them for them.

Questions have been asked and discussion on topic of various system consists of themes of all types. Practical Questions will cover useful information such as how the glue used with a particular system, or how to use it to straighten your system on your head. They can also add more comedy themes and people who have shared mini stories with them, things that were embarrassing at the moment but they are now happy to share with others.

You can also find people in your local area that are similar to things or use the same product; Anybody understands. However, be careful to follow non-dependent advice, because everyone can not eat the health, and the experiences will be similar to you.

Many tips

One of the things you’ll find in the hair loss forum are advising. For those who want to take the first step and see which options are available, you will get floods with answers. People who have already been encouraged, advise people on the tasks that they did not work for, and perhaps their importance, the publication of other people who felt that they were not alone and they Have courage to submit your first job. Also post

Then there are publications of people who picked this first step and want to share their journey with others so that they can motivate them.

Any step in your journey, and whatever you might be able to do, a very valuable sanctuary can be provided in this forum, in which no other judge is in your position and ready to help. Are there However, any person who is advised to go through any problems, should always be recognized by a professional, so that he should get the right treatment for you.

Here, at the Hair Skill Clinic, we always recommend the treatment course that you want to consider. With intense knowledge of years of experience and latest treatment, we can advise you to get the best place for this.

Warning For Hair Transplant Clinic

This Article displays Best FUE Hair Transplant in Pakistan and three of the biggest warning symptoms of the hair transplant clinic. When you are investigating yourself, I’m sure you’ve heard a long list of websites that look great. Well, most of them are due to the fact that they use very clear and aggressive strategies to get their interest. This helps you to fundamentally understand some basic information that the client is trying to get you attention with these clinic symptoms of hair transplantation.

What are the warning signs of hair transplant clinic?

Hair Transplant Clinic warning signs

The three biggest warning signs of hair transplant clinic are easy to understand once you explain them. First of all, I think there are many models of the model that do not really have a patient with hair transplant. It leads to a false feeling of security for consumers. I feel that most people may realize that this is not a real patient. However, there is a lot of satisfaction in place for customers. If not, why do the clinics do this?

The three most important symptoms of hair transplant clinic are the cost of hairball transplantation. Apparently, this is a big problem for many people. Hair transplant surgery is an expensive procedure, but now many clinics are announcing the first price. This means that the results are no longer priority. I think this is not the way it should be done. When it focuses on competing in price, it can not normally compete in quality. I think once you find a clinic whose quality is needed, you can start a price negotiation. Trust me, almost all the clinics will interact with you.

The third warning mark is to be careful with clinics that they use. The “Negotiate method” is not a special procedure because it is only FUE using a device. Smart Graph method is not a procedure because it is done with just one device. Similarly the other automatic or even robot goes to the FUE method. As you look at the relation between your hair transplant class, you will begin to understand four types of FUE surgery.

FUE Magazine – A Hybrid Hair Transplant Industry Journal

There are two ways to hair transplant industry for a long time. There are people who work within the hair transplant industry and are out of the hair hair transplant industry. It is related to doctors and clinics and patients seeking their services. Historically, behind the scenes of professional hair transplant, the public can only be pulled out of different resources and discussions between them that takes a small amount of information while working, from the eyes of different people, progress in the industry. Sharing Information Outside About a variety of resources online, with only occasional contribution to a particular clinic. It has grown a big deal.

The First Online Magazine

It was Europe, the industry professionals and at the same time have taken steps to create the first online magazine in the world designed to share the information among the general public, an organization mainly in Europe (duh!) Was based on. The magazine launches in October 2018. The second launch of the problem in the problem is that the amount of information available about hair transplantation is unmatched and it has never been achieved at the level as its attempt has shown itself. 134 pages of content from 17 articles of special articles for this FUE Magazine issue. Assistant industry professionals and consumers are considering medical maintenance surgery, with a healthy mix of doctors and industry-affected people with other information. It’s a very valuable development that I am proud of.

Why Providing Full Information?

Why is a magazine of the Hair Transplant Industry which provides complete access to patients? Because of the patient’s safety side, a broader movement to change around the hair transplant industry, and it is to give patients the same info to give access to the same information that they use for sharing and learning the doctors. The way is with the companions. This is just a small part of the picture, but the real professionals are heading the overall quality of the field to improve the hair transplant industry. Ready to study the public in one campaign, where about Are very worried If you get more information about this procedure, what you expect will learn more about this, and that means your personal quality will increase.

