Best Hair Transplant surgeon in Pakistan

Best Hair Transplant surgeon in Pakistan

Anyone who has faced the problem of hair fall realized the importance of being a fat, healthy and shiny mane Hair loss is a major problem faced by men and women today. It is a complex problem to deal with as the causes can range from hormonal changes due to lack of vitamins or minerals, stress / medical condition or certain medications.

Occasionally it may also be a combination of reasons that is causing your hair to fall. Methods of hair fall hair are well diverse. Hair growth vitamins, tablets, and serums are available online. Laser treatment and best hair transplant surgeon in Pakistan are included in more worthy measures.

Hair transplant surgery is usually a cosmetic procedure from the back of transplanting from head to head and areas of the head where it has taken place of hair loss that involves taking a strip of skin.

Different Types of Hair Transplantation Surgery


There are those who will pick up the surgeon one that is best suited for you various types of hair transplantation process. Even then, there are three that are most picked up:


Hair Transplant Corruption:

It is performed under local fainting and implants on the choice of hair grafts containing the surgeon’s donor site and those sites that require coverage. The donor site is prepared by trimming the hair on the first time so that it is more easily controlled. Surgeons can decide to use ‘punch grafts’, which consists of round shape and 15 varieties of hair or ‘mini-that is 2 to 4 varieties of grafts’. For broad coverage ‘grafts strip’ can also be done that can have up to 40 hair. This process usually requires more than one sitting and can take months of healing during consecutive meetings. It can take up to 2 years ago to see the full result.

Flap Surgery:

This process is used in cases of extensive hair fall. This requires a patient for a longer period of time in the hospital and is performed under normal fainting. In this process, the surgeon incorporates balloon skin effects like hair tools. On the duration of the week, these instruments are filled with a more saline solution, which stretches the skin. The skin is cutting down on the hair area and a flap of bribe containing hair is lifted while still the closed head is attacked on one end. It has brought in place and then stitched. Now, it is left to heal and develop new blood supply.

Surgery Loss Skull:

Also known as advancement flap surgery. Here the squares are completely removed without the hair scalp and the hair bearing skin is loose and pulled on top of it and sewn in place. This procedure is done for the back and head of the bald patches. To be removed is that the part of the skull is usually cutting ‘in’ or ‘Y’ inverted shape. Depending on the extent required to cover the size of the field removed.

Risks or complications

Normal risks are associated with passing through any surgery with normal fainting. There may be excessive bleeding, scarring or infection. Nerve damage and allergic reactions also include some other common risks.

There are insufficient growths of bribery giving complications that contribute to this type of surgery specific to this type of surgery, giving a permanent death of hair follicles infections or corruption present in a bad-looking, grafted scalp.

Best Hair transplant surgeon in Pakistan

Another factor, which is processed to consider the decision to undergo hair transplant surgery, is done and after the treatment has taken place, hair loss can still take that place, but surgery is still the best effective measure to control hair fall.

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