FUE Hair Transplant in Lahore

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) or hair follicular hair transplantation method has been implemented since 2000. Follicular Unit Extraction is the most modern method of hair implantation and Fue hair transplant in Lahore have tendency to prevail its invasive effects worldwide in highly effective way. For the implementation of hair transplantation with this technique, long and specialized training is required by the Plastic Surgeon, as it is a very detailed and difficult technique, and therefore it is considered a highly demanding method.

Factors for a successful FUE Hair Transplant

The design and distribution of hair follicles during their placement is one of the most critical factors for the success of hair transplantation, which lies in the ability of the plastic surgeon. Consider factors for hair transplantation with Follicular Unit Extraction as:

• The age of the patient undergoing hair transplantation
• The characteristics of his face
• Stage of alopecia before applying the method
• The number of hair follicles available
• The expectations of the patient
• The potential future needs for new hair transplantation surgery
• The design and distribution of hair follicles in FUE Hair Transplantation are completely individualized and must meet the needs of each patient and meet three basic requirements:
• Hair transplantation has the least possible effect on the donor and recipient country (not scars, uniform coverage),
• Follicular Unit Extraction produces a completely natural result
• When the above mentioned specifications are followed during a hair transplantation session with the FUE method, success rates are particularly high, surpassing 95-98% in Hair Skill cases.

Stages in FUE Hair Transplantation

• Determination of the donor country and application of local anesthesia prior to the method
• One-to-one removal of hair follicles using an automated FUE extractor
• Storage of up to 6 hours of grafts in a humid and cold environment of 2-4 degrees Celsius
• Design of the implantation area (recipient country) in which the follicular unit extraction technique
• Placement of implants with implant device.

The implantation of hair by transfer of individual hair follicles can be done in two ways:

1: By creating small holes where the implants will be inserted. The grafts are formed with a needle or knife (old method). Most hair clinics, regardless of whether they use the FUE technique or strip technique or FUT, still use this old hair implantation method, where the hair follicles or holes are initially opened, followed by the placement of hair follicles or using a forceps or using an implanter. This technique is accompanied by significant hemorrhage and edema, and often the placement of transplants with forceps does not lead to physical effects because the angle and the direction of placement of each hair follicle cannot be controlled, depending on the area being placed.

2: With automatic insertion of cuttings without sockets, but using special implant devices (implanter device placement). In this way we do not cause trauma and scarring in the recipient country, and the germination of hair is more natural, with a suitable direction and germination angle, due to the ability of the implanter to adapt, depending on the area where the placement is made.

In Hair Skill Clinics, Plastic Surgeon Doctors and his team are using the Advanced FUE Technique to deploy the hair follicles without One Step Implantation, without permanent marks and with excellent results.

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