The 10 most common causes of hair loss are you pay attention?

Everyone wants to have a thick hair, but modern people have a lot of work and life pressure, and hair loss and white discovery seem to be younger. The hair that is normally shed is the hair that is in the period of retreat and rest. Since the hair entering the degenerative period and the newly entering the growing period is constantly in dynamic balance, the normal amount of hair can be maintained.

If the hair is abnormal or excessively shedding, it is abnormal hair loss for many reasons. Both men and women are troubled by hair loss, but male pattern baldness makes men more distressed. The US health website RM Health recently wrote about 10 reasons for hair loss. Among the 10 reasons, there are hereditary, pathological, and bad habits that cause hair loss.

This article combines other materials to introduce the 10 most common causes of hair loss for readers’ reference.

1. Genetic causes of hair loss


Male pattern baldness is an androgen-dependent hereditary hair loss, the most common type of baldness, more common in men.

This kind of hair loss is mainly at the top of the head. It starts from the hairline on both sides of the forehead. It also gradually expands from the top of the hair loss area. The hair is also gradually thin and slender, and the hair at the top of the head is mostly or completely shedding, but the pillow The hair on the back and on both sides of the crotch is horseshoe-shaped.

This kind of hair loss is mostly caused by the age of 20 to 30 years old, and there is a family tendency, and the fastest development is around 30 years old.

2. Drug Effects Cause Hair Loss


Many drugs affect hormone balance, including those that treat blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and elevated cholesterol. Any medication that affects hormone production or regulation may cause hair loss and affect scalp health.

Contraceptives, androgen or estrogen replacement therapy, steroids, and adolescent acne medications can all have side effects. Antithyroid drugs, anticonvulsants, and beta-blockers may also cause patchy alopecia.

3. Alopecia Areata Causes Hair Loss


This is an autoimmune disease in which the body’s own immune errors identify the invaders and attack the body’s own tissues. The head has a round, elliptical, non-inflammatory, non-scarring sudden hair loss with a clear border and a smooth scalp in the hair loss area.

Neuropsychiatric factors are considered to be an important factor in causing such hair loss. Many cases have neuropsychiatric trauma before the onset, such as long-term anxiety, anxiety, sadness, nervousness and emotional upset. About 10% to 20% of cases of alopecia areata have a family history.

In Chinese medicine, alopecia areata is caused by liver and kidney deficiency and deficiency of blood. In treatment, Some  pills can be taken to nourish liver and nourish kidney and nourish hair.

4. Vitamin or mineral deficiency leads to hair loss


Some unhealthy lifestyles and habits may result in insufficient intake of minerals and vitamins necessary for certain humans. If the body is deficient in iron, it has a direct impact on erythropoiesis. Reduced red blood cell production will cause hypoxia in the hair follicles and scalp, causing hair loss. In addition, vitamin B12 or protein deficiency can also cause normal hair breaks.

Female heads occur slowly, even become thin comb, may be suffering from iron deficiency anemia, that is, insufficient iron absorption or excessive loss of menstrual blood, affecting hair growth, and even hair loss.

5. Hypothyroidism leads to hair loss


The thyroid gland is a small gland located at the front of the neck and below the throat. The thyroid is important to the body, releasing a variety of hormones to regulate the body’s metabolism.

Thyroid dysfunction is a common cause of a certain hormone secretion, which is caused by hair loss and formation of alopecia areata. Birth defects, autoimmune dysfunction, and thyroidectomy may result in hypothyroidism.

6. The hair is too tight and causes hair loss


For girls, tightening two twists seems to be pure and cute, but it may make you lose hair. This condition is called traction hair loss, which causes the hair to gradually fall off due to long-term tensioning of the hair, especially on the hairline.

This cause of hair loss has a greater impact on women, but because African men also close their hair into small scorpions, there is also a risk of hair loss.

7. Infection leads to hair loss


Many infections can cause hair loss, but the most invasive infection to the scalp and hair is paralysis. The head lice that are often said in science are caused by a fungal fungus called a dermatophyte.

If people have bad hygiene in their lives, it will cause the fungus to breed in warm and humid conditions. Prepubescent boys are more likely to cause such infections than girls, and adults are rare.

