Golden Rules for Baby Hair Care

Golden rule for baby hair care

The first rule: to wash your hair for your baby. Because the baby grows very fast, the metabolism is very strong. Therefore, it is best to wash the baby once a day, 6 months ago, especially when the weather is hot. After 6 months, you can change your hair to 2-3 days. Keeping your hair clean often can cause the scalp to be stimulated to promote hair growth and growth. If you do not always wash your baby’s hair, the oil, sweat and contaminants on the scalp will irritate the scalp, causing itchy itch, blistering and even infection. This will make the hair easier to take off. It is worthy of the attention of Mommy. When washing your baby, you should use pure, mild and non-irritating baby shampoo. It is best to foam easily. Also, when washing your hair, gently massage your baby’s scalp with your fingers. Don’t use your hair to prevent hair from tangling together. It is easy to get rid of hair.

The second rule: to give your baby hair to be diligent. Mommy often wears a special comb for the baby. When it is convenient, take it out and comb the baby a few times, because combing the hair often stimulates the scalp, promotes local blood circulation and helps the hair grow. However, do not use a comb that is too hard. It is best to use a rubber comb because it is both elastic and soft and does not easily damage the baby’s tender scalp. One reminder is that when Mommy combs baby’s hair, it must be combed in the direction of the baby’s natural growth. The movement and force should be consistent. Do not force the baby’s hair to the opposite direction according to his own wishes.

The third rule: give your baby plenty of sleep. Your baby’s brain is not yet mature, so it is easy to get tired. If you don’t get enough sleep, you will easily develop physiological disorders, which will lead to poor appetite, frequent crying and easy to get sick, which indirectly leads to poor hair growth. Usually, just born baby, 20 hours of sleep every day; 16-18 hours of sleep every day for 1-3 months; 15-16 hours of sleep every day for 4-6 months; 7-9 months It guarantees 14-15 hours of sleep every day; 10-10 hours of sleep every 10 months or more.

The fourth rule: let the baby get more sun. Proper sunlight and fresh air are very beneficial to the growth of your baby’s hair, because UV radiation is not only good for sterilization, but also promotes blood circulation to the scalp. However, do not let your baby’s head be exposed to strong sunlight. When the sun is strong, go out and wear a visor on your baby’s head to avoid sunburn on the scalp.

The fifth rule: feeding nutrition. 3-6 years old children’s scalp oil secretion is less than adults, hair is particularly easy to lose soft and bright. This stage is a special period of hair care for children. Hair begins to show different growth rates and different growth cycles. Each hair follicle is periodically changed independently, and adjacent hair follicles are not in the same growth cycle. Young children’s shampoos should not only be pure and mild, but also moisturized, so that the children’s hair is healthy and soft.

The sixth rule: supplement protein. In addition to daily care, parents should also pay attention to the child’s hair health, the correct diet also makes you no longer worry about the child’s three thousand troubles. Experts remind that the child’s daily diet can properly add protein. Because of hair composition 97% is protein, hair growth requires a certain amount of sulfur-containing amino acids, and this amino acid can not be synthesized by the human body. It must be obtained from the protein in the food. If the daily protein intake is less than 50 grams, it will cause The serious lack of human protein is bound to affect the growth of hair.

Remind Mom: The baby with thick hair can also take the above hair care method. It should be noted that if the baby’s hair in the occidental part gradually wears off or falls off within 1 year old, or the hair is dry and easy to fall off, it may be the result of calcium deficiency or VA deficiency. You should see a doctor in time.

Hair care tips

1. Before shampooing your baby, straighten your hair with a small comb. This will prevent the hair from getting entangled together, avoiding the hair from being combed, and damaging the hair when combing hard.

2, the small comb pitch should be wider, the top of the comb teeth should not be too sharp, if there is a thin plastic package, it is not easy to scratch the baby’s scalp.

3, when combing the hair, one hand should grab the hair, especially when the hair is very messy. This will reduce the degree of stress on the baby’s scalp, prevent the hair from being pulled off, and reduce the pain during combing.

4, when the baby is tied with a small scorpion, do not tighten the baby’s hair, do not use rubber bands, so that it is easy to make the often pulled parts bald and make the hair thin.

5, use a hair dryer to blow the baby at a low temperature, to prevent damage to the baby’s fragile hair and tender scalp.

6, trim the hair once every two months or so, do not let the little girl’s head on the head of the sea grow over the eyebrows, so that the hair will grow healthier.

7, if you like to give your baby a hair split, it is best to change a part every few days, otherwise, the hair will always be more and more rare.

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