Does hair dye damage your hair? How long does it take to dye your hair?

Does hair dye damage your hair? How long does it take to dye your hair?

Everyone’s skin will be different. Hair with different colors will have different temperament. It is difficult to change a person’s skin. Many people think of changing their hair color to change their style. Hair dyeing is a normal thing, but the hair dyed material has a certain chemical composition, which has certain damage to the scalp. So how much damage does hair dye have to the hair? Can I dye hair frequently?

Does hair dye damage your hair?

Hair dyeing is a trend. Young people dye hair is to pursue fashion. In the past, hair dyeing was often equated with rebellious painting. Nowadays, young people dye their hair like a light makeup. Many white-haired elderly people choose to dye their hair to blacken their hair in order to look younger. Although the hair dye added points to the face value, it added color to the years. But at the same time it will reduce the health. Hair dye can damage the scalp and affect hair quality.

1, dyeing hair will hurt the scalp

It is well known that hair dyeing changes the color of a person’s hair, but the principle of hair dye is rarely understood. Hair dyes are generally made of some chemical components. The main chemical component, hydrogen peroxide, has a certain stimulating effect on the scalp. For people who are allergic to it, it may cause severe scalp allergy due to hair dyeing. At the same time, another chemical component of hair dye is more carcinogenic to p-phenylenediamine. Hair dyes contain some heavy metals in addition to these two chemical components, and the mercury contained in the hair dyes can cause side effects to the human internal organs. Therefore, doctors in pregnancy and breastfeeding will ban hair dyeing. Afraid of toxic components in hair dyes can adversely affect the health of the fetus or baby.

2, Hair Dye will Hurt the Hair

The average person’s hair is supple, and the hair dye is artificially colored with a layer of other colors by some chemical agents. To make the dyed color not fade, it is necessary to use a solid color chemical material. The chemical material will cause some damage to the hair. Repeated staining will dry out the hair. If the hair lacks nutrition, it will dry and split. These are the damage that hair dyes cause to the hair.

How long does it take to dye your hair?

Hair dyeing is not a once-and-for-all thing, hair is growing constantly, new hair will make the original hair, so it looks less beautiful, many people will choose to re-dye, and some people want to pursue different beauty And often change different hair colors. Frequent hair dyeing, some elderly people who want to retain the years will also re-dye hair because of the newly added white hair. Frequent hair dyeing is definitely harmful to people, so how long does it take to dye hair?

In fact, from a health point of view, it is best not to re-dye hair, if it is necessary to dye hair multiple times, it is best to be more than one year. Because the hair dye produces a chemical that requires a cycle of human metabolism, such as fixing color when dyeing hair, fixing the damage to the scalp takes a long time to metabolize the damaged scalp through self-metabolism. Many chemical components of hair dyes are difficult to metabolize and will precipitate in the body to cause harm to the human body. Therefore, the longer the re-staining interval, the less the damage to the body will be. if your hair is damage you can hair transplant with world best surgeons Hair Transplant In Pakistan. But hair also has a growth cycle. When new hair grows out, the color inconsistency does affect the dyeing effect. Therefore, friends who love beauty should choose at their discretion.