8. Pulling hair and causing hair loss


Hair licking refers to habitually pulling hair from the head or other parts of the body. It is unclear whether hair lice are classified as a habit or a compulsive disorder.

But this habit will produce alopecia areata over time. If you change this habit, the hair will grow again, but the hair will be pulled excessively for a long time, causing damage to the scalp and permanent hair loss in the affected area.

9. Hair loss is a rare condition of hair loss


Severe hair is a condition in which the hair is sparse or hairless after the youthful growth period. This condition is a disorder of human growth and development, and congenital disorders affect the development of the brain and thus affect hair growth and tooth development.

This disease is very rare, hair appears to fall off and the color is dark.

10. Chemotherapy causes hair loss


It is well known that cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy can cause hair to fall off a lot. This is because although chemotherapy can stop the madness of cancer cells to a certain extent, because the cells in the hair follicles under normal conditions, the growth rate is no less than that of cancer cells, which is the cause of hair loss caused by chemotherapy.

Hair loss after chemotherapy may be gradual, or it may be rapid, but after the chemotherapy is stopped, the hair will grow.

How to maintain hair?


To make your hair shiny and dense, you need to take care of your daily life. First, avoid frequent hair dyeing or excessive use of hair styling products, so that the hair is reduced to contact with chemicals; secondly, swim caps should be worn during swimming to reduce the damage of chlorine in the pool water. After swimming, wash your hair thoroughly and wash away chemicals. but if you hair Loss Continuously we will suggest visit our PRP Treatment Center In Lahore  here we solve all type of hair problems and suggest best treatment for your hair.


First define the range of normal hair loss, normal people fall off 50-100 hair per day, and also have the same amount of hair regeneration. Regardless of the anti-off shampoo selected, this physiological hair loss is ongoing every day. So those who are over-stressed, or who are prone to anti-hair loss products, calm down first.

1. Pulling Hair Loss:


Our female students are more common. Long-term habitual traction can cause the hair to fall off in the part with more force. It is too tight with the curling iron used, hard to comb or hairpin, pull the horsetail, and force the tray. Caused by hair. Hair loss is generally characterized by thinning hair. The most common sites are the ear and forehead, and different parts can be affected by different habits.


2. Androgenetic Alopecia:


also known as seborrheic alopecia, commonly known as “bald roof”, is the most common type of hair loss. The disease is more common in young and middle-aged men. The initial performance is that the hair on both sides of the forehead is slender and sparse, and gradually extends to the top of the head. The forehead is retracted backwards and the forehead becomes M-shaped. As the hair loss develops gradually, the forehead and the top of the head can be fused to each other. In severe cases, only the occipital region and the two hairs remain, showing a “Mediterranean” performance. Women’s condition is relatively light, mainly because the hair on the top of the head is diffusely sparse, but the hairline of the forehead does not move up. It looks like a “Christmas tree” change, but rarely occurs at the top of the whole baldness. Most patients have more oily hair, can have a lot of dandruff, generally have no symptoms or itching, and some hair is dry and lacks luster. The speed and extent of hair loss vary from person to person, and most progress is slow.

3. Alopecia Areata:


commonly known as “ghost shaving.” The disease can occur at any age, but it is more common in young adults, and there is no significant difference between men and women. It is characterized by a round or oval shape in the head, and a clear hair loss zone. The hair loss area has smooth skin, no inflammation, scales, scars, and the “exclamation mark”-like hair is often seen on the edges. It is easy to fall off when gently pulled. Initially for the small hair loss area, one or several pieces can appear at the same time, without obvious symptoms. Continue to progress and merge into irregular patches. The hair is completely shed, called full baldness. All hair (including body hair) in the body is shed, called baldness. Most of the alopecia areata can be recovered. The newly grown hair, which is a soft yellow-white vellus, gradually becomes thicker and darker until it returns to normal.


4. Postpartum Hair Loss:


The main manifestations are hair loss in the forehead and hairline. About 35% to 45% of the mothers will appear in the postpartum period of about 3 months, and can also be seen in about 7 months after delivery. Postpartum hair loss is a resting period of hair loss, which is a physiological phenomenon, which has a certain relationship with the hormone level, mental factors and lifestyle changes in the maternal body. The more the fetal hair loss, the more serious the hair loss. The disease will improve on its own within 6 to 9 months after delivery, the longest is no more than 1 year, this time is almost lactation, not suitable for drug treatment intervention.


