Best FUE Transplant Cost in Lahore Pakistan

Our aesthetic best FUE transplant cost in technique treats the problems of hair loss and baldness to ensure you a safe treatment without pain, a more effective and natural result with high density for the rest of your life.

The best fue cost in Pakistan has its traditional hair transplant method uses strips of skin that are removed from the donor area, leaving a permanent scar, which is considered an unacceptable technique compared to the technologies we have today.

Using a more advanced method called Follicular Extraction Method or FUE, follicular units, which are groups of one to four hair follicles, are transferred, causing minor, hole-shaped scars.

The most recommended techniques for a hair transplant

Two modern methods of hair transplantation are the “Follicular Unit Extraction ” which is a minimally invasive technique (FUE) and the “Super-Megasession Band Donor”, a band method in which more than 3,000 follicular units are transplanted in each session.

These are the two methods that are applies in best FUE transplant cost in Lahore Pakistan and they can fill the areas affected by baldness aesthetically by giving them a natural appearance.

Advanced technologies for successful Pakistan hair transplant

To be able to offer the best possible results in hair transplants, we have made available the latest technologies.
Our team of international renown in this field. The technologies we use remove hair follicles and place them directly without manipulation.

Each hair is extracted and replanted with precision, which greatly increases the growth rates and also allows a better result and gives a completely natural look.

The (FUE):

The (FUE) is a method of cosmetic surgery that applies to the hair. Not only does it have a completely natural result, it also leaves no visible marks or scars where hair has been extracted.
The formation of scar tissue following the use of this technique is both minimal and invisible to the naked eye.
The hair follicles to be transplanted are carefully loosened and released one by one with a thin needle.
The procedure is done without scalpel or sutures. Bleeding is rare during treatment, and the recovery phase is remarkably short and takes only a few days.
The FUE technique is very accurate and requires a long treatment session that spans a whole day or even longer.
Many follicular units can be transplanted with this method in a professional manner during a single treatment. This treatment is performed under local anesthesia and usually lasts 8 to 10 hours.
The recovery phase is so short that treatment can continue without problems for up to three days in a row.

The (FUE) has the advantages over traditional band grafting:

– a procedure that is performed without a scalpel
– without surgical stitches
– no bleeding
-essential pain
– no visible scars (either in the bald area or the donor area)
– use of your own hair

Our specialists hair transplant Pakistan

Hair transplants are performed by well-trained, certified and experienced physician surgeons. The local anesthesia works a lot and there are no sutures or scars resulting from the treatment.

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