3 Hair Care Methods Make Your Rough Hair Silky and Smooth

3 hair care methods make your hair silky smooth


The most basic cleaning work is important: the accumulation of dirt on the hair for a long time does not allow the nourishment of the nourishing hair to completely penetrate the hair layer. Ordinary shampoos are better than two-in-one shampoos, and the hair is not the same. Two bottles of shampoo can be prepared for use, one bottle to nourish the scalp, another bottle for deep shampoo, and a deep cleansing of the hair for one week. Most hairdressers do not recommend the use of double-effect shampoos containing scorpion, which can fill the gaps in the hair epidermis, but the oil-soluble ingredients can hardly be completely rinsed with water, so that the hair becomes thicker and thicker, and It is easy to get oil. You can use pure botanical shampoo, because pure botanical shampoo can give you the brilliance of hair. There is also a high-efficiency moisturizing shampoo , which can effectively improve hair quality and keep moisture.

Deep hair care adds extra points to the hair: the wrong way of dyeing and the use of improper hair dryers, excessive UV exposure, water quality in the swimming pool and many other factors can cause great damage to the hair. “Hair Care” is meant to help the hair to make up for the nutrients that have been accidentally lost, to repair and rebuild the hair. Under normal circumstances, do not use hair conditioner too much, hair care, in addition to hair conditioner after shampooing, do not forget the hot oil care once a week, here you can also choose to use olive oil for hot oil. After shampooing, the hair care work can be done twice, which can double the effect of the protection, not only can make the hair silky, but also bid farewell to the trouble caused by static electricity. Healthy hair can be applied once every two weeks, and the damaged hair can not be lazy. It is best to have a hair care once a week.

External food supplement can not be ignored: milk and meat are rich in protein, but do you know? These proteins are the main building materials of hair; nuts, green leafy vegetables, liver and peanut oil contain vitamins B and E, which can speed up the growth of hair, while also increasing the shine of the show, and can repair and prevent hair loss; kelp And the iodine contained in seaweed is a good product to increase the radiance of the show, and it can also promote blood circulation; the zinc contained in eggs and lean meat can effectively prevent hair loss; and lotus root, fungus, animal muscle glue, etc. The hair is more shiny and elastic. If you want beautiful hair, don’t forget these.

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