5. Plucking:


Some patients use their fingers to pull out the bad habits of their normal-growing hair. Because the hair is repeatedly pulled out, it forms a patch of bald area, much like alopecia areata. The difference between alopecia areata is that the edges are not as clear as alopecia areata, and there are still many hairs that are not unplugged in the bald area. It can also be seen that some patients pull their own eyebrows, beards, manes and so on. The disease is a mental and psychological behavior disorder, which is related to psychological factors such as mental stress, anxiety, depression, and habits. The daily life of the patient is basically normal. And most people who have such a good person will not admit it, and generally others observe this behavior.

6. Drug-induced Hair Loss:


immunosuppressive agents, arsenic agents, antidepressants, hypertension drugs and other drugs can affect the function of hair root hair cells, leading to hair loss. Chemotherapy drugs that treat tumors kill or inhibit all rapidly dividing cells, including tumor cells, including hair cells in the growth phase, so about 90% of patients receiving chemotherapy have hair loss. When these drugs are stopped, the hair will gradually re-grow.

7. Nutritional hair loss:


Malnutrition caused by partial eclipse, digestive dysfunction, anemia, chronic wasting disease can inhibit the normal growth cycle of hair, hair thinning, scorching, early white or shedding. Lack of protein, iron, zinc, excessive sugar, salt, selenium, etc., and certain metabolic diseases such as arginine , hereditary whey, metabolism Disorders, etc., are also the cause of hair loss.


8. Infectious hair loss:


various pathogens such as fungi, chickenpox, tuberculosis, and Treponema pallidum can infect the skin tissue of the head, causing local or diffuse alopecia. After partial removal of the pathogen, hair growth can gradually return to normal. Some pathogen infections produce chronic inflammation that severely damages sebaceous glands and hair follicles, causing permanent hair loss. 9. Scarring hair loss: deep burns, electric burns, radiation dermatitis, immune inflammatory diseases (such as lichen planus, discoid lupus erythematosus, scleroderma, etc.), infectious diseases, skin malignant tumors, etc. can seriously damage the skin The tissue, which causes damage to the hair follicles, forms scars that prevent the hair follicles from regenerating, resulting in permanent hair loss.

Male hair Loss:


Among the patients suffering from hair loss, males account for the majority. Herbal medicine believes that the blood is homologous, and men’s hair loss is related to kidney essence. If baldness occurs prematurely, it is mostly caused by excessive mental stress. Therefore, you should always maintain a good mood and pay attention to reduce stress.

Old-age hair loss: Most of the elderly hair loss is a normal physiological development law, but if it is too serious, it may be caused by qi and blood deficiency, usually tend to make liver and kidney.

For the hair loss group, the kidney weak, the white hair yellow hair crowd, the valley raw will be black beans, glutinous rice, black rice, black sesame, yam, millet, walnut, seven kinds of grains and grains, through the scientific proportion match Walnut sesame black bean powder, edible is more conducive to the body’s absorption, does not contain any sugar and additives, retains the original flavor of the grain, easy to eat.

The British “Daily Mail” published the latest article by British hair science expert Philip Kingsley, advising the public that perm, hair dye and hairdressing will cause hair to become brittle and dry, and even cause irreversible damage.

In addition, hair changes directly reflect the internal health of the human body. Hair loss, dryness, fragility, split ends, and thinning of hair are all signs of health problems.



The body needs iron to help build red blood cells

The body needs iron to help generate red blood cells to deliver oxygen to the body. Iron deficiency can lead to anemia, red blood cells are reduced, blood oxygen levels in the scalp are also reduced, and the hair follicles are in a state of hunger and hunger, eventually causing the hair to slowly fall off and the scalp to appear more and more.

Experts say that iron supplementation can help to improve the symptoms of anemia. Lack of vitamin C, intake of caffeine or alcoholic beverages are not conducive to iron absorption. It is recommended to drink juice and eat iron-rich foods to restore hair growth.


2, Eating Disorders


Reducing food intake can lead to a decrease in blood flow to the scalp, which in turn affects the normal growth of the hair. In severe cases, it can cause the hair to lose its luster or even fall off. Experts say that hair loss is rarely permanent, but maintaining a balanced diet and eating more protein is critical to preventing hair loss.

