Do you want to know which hair care methods will make your hair Damage?

Today we are Let’s take a look at the hair care methods that hurt the hair, and go check it out!

1. Everyday shampooing will damage the hair.

Every day, shampooing will damage the hair. The concept is wrong. Cleaning is the foundation of health. Hair washing every day can ensure that the scalp is not blocked by grease, etc. At the same time, you can go to the professional body to do deep scalp cleansing regularly, because the shampoo we usually use can only be used for surface cleaning. Over time, the roots of the scalp will accumulate more dirt and hinder. Hair grows normally, and if it is not cleaned in time, it can easily lead to hair loss.

2, Use your nails to scratch your scalp.

There are many bacteria in your nails. Once the delicate scalp is scratched, it is easy to induce infection. When wiping the hair, gently push the scalp with your fingertips to decontaminate and activating blood.

3, The hair just wet,

wipe the hair, many people just wet the hair will pour the shampoo on the head, I do not know, this can not wash the hair. Before washing the hair, rinse the hair and scalp with warm water for more than 1 minute to remove 70% or 80% of the dirt. Then, pour the shampoo into the palm of your hand, add water to make a foam and then apply it to your hair. This will make the foam more abundant and wash your hair thoroughly.

4, Hair conditioner

Hair Conditioner is not rinsed Many people believe that some hair conditioner residue on the hair can make the hair more moist. In fact, the residual conditioner easily mixes dust and adheres to the scalp, clogging the hair follicles and causing inflammation. Therefore, it is necessary to rinse off the conditioner after applying it.

5, Cold Water

cold water makes the hair shine more. Washing with cold water does not make the hair more shiny. Worse, it may also give people a migraine headache. Shampoo, or use warm water, this will help improve the hair follicle circulation.

6, Hair loss people do not often wash their hair

the correct way is the opposite! If you have hair loss, you must wash every day, and it is best to wash once in the morning and evening, timely remove sweat, oil, keep hair follicles Refreshing, long-term persistence can delay hair loss.

7, Wet Hair,

when the hair is wet, the scales are open, at this time the hair is very delicate and not resistant to friction. Sleeping when the hair is half-wet and semi-dry will cause the stratum corneum to become thinner and the hair to become dry.

8. Frequent haircuts

 will make your hair grow faster. Regular trimming will keep your hair healthy and prevent damage, but it will not make your hair grow faster. Hair grows at the roots rather than at the ends of the hair, and the trim does not irritate it. You trim yours, it grows it

9, Wash two-in-one shampoo

simple and effective Many friends usually like to use the care of two-in-one products, that the care can be carried out at the same time not only can clean and care for the hair at the same time, but also saves time, very suitable for today’s fast pace Lifestyle. In fact, the two-in-one product can’t be washed and protected. If you don’t clean it, the effect will be counterproductive, and even the basic cleaning will not be completed. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose a single-wash product.

10, Olive oil

or beer can deepen the hair no matter whether it is olive oil, beer, or ginseng, aloe vera, for external nutrition, hair absorption is very limited, the most important role of shampoo is to clean, not a variety of a variety of nutrients. How can the hair be more moisturized and healthier? The internal factors are more important, the body is strong, the personality is cheerful, and the hair is naturally shining.

11, Oily hair

can not use hair conditioner oily hair is because the scalp produces too much oily. In life, many people have greasy scalp but dry hair. Therefore, people with oily hair need to choose a suitable shampoo. At the same time, use conditioner in the hair part and leave the scalp at least 10 cm, so that the hair will not be greasy.

12, Hair drying

more healthy Many people think that hair is to protect the scalp, sun drying anyway. This is quite wrong. When the hair is exposed to the sun, the water is easily lost. The scalp is stimulated by high temperature, which increases sweating and oil. The hair becomes very fragile and easily falls off. This is why people who often like to soak in the sauna and those who wash their hair with overheated water are more likely to lose hair.

13, Long-term confrontation

with the computer will increase the risk of hair loss. Many friends have reported that the number of recent hair loss has increased significantly, suspected to be due to indoor and outdoor temperature differences and work in the computer environment leading to hair loss. In fact, the temperature difference and the computer will not have much impact on hair health, and the office crowd can eliminate this concern.if your hair is not grow we recommend Hair Transplant In Peshawar  center for checkup The main reason for hair loss in winter is that when the season is changed, the scalp needs to adapt to the climate, and the hair loss will naturally increase. After a smooth transition to the season, the number of hair loss will turn normal. However, if the number of hair loss is still increasing, it may be a precursor to hair loss. It must be taken seriously and immediately went to a professional institution for testing.

14, White hair,

do not pull out the white hair will not cause more white hair growth, white hair may be related to heredity, nervousness, staying up late. Pulling the hair stimulates the scalp and is harmful to the hair follicles. Therefore, if a small amount of white hair appears, it can be cut off from the hair root with scissors. Hair Care Methods Daily: The use of disposable hair care products is very important, whether it is spray or leave-on conditioner or hair oil, it can add shine and protective film to the hair every day, and prevent hair from being exposed to UV. Infringement. Weekly: Let your hair enjoy a deep moisturizing hair mask at home to enhance hair quality. This is something you must do every 7 days. When using the hair mask, be sure to dry the moisture of the hair beforehand to achieve the desired result.

