Hair Planting Benefits and Risks

Hair Planting Benefits and Risks



Hair planting can be the most effective way and the only permanent solution to a satisfactory result. By hair we understand, planting your hair in the falling part of the scalp from the back of the scalp. The hair cut candidate should have greater hair density at the back of the scalp, his hair should be thick and wavy, and he must be in a good physical condition. Women usually do not have any good distribution of hair loss, so they are not good candidates in planting them. Hair planting cannot be done by those who have unforeseeable shapes of hair loss, such as alopecia and areata.

The main danger, the patient’s dissatisfaction:

The biggest risk in hair planting is that the patient may not be satisfied with the final result. Some other risks that can be caused during planting and after planting hair are: excess bleeding, transmission and death of many transplanted glands, shock after transplantation for hair loss etc. A study in 425 hair of patients, only 5 percent had complications during and after the planting procedure. Hair Transplant Cost In Lahore can cost 60,000 rupees, depending on the technique used, the location and reputation of surgery, and the hair loss area and the number of planted hair. To decide on hair planting, consider the pain, time and, above all, the result that may be unsatisfactory.

How to care for hair?

A healthy person has 100,000 to 130,000 hair types. Human hair lengthens to about 2 millimeters per week. Bad food and diseases break the hair growth process. It is essential to maintain hair hygiene. This should mean the choice of a suitable shampoo for the hair type. It is not advisable to change frequently the type of shampoo. If you brush hair, the paint should first be applied to a small hair bundle to avoid side effects. Seventy percent of men in the world, according to studies, suffer from hair loss. According to specialists, apart from inheritance, the testosterone hormone, which is the number one enemy of hair loss, is also blamed for this.

Tips to Prevent Hair Loss

1-Check stress

2-Keep a proper diet

3-Drink at least two kilos of water a day

4-Consume fruit, vegetables and protein, through which we get the vitamins, minerals and structural materials essential to capillary reconstruction.

5-Avoid the consumption of animal fats as much as possible, replacing them with natural oils, especially with olive oil.

6-Avoid fry fried.

7-Use different salads.

8-The sun of the pool and the sea is harmful to the hair.

9-Do not change the shampoo frequently.

Science, on the day of people, fell 150 hairs:

Hair grows for two to three years before it falls. The fall of old hair is quite natural. From the dust from which the old hair falls, usually after a while a hairy new hair grows. In one day people may have 150 hairy hairs. There are various causes that cause hair loss, such as an infectious disease, the use of a certain medicine, and so on. When hair loss is not genetically or related to the disease, preventing this phenomenon is possible by following some tips. The phenomenon begins in the age of 20 to 30 years. The hair becomes weaker, falls massively and does not emerge younger. Over 70% of men suffer from hair loss. The sexiest male hormone testosterone is mainly due to this.

Doctors: Hair loss, hereditary:

Hair loss can also be caused by genetic inheritance. Sexual testosterone hormone binds to a certain enzyme and converts to a dihydrotestosterone, or as otherwise named hair skill. This is inserted through the blood that recurs to the roots of the hair and rushes there. Hair Skill not only inhibits hair growth but also prevents the emergence of new hair. Over time, the pores are shut down altogether. About 20 percent of women in the world suffer from hair loss, usually a woman may lose hair only if she passes stress, uses bad ink, does not nourish hair, or if she uses different drugs. While 30 is the average age when the hair loss begins. Specialists show that the phenomenon is actually starting at age 20.

Propecia, a hair loss tool:

Propecia is a type of drug recently discovered. It makes it possible to block the testosterone-associated enzyme, thus preventing this link. The hair skill number on the scalp is thus reduced by two-thirds. This prevents hair loss in most men and in many cases reaches the hair roots to regenerate and produce strong hair as before. Not a few, but 150 hairs, is the amount that falls on everyone’s head almost every day, and in the spring and fall this number is even higher. If this figure is added then all people have to worry. While 2 millimeters a week prolongs human Best FUE Cost In Pakistan, if it is damaged by inappropriate cosmetic products, then it snags as many millimeters per week.

Causes of hair less hair loss are:

1) Androgenic alopecia (the most common cause of hair loss). This problem is more pronounced in males. It is thought that a factor such as inheritance plays a role in this process. Some medicines with hormones are used in the cure.

2) Alopecia areata characterized by hair loss places. It is thought that it is caused by an infection source in those people who have fallen into the body’s immune system. It can cure itself or by using cortisone or light cure medicines.