Hair is made up of protein. When the hair follicle protein is at its lowest value, it is especially important to take more protein (especially breakfast). In addition, the diet should be rich in vitamins (especially B vitamins), zinc and important fatty acids.

3. Polycystic ovary syndrome


Men with  ovary syndrome are caused by high androgen, and the symptoms of hair thinning occur on the forehead and the top of the head. Most of this happens in patients with a family history of hair loss.

The health expert said that the patient had a hair loss on his head, but his face and body hair would grow wild. Drugs that reduce androgen and scalp massage that promote blood flow help the patient’s hair grow again.

4, Thyroid Disease


The first symptom of thyroid dysfunction is hair loss. Excessive or too little thyroid hormone can affect metabolism and normal hair growth. Since all hair follicles are affected, hair loss is not a local phenomenon.

Experts say that drugs and other treatments can help alleviate the disease. In order to restore the hair as it is, it is best to take more protein and make a head massage every morning.

5, Pressure Syndrome


Stress will cause Huafa to live early. When the pressure is high, the body releases a variety of hormones, which will affect the absorption of B vitamins and affect hair pigmentation. Stress syndrome can lead to alopecia – the body’s immune system mistakenly attacks the scalp cells, causing large pieces of hair to fall off. Psychological relaxation and taking multivitamin B can improve the problem of early gray hair.

Source: Hair Transplant In Karachi

Causes of Hair Color Change


Under normal circumstances, white hair will grow after 40 years old. This is because with the increase of age, the essence of the kidney is gradually attenuated, the liver is not enough, and the hair can not be raised, and white hair will appear. This is a natural phenomenon and does not require treatment.

However, if the hair becomes white for a sudden period of time, it is mostly caused by the disorder of the air in the body. At this time, the treatment for the cause, often the white hair can be blackened again.

1. Young and Middle-aged People


Young and old, even young white hair, said that he was less white-headed. There are many reasons for acquired whiteheads: malnutrition, such as lack of protein, vitamins, etc., as well as anxiety and nervousness will make the hair white, and thyroid dysfunction can also cause gray hair.


2, Yellow Brown or Light Yellow


Hypothyroidism, high malnutrition, severe iron deficiency anemia and major illness, resulting in a decrease in melanin in the body, the lack of basic substances in black hair, black hair gradually turned yellow brown or light yellow.


3, Caused by a Disease


In the case of systemic scleroderma, the hair will not only turn yellow when it is systemic lupus erythematosus,if you have any disease and you lose and change your color continuously your hair Hair Transplant In Peshawar  is best for you.


4, Hair Thinning and more Sallow


Children’s hair is sparse and sallow, because of the congenital deficiency of development, but also accompanied by sitting, standing, walking, talking, teeth and so on.

5, Hair Yellow


Adolescent girls with yellow hair may be due to calcium deficiency. Calcium deficiency during puberty is mainly characterized by night sweats, that is, sweating while sleeping; less hair, dull, yellowed; cramps in the calf (gastrocnemius) at night.

6, Alopecia Areata and Hair Sparse Problems


The main reaction is the problem of kidney deficiency and kidney deficiency.The kidney of Herbal medicine refers to the urinary system and the reproductive system. It is the kidney of the kidney. It is the external manifestation of the kidney. It has a black and shiny hair, indicating that the kidney is very full, and the kidney is a congenital one. It can warm other organs and meridians. So the child’s hair is very good and there is no problem with dandruff.

Chemotherapy hair loss can prevent treatment

The number of lives taken by cancer is beyond your imagination!

According to the World Health Organization, one-third of women and one-half of men are diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime.

Surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, etc. are the most important means of treating cancer, and chemotherapy is often demonized. Most people can undergo surgery to remove organs, but can not receive side effects caused by chemotherapy, such as chemotherapy. Hair, eyebrows, and chemotherapy and vomiting.

What is chemotherapy?


Chemotherapy, as its name suggests, is a method of treating malignant tumors with chemical drugs. It is a systemic treatment, with surgery, radiotherapy and called the three major treatments for cancer.

What is the chemotherapy drug?


