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Manual FUE Hair Transplant: At What Price?

The hair transplant is the best way to restore the hair. It is a surgical technique that involves moving hair follicles from one part of the body to another. In fact from a “donor zone” to a “receiving zone”. Hair transplantation is performed either by transplantation of follicular units or by the so-called “follicular band” technique. The highly practical experts perform this technique and Best FUE cost in Pakistan has shown its tremendous extraordinary results worldwide in the field of hair transplantation. Indeed, the hair of the patients can be harvested in two different ways:

The collection of strips (FUT) or the extraction of follicular units (FUE, manual or robotic).

The hair transplant FUE price of safety and a result close to the natural.

In this article:

• The follicular unit extraction technique (FUE)
• The difference between FUE and other techniques
• The result of the FUE method
• The FUE Hair Transplant Tariff
• Manual FUE hair transplant: look for safety and a natural result

The Follicular Unit Extraction Technique (FUE)

Extraction of the follicular unit is the modern technique of hair restoration. FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is a more advanced method of hair transplantation. This new method is better than some previous techniques such as strip-tapping transplantation or FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation).

The surgeon then uses very small micro-blades or thin needles to perform the incisions that will receive the grafts, placing them in a predetermined density and pattern. This technique is very delicate because it requires consistency to promote a realistic hair plan. The FUE surgical procedure is minimally invasive, so you will remain fully conscious all the time because only local anesthesia is required. The recovery time is short and the risk of complications is low.

The Difference between FUE and Other Techniques

FUE takes place in one very long session or several small sessions. The FUE procedure takes longer than the strip surgery. A FUE surgery time varies depending on the surgeon’s experience. The follicular harvesting speed depends essentially on the patient. This method may take hours to extract 200 grafts for a scar correction to a surgical operation for two consecutive days for a transplant of 2,500 to 3,000 grafts.

The result of the FUE technique is very natural. This technique is more advantageous than that of the strip because the FUE does not require the removal of large areas of skin tissue. Therefore, this does not leave a scar. Since only individual follicles are removed. Only small point scars remain and are practically not visible. In addition, post-surgical pain and discomfort are minimized. The post-surgical recovery of FUE is relatively less than 7 days.

• The manual FUE technique differs from other normal hair transplants in several ways. The first is that it is likely not to leave distinct scars or visible changes while during the transplants of the strip (FUT) a piece of scalp is removed to obtain hair follicles necessary for transplantation.

• At the beginning of sampling with the FUE technique, there is bleeding but, usually, recovery takes place within 7 days. However, with the FUT, part of the scalp is removed; it can take weeks for the scar to heal.

• The results of follicular unit transplantation are of the highest quality, very natural and undetectable which is an advantage to the FUT hair transplant method.

The Price: FUE Hair Transplant Variable Price

The hair transplant is a technique is service rendered only by experts and it is expensive. The price of a hair transplant operation is very variable. It depends mainly on several factors: the choice of the technique used, the degree of baldness, the duration of the operation and the exact number of grafts implanted during the session. You must also pay for the first consultation. We have the lowest cost of FUE in Pakistan. This method is painless and very effective as this is most modern technique of hair transplant in Pakistan.

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