Hair Loss Reasons 5 kinds of diseases in 2019

Hair Loss Reasons in 2019


Dr Irfan, a dermatologist at the hair skill Lahore , said that the amount of hair loss in the East is 80-100 or less per day, which is normal. Calculate the amount of hair loss, which can be counted as the amount of hair loss on a pillow that sleeps one night, divided by the number of hours of sleep and multiplied by 24 hours to get the total amount of hair loss per day.

Unusual large amount of hair loss may be caused by scarring hair loss, early detection and early remediation, so as not to leave regret.

To this end, hair experts sorted out the five major causes of hair loss and disease factors.

Stress syndrome causes hair loss

Stress syndrome can lead to alopecia – the body’s immune system mistakenly attacks the scalp cells, causing large pieces of hair to fall off.

People who have had terrible experiences will not be able to put down their heart for a long time and will have stress syndrome. If you can relax, forgive others, forget the painful memory can improve the hair loss problem.

Poly cystic ovary syndrome causes hair loss


Women with polycystic ovary syndrome (ovulation disorder and infertility is the main clinical manifestation) is due to high androgen, resulting in hair thinning on the forehead and head. Experts say that the patient has lost hair on his head, but his face and body hair will grow wild. Drugs that reduce androgen and scalp massage to promote blood flow help hair to grow again.

Thyroid disease causes large area hair loss


The first symptom of thyroid dysfunction is hair loss. Excessive or too little thyroid hormone can affect metabolism and normal hair growth.

Anemia hair loss


Recently, hair has fallen much more, and it may also be caused by anemia. Iron deficiency leads to a decrease in red blood cells, insufficient blood oxygen in the scalp, and loss of oxygen in the hair follicles. In addition to iron supplementation, vitamin C should be added to facilitate iron absorption. Do not take beverages containing caffeine or alcohol for the purpose of iron absorption.

Dieting causes eating disorders

Modern people who reduce food intake in order to lose weight may cause scalp blood flow to drop and hair loss. Physicians suggest that normal diet should be restored, and more protein intake can effectively prevent hair loss. The diet should also be rich in vitamin B group, zinc and important fatty acids.

In addition, there are other diseases that can cause hair loss, including secondary syphilis, plucking, mold infection, lupus erythematosus, etc., which may cause hair loss. If it causes scarring hair loss, the hair may not grow back. If people have hair loss problems, they can ask a dermatologist for detailed diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

According to Dr Irfan Hair Loss Treatment Specialist Hair Transplant In Lahore , treating hair loss requires a lot of life and eating habits. For example, to stop smoking and drinking, but also to change the law of sleep, it should be 8 o’clock at night, because this time is the time when hair follicle cells are constantly splitting. Resting in long hair prime time can help give birth to more hair. In addition,DR suggested not to eat hot chicken, not to drink hot chicken soup after exercise.