Chemotherapy drugs are therapeutic drugs for pathogenic microorganisms, parasites, certain autoimmune diseases, and malignant tumors. Chemotherapy drugs can kill cancer cells. These drugs can act on different stages of tumor cell growth and reproduction, inhibiting or killing tumor cells.


Why do you want chemotherapy?


Many people say that chemotherapy is not enough, why many people say that chemotherapy kills faster.

First, we have to correct a wrong view. The purpose of chemotherapy is not to cure cancer. At present, the development of medicine has not yet overcome cancer. The purpose of chemotherapy is to prolong life, not cure and cure. The reason why many people demonize chemotherapy is because of the side effects of chemotherapy, which is too cruel. Most of them saw a person who was alive and kicking. After chemotherapy, he was sluggish and experienced pain. Therefore, it is considered to be a matter of both people and money. The patient died because of the cancer disease. Everyone only saw the side effects of chemotherapy. Chemotherapy carried a black pot on the cancer.

The following facts confirm that the chemotherapy drug is effective.

After the emergence of the new chemotherapeutic drug program MOMP in 1963, the effectiveness of treatment (a type of lymphoma) in Hodgkin’s lymphoma increased from 0% to 81%.

Forty years from 1970 to the present, a considerable number of  patients are still alive. The terminal illness of patients has become a tumor that is cured by chemotherapy.

In 2011, scientists counted 123 randomized controlled trials and observed 100,000 women. It was concluded that chemotherapy for breast cancer patients increased by one-third over 10 years of non-chemotherapy. The chance of living for 10 years is 8.8% more than that of patients who have undergone surgery alone.

However, as a patient or a family member, even if one percent can continue life, they want to save the lives of their loved ones. This is their wish.

Factors of hair loss


First and foremost is the mental and psychological factors. The doctors at the Cancer Hospital have described the patients who have whitened their hair overnight.

Excessive mental stress is a common cause of hair loss. Excessive mental stress, depression, fear or severe insomnia can cause neurological disorders, capillaries are in a state of long-term contraction, hair follicles do not get enough blood nutrition, hair falls off. Most women have hair loss during menopause, which is why. Hormone secretion imbalance; factors of food and nutrient metabolism; congenital factors; physical and chemical factors; factors of endocrine disorders; immune system skills response disorder; improper human factors; parasites, viruses and purulent skin diseases Disease and drug treatment factors.

Source : Hair Transplant In Islamabad

Why does hair loss after chemotherapy?


Many drugs can damage hair, suppressants, chemotherapy drugs, arsenic and other drugs can cause hair loss.

Chemotherapy drugs can prevent the proliferation, infiltration, and metastasis of cancer cells at different stages of cancer cell growth, but the current chemotherapy drugs are not ideal.

While chemotherapeutic drugs kill cancer cells, any cells that grow faster and faster than cancer cells are rapidly damaged by chemotherapy drugs. This is the case with scalp cells, and about 90% of hair will fall off. It will grow when chemotherapy stops.

After the hair follicle cells that dominate the hair growth are damaged, the scalp, face, limbs, underarms and genitals, etc., cause the hair of different parts to fall off to different extents.

According to the World Health Organization’s anti-cancer drug acute and subacute toxicity grading standards, chemotherapy-induced hair loss can be divided into five grades.

0 degrees (no abnormality)

Once (mild hair loss)

Second degree (severe, plaque alopecia)

Third degree (complete hair loss, renewable)

Four degrees (complete hair loss, non-renewable)

How long does chemotherapy take off hair?

In chemotherapy, the more serious the U-turn will not start from the beginning, the hair may become thinner and then fall off, or it may be a large piece of hair falling off, and the remaining hair is also dull and dry, usually at the beginning of chemotherapy. About 2 weeks, then the more you fall off within two months.

How long does it take for chemotherapy to lose hair?


Hair loss is a temporary phenomenon, don’t worry. This hair loss is reversible, just like a beard, it will grow out when it is scraped. After the end of chemotherapy, the hair follicles damaged after the drug was stopped gradually returned to normal, and gradually grew out in 1-2 months. After half a year or a year, the hair returned to its original state.

Prevention of chemotherapy hair loss


Psychological care health education

Emotion is one of the important causes of hair loss. For patients, the fear of illness, the anxiety of surgery, and the loss of future life. Causes depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, endocrine disorders. The contraction of the scalp hair follicle causes hair loss.