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Best FUE Hair Transplant inPakistan

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

FUE, involves removing healthy hair follicles from donor area on the scalp (usually at the back of the head where the hairs are plentiful) and grafting them into the bald or thinning area.


FUE can give very natural results because individual hair follicles are removed, only small, scares which are virtually not visible and post-surgical pain and discomfort is minimized. Patients are able to return to work the next day. The procedure is very effective and has no side effects.


The hairs on the nape continue to grow and they do not fall out. The roots of these hairs are unexposed to the destructive affects of hormones. Thus, it is possible to take healthy roots of hairs from a nape and to transplant them to the bald area of a head. Thus, they will grow for all your life the same way   grew on the nape. By using the FUE method we can extract hairs from your body, chest, leg, back, and beard.



No stitches, no linear scars, no senseless in recipients site, no swelling at face, no cut in skin, no cut of blood veins, donor area is not compromised, un-affected flexibility of skin, multiple time possibility of hair transplantation and discomfort is minimized.


FUE can give you very natural results. The advantage over strip harvesting is that FUE harvesting negates the need for large area of scalp tissues to the harvested, so there is no linear incision on the back of the head and it does not leave a liner scar. Recovery from FUE is within seven days.



Micro Injectors are disposable and give a denser look of hairs at your bald area. A natural angle (30-45 degree) of hair follicles is given to your bald area it is only possible by using Micro Injector for close/thick plantation which gives natural bounce to your hairs. Post surgical pain and discomfort is minimized. By many years of research our experts invented new technology in hair transplant (Micro Injector). By using disposable injectors and FUE tools. We ensure complete sterilization and eliminate any risk of cross transmission of communicable diseases. This is the most updated technology available for men and women of all ages. Micro Injector takes too little time for transplant the hair follicles to “recipient site”. Thus, your most follicular units become transplanted and no swelling appears at your face. That is why we use Micro Injector.


Virtually it takes three months. After six to nine months transplanted hair will be fully mature and will continue to grow for life time. The hairs on the nape continue to grow and will do not fall out. The roots of these hairs are unexposed to the destructive affects of hormones. Thus, it is possible to take healthy roots of hairs from the nape and to transplant them to the bald areas of the head. Thus, they will grow for all your life the same way as they grew on the nape.


FUT(Follicular Unit Transplant) OR Strip harvesting

Strip harvesting is an old and most common technique that moves strip of skin from “donor site” and then stitched up the skin to bald area of the body known as the “recipient site”. This hair transplant procedure is called FUT or Strip Harvesting. Strip harvesting leaves a “pencil thin” linear scar in the donor area. Disadvantages of FUT are bald area become senseless up to nine months, decrease of skin flexibility, donor area becomes short, about 1500 hair follicles damages during dissect, unbearable pain and remaining hair falls after some time by cutting of veins.



Hair replacement system is non surgical hair loss solution. Hair Skill has an affordable, non surgical hair loss solution for you. Hair skill can help you restore your hairs and confidence. Wig offer an instant all over hair replacement solution. We want you to have gorgeous hair. The quality and beauty of our pieces (wings) allow for stunning results and giving the appearance of your own natural hairs. We provide a complimentary consultation in a private room by a trained fitter. Our wigs are 100% natural human hair.

There are various methods of attachment. Wigs can be applied by using tape, clips, or a  liquid adhesive and can be removed at any time or left on for one month at a time by using the proper adhesive. Wigs can be the best suited to men and women experiencing alopecia, cancer treatments and looking for quick change to their current style.


PRP(platelet rich plasma)

Our blood plasma (PRP) contain active growth factors which can promote hair growth. PRP therapy is used hair restoration for better growth of hair. With a needle, your own blood plasma (PRP) is injected into the scalp. It is an injectable treatment which uses the patient’s own blood.  PRP procedure used for the treatment of hair thinning. PRP hair restoration is suitable for men and women. PRP is an exciting non surgical therapeutic option for patients who require stimulation  of hair growth for hair loss conditions. The primary purpose of using PRP in hair restoration is to stimulate inactive or newly implanted hair follicles into an active growth phase. PRP contain essential proteins that stimulate natural hair growth. The treatment can also be combined with hair transplant. PRP is showing impressive results in reversing hair loss. The people who have lost all hair cannot undergo this treatment as it does not help grew new hair. It can only make the existing thinning hair thicker by strengthening the hair follicles.


Hair Treatment


Follow two easy steps to get an estimate of how many grafts you may need.

Step 1: choose areas where you would like to get hairs transplanted.
Step 2: choose graft density i.e. number of grafts per square cm.
Value of zero is equivalent to complete baldness of area.
Increase of value indicates shift towards appearance of hairs to full restoration at maximum value.

Step 1: Choose the areas for hairs transplant:

  Areas Selected   # of Grafts   # of Hairs
    Area 1
    Area 2
    Area 3
    Area 4
    Area 5
    Area 6
    Area 7

Step 1: Choose Graft Density:

* Graft density of 35 grafts per square cm is recommended.

You have selected following graft density:

Baldness: 0
Recommended Value: 35
Full Restore: 50

Remember no calculator can a replace Doctor’s consultation along with results.



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