3) Telogen effuvium: A picture where the hair passes from a short period of time from active to filling. Here is a massive hair loss. For about 3-4 months the hair becomes thinner and thinner. This state of postpartum and newborns may also appear physiologically (normal).

4) Severe Infection Diseases,

5) Some medicines used for epilepsy,

6) Serious surgical interventions,

7) Chemotherapy (cancer),

80 Hipotiroidi,

9) Some hormones and heavy metals,

In curing the following cases the basis of the cure is to remove the cause. For example, if it is a cure for his cessation (provided that cessation does not cause more harm to the body than hair loss). If it is a fight infection with it. After the infection the hair comes out again.

10) Fungal Diseases (Mycoses),

11) Dislodge,

12) Radiation ,

13) Lack of proteins, iron, zinc, etc.

14) Also, the tight-knit hairline can cause hair loss especially in women.


Hair Transplantation At Hair Skill:

Several decades ago, international hair research revealed that hair follicles are genetically programmed to grow throughout life. This is the basis for a durable solution for hair loss – hair planting at hair skill, no. 1 in Pakistan for hair transplants.

Hair Transplantation Base:

About three-quarters of men and one-third of women are affected by a major hair loss. Many of the affected people experience hair loss and development of the head-to-head places as aesthetic restraint and require a solution. Through one day treatment, the hair skill hair transplant offers lasting, safe, and effective aesthetic aid. Through one day treatment, the hair skill hair transplant offers lasting, safe, and effective aesthetic aid.

Hair roots naturally grow in groups of 1, 2, 3 or 4 hair. These groups are called follicular units (FUE Transplant Cost In Lahore Pakistan). The follicular units found on the back of the head (skull) are programmed to grow throughout life. They are taken from this donor area, prepared carefully and eventually planted in any hair less area or with rare hair, affected by hair loss. After a break-away phase, the hair root produces new hair (hair) that creates a dense, beautiful hair structure according to the patients’ wishes.

Moser Medical With A Look:

Leader in pakistan.

Experience over 30,000 treatments,

State licensed clinic,

Medical team with 18 members,

Warranty for increase and full refund guarantee,

Intensive care before and after treatment,

Mineral nutrient solution developed by the clinic itself,

Hair skill bioregeneration,

Continuous training of doctors and team,

Many international awards,

Internal research laboratory,

Higher hygiene standards,

Hair transplant procedure:

At hair skill, we apply proven treatment procedures to the most modern methods. You can choose between the method of follicular unit transplantation (fue technique) or follicular unit extraction (fue technique). At the beginning of the treatment, hair root units are taken from the donor area depending on the type of treatment chosen at once (fut) or individually for each hair root (fue). Thereafter, a team of well-trained medical assistants prepares roots for planting hair using high-resolution microscopes. In addition, they are enriched in a mineral nutrient solution, which is explored and developed by hair skill, to support later growth.

Meanwhile, the area where the hair will be planted (hair less or hairy part of the head) is prepared with very small holes, nearly as large as the pores. In the next step, hair experts transplant follicular units in the transplant area, in which the instruments fit in with the hair structure during treatment. To help rapid growth and recovery, the biorigenerative solution developed in the Hair Transplant In Islamabad laboratory is dispersed over the transplantation area. Only hair skill patients benefit from the advantage of the mineral storage solution and the biorigenerative solution.

Criteria For Hair Transplantation With The Highest Quality:

Important features for hair transplantation are the hair density to be transplanted and a natural aesthetic hair structure. The selection of the most appropriate treatment method (fut or fue) is determined by the following factors:

Hair structure,

Donor hair density,

Size of surface to be planted,

The direction of hair growth,

Calculation of hair loss in the future,

The aesthetic result desired for a hair structure as natural and dense,

In the framework of a personal medical consultancy, our specialists, in accordance with your desires, explain to you which treatment technique and which parts are ideally suited to you to meet your desire for a complete hair structure. These consultations are free of charge at hair skill.

Quality Features:

We only perform treatments whose criteria are carefully evaluated to achieve a successful hair transplant with the highest quality and safety for the future. In this regard, our experience of decades, based on the results of tens of thousands of successful hair transplants, becomes effective. With this golden standard, all hair transplants are measured all over the world.
Hair Transplant In Karachi is a member of the largest and most internationally active international hair care organization.

Founded in 1992, this non-profit organization promotes and supports continuous quality improvement as well as training professionals for hair surgery. Hair skill is not only a registered member, but actively participates in the most important congresses of the world, as the techniques and equipment applied are developing at a rapid pace. Our doctors and medical assistants regularly report on these international professional events and use them for advanced training.