Knowledge of the disease, communication with doctors, and more knowledge about breast cancer. Breast cancer is currently a disease with a very high survival rate among all malignant tumors. More patients with tumors survive for 20 years, 30 years, and breast cancer will become a chronic disease in the future, like high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes.

Daily care of the head


Massage the scalp; often massage the scalp to improve the blood circulation of hair follicles and promote hair growth

Protect the scalp: After the scalp is exposed, it is easy to be stimulated and damaged. Try to protect the scalp with a hat and a scarf, and do not touch the cold and cold weather. Care for your hair, use a soft shampoo containing protein, and use a soft comb to avoid violent hair combing.

Wearing an ice cap


Wearing sick cats during chemotherapy, reducing chemotherapy on the scalp

Stimulation, however, there is a theory that chemotherapy with ice caps is not conducive to the effective distribution of chemotherapy drugs in the head, increasing the chance of brain metastasis.

Traditional Herbal medicine


Herbal medicine believes that “the hair is left in the blood”, with the medicated diet to supplement the nourishing blood, it has a certain effect.

American ginseng white fungus, yellow scorpion stewed duck, olive  soup, fig stew, yam lotus root soup.

Advances in medical research on chemotherapy hair loss

At present, there are already chemotherapy drugs that do not produce hair loss, but they are expensive and cannot be taken care of by ordinary patients.

Chemotherapy varies from person to person and each individualizes the program you can contact our Best Hair Transplant Surgeon In Pakistan, so all patients are suitable for the application.

Breast cancer must not be the cause of the disease, but the result of the disease. The real reason is that the gene mutation of the human body’s own cells, rather than the removal of cancerous tumor tissue, can solve the problem. After the operation, the chemotherapy drug can make up for the etiological problem that cannot be solved by the operation.

How to promote the natural growth of hair?

There are few hairs, and each time you wash your hair, you will lose a lot. What should I do? Is there any way to promote hair growth? In fact, more massage of the scalp, hairdressing at a suitable time has a certain effect on the growth of hair, but uf your hair growth stop Hair Transplant In Karachi  is best for treatment they suggest what you eating more hair food is also very necessary for your hair.

5 Small Tricks for Natural Hair Growth


Hair problems such as hair lice, hair loss, and hair loss often plague us. Here are some tips for you to have a natural and hairy hair to help you have a thick and healthy hair.


Scalp Massage


Massage the scalp can effectively stimulate the hair roots of the scalp, accelerate the blood circulation of the hair follicles, and promote hair growth. First make a hair mask, then massage your scalp with your fingers, so that the scalp can better absorb the essence of the hair mask, and the hair care effect is better.

Beer Yeast Therapy


Beer yeast is rich in vitamin B, so the consumption of beer yeast can supplement the body with a large amount of vitamin B, and at the same time has the effect of accelerating cell metabolism and promoting scalp repair. However, it should be noted that the brewer’s yeast therapy can be used for up to 3 months and is not suitable for people with gluten intolerance, fungal diseases and digestive problems.

Onion Therapy


Add a spoonful of honey to the onion juice and then apply it to the scalp to promote blood circulation and accelerate hair growth. The reason why onion juice works is because the onion bulb is rich in sulfur, so it can effectively stimulate collagen generation. As long as you are not sensitive to the smell of onions, you can try this unique but effective hair trove.

Castor Oil Therapy


Castor oil is rich in vitamin E and is commonly used to promote the growth of eyelashes and hair. When using castor oil, you can use castor oil directly as a hair mask, then wash it with shampoo. You can also mix castor oil with plant essential oils such as rosemary oil and coconut oil and apply it to hair roots. Resolving hair problems requires patience and perseverance. Regular use of castor oil for hair care and persistence for 2 to 3 months will definitely yield significant results.


Haircut during the first quarter or full moon


Regardless of the amount of hair, haircuts are an essential part of everyday life. Be sure to choose a haircut from the first quarter to the full moon. This coup seems to have no scientific basis, but it is likely to be very effective. Because it is well known that the moon can cause tidal and crustal movements, and has an impact on the life of animals and the growth of plants, so the moon is likely to affect the growth of hair. When you have a haircut on the first or the full moon, you may be able to use the moon’s “power” to quickly grow a hair.